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Technical Committee on Nonlinear Problems (NLP) [schedule] [select]
Chair Kenya Jinno (Nippon Inst. of Tech.)
Vice Chair Naoto Fujisaka (Hiroshima City Univ.)
Secretary Mikio Hasegawa (Tokyo Univ. of Science), Masahiro Wada (Konan Univ.)
Assistant Hidehiro Nakano (Tokyo City Univ.), Hiroyuki Asahara (Okayama Univ. of Science)

Technical Committee on Complex Communication Sciences (CCS) [schedule] [select]
Chair Hiroo Sekiya (Chiba Univ.)
Vice Chair Yasuhiro Tsubo (Ritsumeikan Univ.), Naoki Wakamiya (Osaka Univ.)
Secretary Shintaro Arai (Kagawa National College of Tech.), Hiroyuki Torikai (Kyoto Sangyo Univ.)
Assistant Takayuki Kimura (Nippon Inst. of Tech.), Song-Ju Kim (NIMS), Ryo Takahashi (Kyoto Univ.), Junnosuke Teramae (Osaka Univ.)

Conference Date Thu, Jun 11, 2015 09:00 - 17:35
Fri, Jun 12, 2015 09:00 - 17:40
Conference Place Nishiwaseda Campus, Waseda University 
Address 3-4-1 Ookubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-8555, JAPAN
Transportation Guide
Prof. Shin'ichi Oishi
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Thu, Jun 11 AM 
09:00 - 17:35
(1) 09:00-09:25 Reinforcement Learning-Based Fall-Prevention Control with Firm Standing for a Humanoid Robot Model NLP2015-39 CCS2015-1 Tomoyuki Yamaguchi, Tatsuya Kai (Tokyo Univ. of Science)
(2) 09:25-09:50 An Adaptive Learning Method Based on Distance to Nodes in Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Networks NLP2015-40 CCS2015-2 Natsumi Oba, Hidehiro Nakano, Arata Miyauchi (Tokyo City Univ.)
(3) 09:50-10:15 Analysis and evaluation of Firefly Algorithm NLP2015-41 CCS2015-3 Jianze Xiao, Takuya Shindo, Takuya Kurihara, Kenya Jin'no (NIT)
(4) 10:15-10:40 A basic consideration of parameter selection in an optimization method based on piecewise rotational chaos system NLP2015-42 CCS2015-4 Yoshikazu Yamanaka, Tadashi Tsubone (Nagaoka Univ. Tech)
  10:40-10:55 Break ( 15 min. )
(5) 10:55-11:20 Amplitude Switching Phenomena in Coupled Networks of Hard Type Oscillators NLP2015-43 CCS2015-5 Ryota Hirano, Takuya Kitamura, Seiichiro Moro (Univ. Fukui)
(6) 11:20-11:45 Analysis of the model of coupled pacemaker cells in consideration of the heterogeneous structure NLP2015-44 CCS2015-6 Takumi Nagai, Shinji Doi (Kyoto Univ.)
(7) 11:45-12:10 Quantitative assessment of pacemaker activity generated by changing ionic currents in a ventricular cell model NLP2015-45 CCS2015-7 Yoshiki Ogawa, Shinji Doi (Kyoto Univ.)
  12:10-13:10 Lunch Break ( 60 min. )
(8) 13:10-13:35 Think about Complex Communication Sciences
-- From IEICE General Conference 2015 --
NLP2015-46 CCS2015-8
Hiroo Sekiya (Chiba Univ.)
(9) 13:35-14:00 Dynamics of Fish Schools
-- Averaged Torus, fluctuation, correlation and information transfer --
NLP2015-47 CCS2015-9
Kei Tarayama, Masa-aki Sakagami (Kyoto Univ.)
(10) 14:00-14:25 Data assimilation for coupled dynamical systems using a merging particle filter NLP2015-48 CCS2015-10 Eitaro Waranabe, Sho Shirasaka, Hiroya Nakao (Tokyo Tech)
  14:25-14:40 Break ( 15 min. )
(11) 14:40-15:05 A study of routing method on the mobile communication networks NLP2015-49 CCS2015-11 Tokuma Sato, Tohru Takamizawa, Takayuki Kimura, Kenya Jin'no (NIT)
(12) 15:05-15:30 A Hierarchical Routing Scheme Based on Address Information in MANET NLP2015-50 CCS2015-12 Yuki Hoshino, Hidehiro Nakano, Arata Miyauchi (Tokyo City Univ.)
(13) 15:30-15:55 Applicability and characteristics to satellite communications with power constant chaotic spreading sequence NLP2015-51 CCS2015-13 Isao Nakazawa, Ken Umeno (Kyoto Univ.)
(14) 15:55-16:20 Analysis of Errors due to Timing Desynchronization in the Peer-to-Peer Energy Transfer System NLP2015-52 CCS2015-14 Daniel Kiss, Takuya Edagawa, Takashi Hisakado, Osami Wada (Kyoto Univ.)
  16:20-16:35 Break ( 15 min. )
(15) 16:35-17:35 [Special Talk]
Transformation from CD to MIDI Channels in Music Engineering
-- To Development of Sound Dynamical Program (SDP) --
NLP2015-53 CCS2015-15
Mamoru Tanaka (Sophia Univ.)
Fri, Jun 12 AM 
09:00 - 17:40
(16) 09:00-09:25 Proposal of a Truly Distributed Algorithm for Estimating Algebraic Connectivity of Multi-Agent Network NLP2015-54 CCS2015-16 Kazuma Yamane, Norikazu Takahashi (Okayama Univ.)
(17) 09:25-09:50 Toward Implementation of the labyrinth exploration by the intelligent mobile robots NLP2015-55 CCS2015-17 Jun Ishihara, Kunihiko Mitsubori (Takushoku Univ.)
(18) 09:50-10:15 A Note on Sequences Generated by Small Cellular Automata NLP2015-56 CCS2015-18 Naoki Kamikawa, Hiroshi Umeo (O.E.C.U.)
(19) 10:15-10:40 Dynamics analysis of Modular Neural Network using Toy Model NLP2015-57 CCS2015-19 Yoshihiro Hayakawa, Masayuki Matumori (NIT,Sendai)
  10:40-10:55 Break ( 15 min. )
(20) 10:55-11:40 [Invited Lecture]
Two-dimensional microcavity lasers NLP2015-58 CCS2015-20
Takahisa Harayama (Waseda Univ.)
  11:40-12:45 Lunch Break ( 65 min. )
(21) 12:45-13:10 A Method for Obtaining Saddle Type Quasi-Periodic Solution of 2-Torus Double Covering Bifurcation in Phase Locked Loop Equation NLP2015-59 CCS2015-21 Kyohei Kamiyama (Meiji Univ.), Motomasa Komuro (Teikyo Univ. of Sci.), Tetsuro Endo (Meiji Univ.)
(22) 13:10-13:35 Bifurcation Phenomenon in a H-Bridge Inverter NLP2015-60 CCS2015-22 Hiroyuki Asahara (Okayama Univ. of Science), Takuji Kousaka (Oita Univ.)
(23) 13:35-14:00 Period of orbit and degree of Chebyshev polynomial on a ring of modulo $2^w$ NLP2015-61 CCS2015-23 Atsushi Iwasaki, Ken Umeno (Kyoto univ.)
(24) 14:00-14:25 Binary chaotic cryptography using augmented Lorenz equations NLP2015-62 CCS2015-24 Kenichiro Cho, Takaya Miyano (Rits Univ)
  14:25-14:40 Break ( 15 min. )
(25) 14:40-15:05 Limit distribution of a time-dependent 3-period quantum walk NLP2015-63 CCS2015-25 Takuya Machida (JSPS)
(26) 15:05-15:30 Evaluation of individual differences in injection locking NLP2015-64 CCS2015-26 Takuya Kurihara, Kenya Jin'no (Nippon Inst. of Tech.)
(27) 15:30-15:55 Dynamical Systems Design for Spintronic Devices NLP2015-65 CCS2015-27 Kazuki Nakada (Hiroshima City Univ.)
(28) 15:55-16:40 [Invited Lecture]
A Hint for Challenging Researches in CCS
-- A Trinity of Information Technology, Holder's Inequality, and Yakushima --
NLP2015-66 CCS2015-28
Hisa-Aki Tanaka (UEC)
  16:40-16:55 Break ( 15 min. )
(29) 16:55-17:40 [Invited Lecture]
Practical Application of Econophysics
-- Gravity interaction model for Business transaction network --
Misako Takayasu (Tokyo Tech)

Announcement for Speakers
General TalkEach speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

Contact Address and Latest Schedule Information
NLP Technical Committee on Nonlinear Problems (NLP)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Mikio Hasegawa (Tokyo University of Science)
E-: eegutus
Phone: 03-5876-1357, FAX: 03-5876-1614 
CCS Technical Committee on Complex Communication Sciences (CCS)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address E-: c-n 
Announcement Latest information will be presented on the homepage:n

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