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Technical Committee on Communication Systems (CS) [schedule] [select]
Chair Hiromi Ueda (Tokyo Univ. of Tech.)
Vice Chair Hisaya Hadama (NTT)
Secretary Hiroki Ikeda (Hitachi), Tatsuya Shimada (NTT)

Technical Committee on Image Engineering (IE) [schedule] [select]
Chair Jirou Katto (Waseda Univ.)
Vice Chair Hirohisa Jozawa (NTT), Ichiro Matsuda (Tokyo Univ. of Science)
Secretary Kazuhisa Iguchi (NHK), Seishi Takamura (NTT)
Assistant Sei Naito (KDDI R&D Labs.), Akira Kubota (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)

Technical Group on Broadcasting Technology (ITE-BCT) [schedule] [select]
Chair Masayuki Takada
Secretary Kinji Matsumura

Special Interest Group on Audio Visual and Multimedia Information Processing (IPSJ-AVM) [schedule] [select]
Chair Kazuto Kamikura (NTT)
Secretary Koichi Takagi (KDDI Labs.), Masanori Inoue (NTT), Takaaki Ishikawa (Waseda Univ)

Conference Date Thu, Dec 2, 2010 10:00 - 18:25
Fri, Dec 3, 2010 09:00 - 12:05
Topics Image Coding, Streaming 
Conference Place  
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Thu, Dec 2 AM 
10:00 - 11:40
10:00-10:25 QoE Assessment in Chorus with Voice and Video among Multi-Points CS2010-51 IE2010-90 Yuji Miyashita, Yutaka Ishibashi, Norishige Fukushima, Shinji Sugawara (NIT), Kostas E. Psannis (Univ. of Macedonia)
10:25-10:50 QoE/QoS Assessment of IEEE 802.11 Audio-Video IP Transmission with a QoE-Based Video Output Scheme CS2010-52 IE2010-91 Toshiro Nunome, Shuji Tasaka (Nagoya Inst. of Tech.)
10:50-11:15 Free-viewpoint Image Generation using Moving Object Extraction CS2010-53 IE2010-92 Kazuma Suzuki (Nagoya Univ.), Norishige Fukushima (Nagoya Inst. Tech.), Tomohiro Yendo, Mehrdad Panahpour Tehrani (Nagoya Univ.), Toshiaki Fujii (Tokyo Inst. Tech.), Masayuki Tanimoto (Nagoya Univ.)
11:15-11:40 A Study of a CSMA/CA Access Method Using Code-Division Cell Systems CS2010-54 IE2010-93 Daisuke Ikebuchi, Satoru Aikawa (Univ. of Hyogo)
  11:40-13:00 Break ( 80 min. )
Thu, Dec 2 PM 
13:00 - 13:50
13:00-13:25 A Study of Wireless-LAN-Based Weighted-Localization Using Precision of Distance Estimation by Each Terminal CS2010-55 IE2010-94 Junji Ishikura, Satoru Aikawa (Univ. of Hyogo)
13:25-13:50 A Study of Limiting the Number of Communicated Vehicles in Vehicle-Group using Transmission Power Control CS2010-56 IE2010-95 Kazumasa Nomura, Satoru Aikawa (Univ. of Hyogo)
Thu, Dec 2 PM 
13:50 - 14:40
13:50-14:15 Optical Stereographic Picture Display Method of Image Reconstruction for 3 Dimensional TV CS2010-57 IE2010-96 Yasumitsu Miyazaki (Aichi Univ. of Tech.)
14:15-14:40 Free-viewpoint Image Generation for Static Scene by SfM CS2010-58 IE2010-97 Kota Takeuchi (Nagoya Univ.), Norishige Fukushima (Nagoya Institute of Tech.), Tomohiro Yendo, Mehrdad Panahpour Tehrani (Nagoya Univ.), Toshiaki Fujii (Tokyo Institute of Tech.), Masayuki Tanimoto (Nagoya Univ.)
  14:40-14:50 Break ( 10 min. )
Thu, Dec 2 PM 
14:50 - 16:30
14:50-15:15 ISDB-Tmm technology overview Tomoyuki Ohya, Toshiharu Morizumi, Shin'ichi Nishizawa, Kenji Nakayama, Takashi Koganemaru, Chiharu Kamise (mmbi)
15:15-15:40 File-Casting Technologies for ISDB-Tmm Akira Yamada, Hosei Matsuoka (NTT DOCOMO), Tomoyuki Ohya (mmbi), Ryo Kitahara, Junichiro Hagiwara (NTT DOCOMO)
15:40-16:05 Technologies of Contents-Protection and Access Control for ISDB-Tmm Shinji Ishii (NTT), Yoshitaka Uchida, Toshiharu Morizumi (mmbi), Tatsuya Matsuda, Koichi Ito, Hidetaka Kuwano, Akihito Akutsu (NTT), Kimihiko Sekino (NTTdocomo)
16:05-16:30 A Metadata technologies for ISDB-Tmm Shinji Fukatsu, Kiyoshi Tanaka, Kyotaro Horiguchi, Motoyuki Horii, Akihito Akutsu (NTT), Mamoru Yoshimura, Shin Fujioka, Takashi Koganemaru, Kenji Onoue (mmbi)
  16:30-16:40 Break ( 10 min. )
Thu, Dec 2 PM 
16:40 - 17:25
16:40-17:25 [Special Talk]
Full HD 3D System Technology
Toshiya Takahashi (Panasonic)
Thu, Dec 2 PM 
17:25 - 18:25
(14) 17:25-18:25 [Memorial Lecture]
Realizing the Ultimate Visual Communication CS2010-59 IE2010-98
Masayuki Tanimoto (Nagoya Univ.)
Fri, Dec 3 AM 
09:00 - 10:15
09:00-09:25 Study of a Temporal Modified-RANSAC Based Method for the Extraction and 3D Shape Reconstruction of Moving Objects from Dynamic Stereo Images and for Estimating the Camera Pose CS2010-60 IE2010-99 Naotomo Tatematsu, Jun Ohya (Waseda Univ.)
09:25-09:50 A Study on Error Concealment for Scalable Video Coding CS2010-61 IE2010-100 Kazuya Hayase, Hiroshi Fujii, Hirohisa Jozawa (NTT)
09:50-10:15 A Parallelization Method for Multi-view Stereo Using PC Cluster CS2010-62 IE2010-101 Naoki Sekiguchi, Masaru Fukushi, Toru Abe (Tohoku Univ.)
  10:15-10:25 Break ( 10 min. )
Fri, Dec 3 AM 
10:25 - 11:15
10:25-10:50 Compressive Imaging based on Color Distribution of Natural Images CS2010-63 IE2010-102 Taro Imagawa, Takeo Azuma, Sanzo Ugawa, Yusuke Okada (Panasonic)
10:50-11:15 Visual Odometry based on De-correlation of Color Components of Video CS2010-64 IE2010-103 Yasuaki Fukutani, Katsuya Aihara, Masahiro Iwahashi (Nagaoka Univ. Tech.)
Fri, Dec 3 AM 
11:15 - 12:05
(20) 11:15-11:40  
(21) 11:40-12:05  

Announcement for Speakers
General TalkEach speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

Contact Address and Latest Schedule Information
CS Technical Committee on Communication Systems (CS)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Hiroki Ikeda (Hitachi Ltd.)
TEL +81-42-323-1111, FAX +81-42-327-7740
Tatsuya Shimada (NTT Access Service Systems Labs.)
E-: n2010n 
Announcement Latest information will be presented on the web site:
IE Technical Committee on Image Engineering (IE)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Seishi Takamura(NTT)
TEL +81-46-859-2371
E-: ie-n2009 
ITE-BCT Technical Group on Broadcasting Technology (ITE-BCT)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address  
IPSJ-AVM Special Interest Group on Audio Visual and Multimedia Information Processing (IPSJ-AVM)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address  

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