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Technical Committee on Photonic Network (PN)
Chair: Hiroshi Hasegawa (Nagoya Univ.)
Vice Chair: Haruki Ogoshi (Furukawa Electric), Takehiro Tsuritani (KDDI Research), Hideaki Furukawa (NICT)
Secretary: Yusuke Hirota (NICT), Takuji Tachibana (Univ. of Fukui), Masahiro Nakagawa (NTT)
Assistant: Keijiro Suzuki (AIST)

Fri, Apr 26, 2019 12:55 - 17:50

The University of Electro-Communications, East 3, 301(1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo 182-8585, Japan. The University of Electro-Communications, Motoharu MATSUURA)

Signal Processing, Optical Devices, Optical Systems, Optical Networks, etc.

Fri, Apr 26 PM Opening Remarks (12:55 - 13:00)

(1) 12:55 - 13:00
Opening Remarks

Fri, Apr 26 PM Regular session 1 (13:00 - 14:15)
Chair: Masahiro Nakagawa (NTT)

(1) 13:00 - 13:25
A Study on Spectrum Assignment Method Using Genetic Algorithm in Elastic Optical Networks
Yusuke Hirota, Hideaki Furukawa (NICT)

(2) 13:25 - 13:50
Extending transmission distance using optical fractional OFDM
Yu Yamasaki, Tomotaka Nagashima (Osaka Univ.), Gabriella Cincotti (Univ. Roma), Satoshi Shimizu, Hiroyuki Uenohara (NICT), Hiroyuki Uenohara (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Tsuyoshi Konishi (Osaka Univ.)

(3) 13:50 - 14:15
A Study on a Metro Network Model of Japan Based on the Regional Characteristics
Takuji Tachibana (Univ. Fukui), Yusuke Hirota (NICT), Keijiro Suzuki (AIST), Takehiro Tsuritani (KDDI Research), Hiroshi Hasegawa (Nagoya Univ.)

----- Break ( 20 min. ) -----

Fri, Apr 26 PM Invited session 1 (14:35 - 15:25)
Chair: Hiroshi Hasegawa (Nagoya Univ.)

(4) 14:35 - 15:25
[Invited Talk]
On the Impact of Network Topology on Information Search, Delivery, and Diffusiojn
Ryo Nakamura, Ryota Sakaguchi, Kazuyuki Yamashita, Daiki Matsui, Hiroyuki Ohsaki (Kwansei Gakuin Univ.)

----- Break ( 20 min. ) -----

Fri, Apr 26 PM Invited session 2 (15:45 - 16:35)
Chair: Takehiro Tsuritani (KDDI Research, Inc.)

(5) 15:45 - 16:35
[Invited Talk]
Laguerre Gaussian mode multiplexing system in optical wireless communication
Kayo Ogawa (Japan Women's Univ.)

----- Break ( 20 min. ) -----

Fri, Apr 26 PM Invited session 3 (16:55 - 17:45)
Chair: Hideaki Furukawa (NICT)

(6) 16:55 - 17:45
[Invited Talk]
Manipulation of entangled photons in time-frequency domain
Ryosuke Shimizu (UEC)

Fri, Apr 26 PM Closing Remarks (17:45 - 17:50)

(7) 17:45 - 17:50
Closing Remarks

# Information for speakers
General Talk will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.
Invited Talk will have 50 minutes for presentation.

=== Technical Committee on Photonic Network (PN) ===

Thu, Jun 20, 2019 - Fri, Jun 21, 2019: MALIOS(Morioka) [Fri, Apr 12], Topics: Photonic network system, Optical network operation and administration, Optical network design, Traffic engineering, Signaling, GMPLS, Inter-domain route control, Network monitoring, Optical amplifier and Optical repeater, Optical crossconect (OXC) and Optical add/drop multiplexer (OADM), Optical multiplexing/demultiplexing equipment, Optical signal processing, Optical terminal equipment, Digital signal processing and error correction, Optical communication measurement, Core/metro system, Seafloor transmission system, Optical access system and NG-PON, Ethernet, Optical transport network (OTN), Transmission monitoring and control, Optical transmission system design and tool, Mobile and Mobile-optical cooperation, etc.

Yusuke Hirota (NICT)
TEL: +81-42-327-5814, Fax +81-42-327-6680
Takuji Tachibana (University of Fukui)
TEL: +81-776-27-9971
Masahiro Nakagawa (NTT)
TEL: +81-422-59-3951

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