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Technical Committee on OptoElectronics (OPE) [schedule] [select]
Chair Kazutoshi Kato (Kyushu Univ.)
Vice Chair Kouki Sato (Furukawa Electric Industries)
Secretary Atsushi Aratake (NTT), Katsumi Nakatsuhara (Kanagawa Inst. of Tech.)
Assistant Takuo Tanemura (Univ. of Tokyo)

Technical Committee on Electromagnetic Theory (EMT) [schedule] [select]
Chair Akira Hirose (Univ. of Tokyo)
Vice Chair Koichi Hirayama (Kitami Inst. of Tech.)
Secretary Takuya Sakamoto (Univ. of Hyogo), Takashi Kuroki (Tokyo Metro. Coll. of Tech)
Assistant Tsuyoshi Matsuoka (Kyushu Sangyo Univ.)

Technical Committee on Microwaves (MW) [schedule] [select]
Chair Masahiro Muraguchi (TUC)
Vice Chair Yoshinori Kogami (Utsunomiya Univ.), Hiroshi Okazaki (NTTdocomo), Kenichi Tajima (Mitsubishi Electric)
Secretary Takuichi Hirano (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Takahiro Nakamura (HITACHI)
Assistant Satoshi Ono (Univ. of Electro-Comm.), Mizuki Motoyoshi (Tohoku Univ.)

Technical Committee on Electronics Simulation Technology (EST) [schedule] [select]
Chair Hideaki Kimura (NTT)
Vice Chair Akimasa Hirata (Nagoya Inst. of Tech.), Shinichiro Ohnuki (Nihon Univ.)
Secretary Yasuo Otera (Tohoku Univ.), Masashi Eguchi (CIST)
Assistant Takahiro Ito (Nagoya Inst. of Tech.), Kazuhiro Fujita (Fujitsu)

Technical Committee on Microwave and Millimeter-wave Photonics (MWP) [schedule] [select]
Chair Tetsuya Kawanishi (Waseda Univ.)
Vice Chair Naoto Yoshimoto (Chitose Inst. of Science and Tech.)
Secretary Atsushi Kanno (NICT), Akihiko Hirata (Chiba Inst. of Tech.)
Assistant Kosuke Nishimura (KDDI), Kensuke Ikeda (CRIEPI)

Technical Meeting on Electromagnetic Theory (IEE-EMT) [schedule] [select]
Chair Keiji Goto (National Defense Academy)
Secretary Hiroyuki Deguchi (Doshisha Univ.), Hideki Kawaguchi (Muroran Inst. Tech.)
Assistant Yoshihiro Naka (KUHW)

Conference Date Thu, Jul 20, 2017 09:00 - 16:20
Fri, Jul 21, 2017 09:00 - 16:20
Topics Light wave & Electromagnetic Wave Workshop 
Conference Place The Obihiro Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
Address 9-1-1, Nishi 3jo, Obihiro, Hokkaido, 080-0013, Japan
Transportation Guide 5 min. by foot from JR Obihiro Station
Dr. Atsushi Kanno
Sponsors This conference is technical co-sponsored by IEEE MTT-S Japan Chapter, IEEE MTT-S Kansai Chapter and IEEE MTT-S Nagoya Chapter.
Announcement Please join us for a reception after the meeting at 20th July.
We are planing a reception party on 20th July after workshop.
Date and time:20th July (after workshop)
Venue:Obihiro Chuo, Umihe
Fee:between about 3,000 and 4000
All rights are reserved and no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. Notwithstanding, instructors are permitted to photocopy isolated articles for noncommercial classroom use without fee. (License No.: 10GA0019/12GB0052/13GB0056/17GB0034/18GB0034)
Registration Fee This workshop will be held as the IEICE workshop in fully electronic publishing. Registration fee will be necessary except the speakers and participants other than the participants to workshop(s) in non-electronic publishing. See the registration fee page. We request the registration fee or presentation fee to participants who will attend the workshop(s) on MWP, OPE, MW, EST.

Thu, Jul 20 AM  Invited talks session
Chair: Atsushi Kanno (NICT)
09:00 - 12:00
09:00-09:40 [Invited Talk]
Application of RoF technique in V/UHF band and some problems for next generation wireless communications EMT2017-6 MW2017-31 OPE2017-11 EST2017-8 MWP2017-8
Yoshihiro Imajo (Stack Electronics)
09:40-10:20 [Invited Talk]
Layer2 technologies in Optical Wireless Convergence Platform for IoT Services EMT2017-7 MW2017-32 OPE2017-12 EST2017-9 MWP2017-9
Tatsuya Shimizu, Takahiro Kubo, Yu Nakayama, Daisuke Hisano, Jun Terada, Akihiro Otaka (NTT)
  10:20-10:40 Break ( 20 min. )
10:40-11:20 [Invited Talk]
Precision Inspection of Dielectric Constant Measurement Using Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy System and Its Application EMT2017-8 MW2017-33 OPE2017-13 EST2017-10 MWP2017-10
Maya Mizuno (NICT), Hitoshi Iida, Moto Kinoshita (AIST), Kaori Fukunaga (NICT), Yozo Shimada (AIST), Chiko Otani (RIKEN)
11:20-12:00 [Invited Talk]
Scattering and Guiding Problem of Electromagnetic Waves in Inhomogeneous Media by Improved Fourier series Expansion Method
-- The Application of Photonic Crystal and Metamaterial --
EMT2017-9 MW2017-34 OPE2017-14 EST2017-11 MWP2017-11
Tsuneki Yamasaki (Nihon Univ.)
  12:00-13:30 Lunch Break ( 90 min. )
Thu, Jul 20 PM  EMT/IEE-EMT Joint session 1
Chair: Keiji Goto (NDA)
13:30 - 14:45
(5) 13:30-13:55 Improvement of Passband Characteristics by Multilayer Dual Band Pass Filters
Yuta Takeuchi, Ryosuke Nakano, Hiroyuki Deguchi, Mikio Tuji (Doshisha Univ.)
13:55-14:20 Analysis of Coupling between Plasmonic and Dielectric Waveguide EMT2017-10 MW2017-35 OPE2017-15 EST2017-12 MWP2017-12 Ryo Ohnuma, Koichi Hirayama, Jun-ichiro Sugisaka, Takashi Yasui (Kitami Inst. of Tech.)
14:20-14:45 Non-contact respiration measurement of multiple people using ultra-wideband Doppler array radar EMT2017-11 MW2017-36 OPE2017-16 EST2017-13 MWP2017-13 Masashi Muragaki, Shigeaki Okumura (Kyoto Univ.), Takuya Sakamoto (Univ. of Hyogo), Kenji Mizutani, Kenichi Inoue, Takeshi Fukuda, Hiroyuki Sakai (Panasonic), Toru Sato (Kyoto Univ.)
  14:45-15:05 Break ( 20 min. )
Thu, Jul 20 PM  EST1
Chair: Yasuhide Tsuji (Muroran Inst. Tech.)
15:05 - 16:20
15:05-15:30 Thermal response model for localized microwave exposure over gigahertz region in rat cortex EMT2017-12 MW2017-37 OPE2017-17 EST2017-14 MWP2017-14 Jose Gomez-Tames, Sachiko Kodera, Akimasa Hirata (NITech), Hiroshi Masuta (Kurume Univ.)
15:30-15:55 Evaluation of Induced Electric Field in Brain Due to Different Stimulation Conditions during TMS EMT2017-13 MW2017-38 OPE2017-18 EST2017-15 MWP2017-15 Atsushi Hamasaka, Jose Gomez-Tames (NITech), Ilkka Laakso (Aalto Univ.), Akimasa Hirata (NITech)
15:55-16:20 Estimation of Nerve Changes by Brain Tumor Adjusting Membrane Electrical Parameters EMT2017-14 MW2017-39 OPE2017-19 EST2017-16 MWP2017-16 Ryota Hayami, Jose Gomez-Tamez, Akimasa Hirata (NITech)
Thu, Jul 20 PM  OPE1
Chair: Eiji Yagyu (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
13:30 - 14:45
13:30-13:55 A Study on Efficient Topology Optimization of Optical Device Using Finite Element Method With Slowly Varying Envelope Approximation EMT2017-15 MW2017-40 OPE2017-20 EST2017-17 MWP2017-17 Tomohiro Tanaka, Yasuhide Tsuji (Muroran Inst. of Tech.)
13:55-14:20 EMT2017-16 MW2017-41 OPE2017-21 EST2017-18 MWP2017-18
14:20-14:45 Analysis of metal-assisted optical waveguides using finite element method EMT2017-17 MW2017-42 OPE2017-22 EST2017-19 MWP2017-19 Yuhei Ishizaka (Kanto Gakuin Univ.)
  14:45-15:05 Break ( 20 min. )
Thu, Jul 20 PM  MWP1
Chair: Atsushi Kanno (NICT)
15:05 - 16:20
15:05-15:30 Heterogeneous Wireless Communication Systems Utilizing Photonic Technologies for 5G Mobile Systems in Big Stadium EMT2017-18 MW2017-43 OPE2017-23 EST2017-20 MWP2017-20 Hiroshi Murata, Toshiyuki Inoue (Osaka Univ.), Kensuke Ikeda (CRIEPI), Yasuyuki Kakubari, Naruto Yonemoto (ENRI), Hiroyuki Toda (Doshisha Univ.), Nobuhiko Shibagaki (Hitachi), Hiroshi Mano (Koden Techno)
15:30-15:55 Preliminary study on phase control using serrodyne modulation for the phased array laser system EMT2017-19 MW2017-44 OPE2017-24 EST2017-21 MWP2017-21 Eisuke Haraguchi, Hitomi Ono, Junya Nishioka, Akihiro Fujie, Toshiyuki Ando (MitsubishiElectric)
15:55-16:20 Optical Network Controlled by Wavelength for Adaptive Allocation of Multi-Cells EMT2017-20 MW2017-45 OPE2017-25 EST2017-22 MWP2017-22 Naruto Yonemoto, Yasuyuki Kakubari (ENRI)
Fri, Jul 21 AM  EST2
Chair: Naoya Kukutsu (Airec Engineering Corp.)
09:00 - 10:15
09:00-09:25 Recognition of Object Shape Using Electromagnetic Scattering Waves by Artificial Intelligence EMT2017-21 MW2017-46 OPE2017-26 EST2017-23 MWP2017-23 Tatsuya Kashiwa, Kenji Taguchi (Kitami Inst. of Tech.)
09:25-09:50 Relationship between Incident Power Density and Temperature Elevation in the Human Body from Patch Antenna Array EMT2017-22 MW2017-47 OPE2017-27 EST2017-24 MWP2017-24 Daisuke Funahashi, Takahiro Ito, Akimasa Hirata (NIT), Takahiro Iyama, Teruo Onishi (NTT DOCOMO)
09:50-10:15 Characteristics of Object Identification by Ground Penetrating Radar Images using Deep Learning EMT2017-23 MW2017-48 OPE2017-28 EST2017-25 MWP2017-25 Jun Sonoda (NIT, Sendai), Tomoyuki Kimoto (NIT, Oita)
  10:15-10:35 Break ( 20 min. )
Fri, Jul 21 AM  EST3
Chair: Eguchi Masashi (Chitose Inst. Sci. Tech.)
10:35 - 11:50
10:35-11:00 Numerical Analysis and Evaluation of Antenna Characteristics Evaluations of High-Gain 3-Dimensional Printed Reflectarray Antenna for W-Band Millimeter-Wave Radar Applications EMT2017-24 MW2017-49 OPE2017-29 EST2017-26 MWP2017-26 Shunichi Futatsumori, Kazuyuki Morioka, Akiko Kohmura, Nobuhiro Sakamoto, Tomio Soga, Naruto Yonemoto (ENRI)
11:00-11:25 Control for Polarization of Localized Light Using Plasmonic Antennas EMT2017-25 MW2017-50 OPE2017-30 EST2017-27 MWP2017-27 Shinichiro Ohnuki, Ryohei Ohnishi, Keisuke Tatsuzawa (Nihon Univ.), Takashi Yamaguchi (TIRI), Yoshito Ashizawa, Katsuji Nakagawa (Nihon Univ.)
11:25-11:50 Synthesis Design of a Novel Type of Narrow Band BPFs using High-Q M-PhC Resonators EMT2017-26 MW2017-51 OPE2017-31 EST2017-28 MWP2017-28 Chenglong Xie, Daisuke Tetsuda, Shun Kikawa, Chun-Ping Chen, Tetsuo Anada, Zejun Zhang (Kanagawa Univ.)
  11:50-13:30 Lunch Break ( 100 min. )
Fri, Jul 21 AM  MWP2
Chair: Kensuke Ikeda (CRIEPI)
09:00 - 10:15
09:00-09:25 Optical frequency comb generation by electro-optic chirp modulator integrated with microwave power splitter circuit EMT2017-27 MW2017-52 OPE2017-32 EST2017-29 MWP2017-29 Naoki Maeda, Ryota Nakamura, Tadashi Kawai, Akira Enokihara (Univ. of Hyogo), Naokatsu Yamamoto (NICT), Tetsuya Kawanishi (Waseda Univ.)
09:25-09:50 Frequency Response Measurement of Third Order Intercept Point of Photo Receiver by Optical Two-tone Method EMT2017-28 MW2017-53 OPE2017-33 EST2017-30 MWP2017-30 Akihiro Uno, Keizo Inagaki, Tetsuya Kawanishi (Waseda Univ.)
09:50-10:15 Optimization of modulation bias points on an optical modulator for RoF-based millimeter-wave radar system EMT2017-29 MW2017-54 OPE2017-34 EST2017-31 MWP2017-31 Atsushi Kanno, Naokatsu Yamamoto (NICT), Tetsuya Kawanishi (Waseda Univ.)
  10:15-10:35 Break ( 20 min. )
Fri, Jul 21 AM  MW1
Chair: Ryosuke Suga (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.)
10:35 - 12:15
10:35-11:00 Frequency Dependence Measurement of Complex Permittivity for Sapphire substrate by the Cutoff Circular Waveguide Method with the TE021 mode EMT2017-30 MW2017-55 OPE2017-35 EST2017-32 MWP2017-32 Takashi Shimizu, Yoshinori Kogami (Utsunomiya Univ.)
11:00-11:25 An 80MHz Modulation Bandwidth High Efficiency Multi-band Envelope-Tracking Power Amplifier Using GaN Single-Phase Buck-Converter EMT2017-31 MW2017-56 OPE2017-36 EST2017-33 MWP2017-33 Shuichi Sakata (Mitsubishi Electric), Sandro Lanfranco, Tapio Kolmonen, Olli Piirainen (Nokia Bell Labs), Takanobu Fujiwara, Shintaro Shinjo (Mitsubishi Electric), Peter Asbeck (Univ. of California, San Diego)
11:25-11:50 A Power Divider of RF Module for High SHF Wide-band Massive MIMO in 5G EMT2017-32 MW2017-57 OPE2017-37 EST2017-34 MWP2017-34 Hideharu Yoshioka, Yasuo Morimoto, Hiroyuki Aoyama, Takeshi Yuasa, Takeshi Oshima, Naofumi Yoneda (Mitsubishi Electric)
11:50-12:15 A Wideband Beam Forming Network with Two Types of Phase-Shifters for Multi Beam Antenna EMT2017-33 MW2017-58 OPE2017-38 EST2017-35 MWP2017-35 Hidenori Yukawa, Yu Ushijima, Takeshi Yuasa, Naofumi Yoneda, Moriyasu Miyazaki (Mitsubishi Ele. Corp.)
  12:15-13:30 Lunch Break ( 75 min. )
Fri, Jul 21 PM  EMT/IEE-EMT Joint session 2
Chair: Koichi Hirayama (Kitami Inst. Tech.)
13:30 - 14:20
(30) 13:30-13:55 Improvement of Passband Characteristics by Multilayer Dual Band Pass Filters
Yuta Takeuchi, Ryosuke Nakano, Hiroyuki Deguchi, Mikio Tuji (Doshisha Univ.)
(31) 13:55-14:20 Asymptotic Analysis for Transient Scattered Electric Field by a
Conducting Cylinder Coated with a Thin Dielectric Layer
Keiji Goto, Ryotaro Manabe, Yoshimitsu Egashira, Ryo Takahashi (NDA)
  14:20-14:40 Break ( 20 min. )
Fri, Jul 21 PM  EST4
Chair: Shunichi Futatsumori (ENRI/MPAT)
14:40 - 15:55
14:40-15:05 Study on Cross-Talk Free Polarization Splitter Based on Photonic Crystal Fiber with Double-Hole Unit Core EMT2017-34 MW2017-59 OPE2017-39 EST2017-36 MWP2017-36 Zejun Zhang (Kanagawa Univ.), Yasuhide Tsuji (Muroran Inst. of Tech.), Masashi Eguchi (Chitose Inst. of Sci. and Tech.), Chunping Chen (Kanagawa Univ.)
15:05-15:30 Transfer matrix model analysis of side-coupled type plasmonic Fabry-Perot waveguide filters EMT2017-35 MW2017-60 OPE2017-40 EST2017-37 MWP2017-37 Jiyao Yu, Yasuo Ohtera, Hirohito Yamada (Tohoku Univ.)
15:30-15:55 A Study on Topology Optimization of All-Optical Logic Gate Using Beam Propagation and Sensitivity Analysis Based on Adjoint Variable Method EMT2017-36 MW2017-61 OPE2017-41 EST2017-38 MWP2017-38 Koyo Mori, Yasuhide Tsuji (Muroran Inst. of Tech.)
Fri, Jul 21 PM  OPE2
Chair: Katsumi Nakatsuhara (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)
13:30 - 14:20
13:30-13:55 Fabrication and evaluation for Eu-AI polymer composite incorporated polymer waveguides towards realization of compact optical fiber amplifiers and lasers EMT2017-37 MW2017-62 OPE2017-42 EST2017-39 MWP2017-39 Yurie Yoshida (Keio Univ.), Toshimi Fukui, Hitomi Miki (KRI,Inc.), Takaaki Ishigure (Keio Univ.)
13:55-14:20 Frequency Response of Differential Mode O/E Conversion and Common Mode Rejection Ratio in Coherent Receivers EMT2017-38 MW2017-63 OPE2017-43 EST2017-40 MWP2017-40 Keizo Inagaki (NICT), Tetsuya Kawanishi (Waseda Univ.), Atsushi Kanno, Naokatsu Yamamoto (NICT)
  14:20-14:40 Break ( 20 min. )
Fri, Jul 21 PM  MW2
Chair: Takashi Yasui (Kitami Institute of Technology)
14:40 - 16:20
14:40-15:05 A Study on Bandwidth Improvement of Circular Patch Array Absorber by Using Perturbation Elements and Suppression of Polarization Conversion EMT2017-39 MW2017-64 OPE2017-44 EST2017-41 MWP2017-41 Daisuke Kitahara, Ryosuke Suga (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.), Kiyomichi Araki (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Osamu Hashimoto (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.)
15:05-15:30 Relation between Structure Parameter of Circular Patch Array Wave Absorber and Its Winding Ratio of Transformer in Equivalent Circuit EMT2017-40 MW2017-65 OPE2017-45 EST2017-42 MWP2017-42 Daisuke Kitahara, Tomohiko Nakamura, Ryosuke Suga (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.), Kiyomichi Araki (Tokyo Tech.), Osamu Hashimoto (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.)
15:30-15:55 Spectrum-Folding Scalar-Feedback DPD for Wideband Mobile Communication System EMT2017-41 MW2017-66 OPE2017-46 EST2017-43 MWP2017-43 Suguru Habu (UEC), Caoyu Li (Univ. of Electronic Science and Technology of China), Yasushi Yamao (UEC)
15:55-16:20 Influence of Higher-Order Modes at Waveguide Ports in Electromagnetic Simulation EMT2017-42 MW2017-67 OPE2017-47 EST2017-44 MWP2017-44 Takuichi Hirano (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)

Announcement for Speakers
Invited TalkEach speech will have 35 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.
General TalkEach speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

Contact Address and Latest Schedule Information
OPE Technical Committee on OptoElectronics (OPE)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Takaaki Ishigure (Keio University)
3-14-1, Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 223-8522 Japan
TEL +81-45-566-1593 FAX +81-45-566-1593

Eiji Yagyu (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
8-1-1, Tukaguchihonmachi, Amagasaki, Hyogo, 661-8661 Japan
TEL. +81-6-6497-7084 FAX. +81-6-6497-7285

Katsumi Nakatsuhara (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)
1030 Shimoogino, Atsugi, Kanagawa 243-0292 Japan
TEL. +81-46-291-3276 FAX. +81-46-291-3276

Atsushi Aratake (NTT Device Technology Laboratories)
3-1, Morinosato Wakamiya, Atsugi, Kanagawa 243-0198 Japan
TEL. +81-46-240-4036 FAX. +81-46-240-2107
EMT Technical Committee on Electromagnetic Theory (EMT)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Takuya Sakamoto (Univ. of Hyogo) and/or Hiroyuki Kuroki (Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology)
E-: emt-cryns 
MW Technical Committee on Microwaves (MW)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Satoshi Ono (UEC)
E-: oc
or Takuichi Hirano(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
E-: taam 
EST Technical Committee on Electronics Simulation Technology (EST)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Yasuo Ohtera (Tohoku Univ.)
MWP Technical Committee on Microwave and Millimeter-wave Photonics (MWP)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Atsushi Kanno (NICT), Akihiko Hirata (Chiba Tech.)
E-: mwp-inquiry 
Announcement Latest information will be presented on the homepage:
IEE-EMT Technical Meeting on Electromagnetic Theory (IEE-EMT)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Hiroyuki Deguchi (Doshisha University) and/or Hideki Kawaguchi (Muroran Institute of Technology)

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