IEICE Technical Report

Online edition: ISSN 2432-6380

Volume 120, Number 105

Information Theory

Workshop Date : 2020-07-16 / Issue Date : 2020-07-09


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Table of contents

A Selection Method of Transmitted Bits for Polar Codes Using Generalized Hamming Weights
Mizuho Asahi, Y. Vamoua, Hideki Yagi (UEC)
pp. 1 - 6

User Identification and Channel Estimation by Iterative DNN-Based Decoder on Multiple-Access Fading Channel
Lantian Wei, Shan Lu, Hiroshi Kamabe (Gifu Univ.), Jun Cheng (Doshisha Univ.)
pp. 7 - 12

A Study on Trainable ISTA using Auto Encoder as Shrinkage Function for Image Recovery
Kento Yokoyama, Satoshi Takabe, Tadashi Wadayama (NIT)
pp. 13 - 18

Asymptotic Evaluation of $alpha$-divergence between VB Posterior Predictive Distribution and Bayesian Predictive Distribution
Kazuki Yamada, Shota Saito, Toshiyasu Matsushima (Waseda Univ.)
pp. 19 - 23

On Formulation of Quantum Fourier Transform based on FTM gate
Masaki Nakazato, Noboru Watanabe (TUS)
pp. 25 - 30

Distance Distribution for Non-Adaptive Threshold Group Testing by Graph Ensemble Analysis
Takayuki Nozaki (Yamaguchi Univ.), Kazushi Mimura (Hiroshima City Univ.)
pp. 31 - 36

Quantum Noise Analysis for Quantum Computer -- Error model in large scale quantum many body system and examples --
Osamu Hirota (Chuo Univ.)
pp. 37 - 42

Note: Each article is a technical report without peer review, and its polished version will be published elsewhere.

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), Japan