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Welcome to IEICE Technical Committee online submission system. First of all, we recommend that you have to use Japanese submission form, if you are Japanese or you are at university or company in Japan.

For submissions from foreign countries, please use this form.
Submission will be made in a two-step process:

  1. Please fill out the author and paper information, and push "NEXT" button.
  2. The filled paper information will be shown again.
    Please push "REGISTRATION (Write to DB)" button, if you confirm all the information is correct.
  3. After that, an e-mail for paper information will be sent to you by the system shortly.
  4. You can revise your paper information via the URL described in the e-mail until the conference date.
  • Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required information.
  • Please enter all items in English.
  • DO NOT use BACK button of your browser. The information you write may vanish.

Announcement from the committee

Manuscript submission deadline: s>April 1, 2019 ->Extended: April 7, 2019
Web entry and Paper submission MUST be completed by April 1, 2019 ->Extended: April 7, 2019

1. Please input paper title, authors' names, and a 100-word abstract at this web entry page. Please also note that the corresponding author selects any one of paper types (published paper or non-published paper) in questionnaire form at the end of this page.
The copyright of both paper types is not transferred to the IEICE but is reserved to the author(s).
- "Published paper" is a conference paper with peer review. If the accepted paper is presented onsite and the Online Publishing Agreement is successfully submitted before the deadline, the paper will be published online. If the paper is not presented by the author at the conference, your paper will be excluded from the conference proceeding.
- "Non-published paper" is a technical report without peer review, and its extended version can be published elsewhere. The non-published papers will be included in the conference proceeding, but they will not be in public online.

If you are young author (typically 33 or less) and you would like to register Young Engineers Session (YES), please select "Students and Young Researchers' Session" in "Type of your paper".

2. A URL for your manuscript submission will be notified directly to the corresponding author via e-mail soon after the completion of the web entry.

3. Please upload your manuscript by April 1, 2019 ->Extended: April 7, 2019 from the URL specified in the e-mail. The paper format can be downloaded from TJMW2019 website.

4. Only for the corresponding author selecting the published paper type: Please send Online Publishing Agreement by April 1, 2019 ->Extended: April 7, 2019 for published papers to TPC Chairs. This form will be available from TJMW2019 website. The Online Publishing Agreement is not needed for non-published papers.

For Japanese, please ignore the message "For Japanese Researchers" at the end of this page.

Technical Comittee (*)
Selection of Technical Committee can't be changed after the deadline for entry.
Paper Language (*)
Publication (*)
Type of your paper (*)
Paper Title Please write in English using ASCII code.
If you wish to write subtitle, please write in the item below. Do not use "~" or "-" as brackets in your subtitle.
Title (*)
  • Please do not write your department in the affiliation field.
  • Please place space between first name and last name.
  • Abbreviated expressions of affiliation will be written in advance program.
  • If your have no affiliation, please enter asterisk (*) as your affiliation.
Name Affiliation
(Short name for advance program)
Author-1 (*) (*) (*)
ex. Emily Tsujioka     ex. Osaka City University   ex. Osaka City Univ.
Speaker (*)
Institute Please check institutes you join, if any.
You are member of :
ISJ, IEEE, SID, under application to IEICE
Abstract The secretaries of Technical Committee will refer to this abstract for organizing the advance program.
Sometimes this abstract will be sometimes public as an advance abstract together with advance programs.
On this conference, this abstract will be
Please describe abstract of your paper in 50-100 words. (max. 1600 characters)
Contact Information Name (*)
ex. Emily Tsujioka
Address Please write affiliation, department, street, city, state, province, postal code and country.
Phone (*)
ex. +81-3-1234-5678
Mobile Phone (fill this if available)
ex. +81-90-1234-5678
FAX (fill this if available)
ex. +81-3-1234-5678
Email-1 Please note that e-mail address in mandatory information.
IEICE contacts you regarding related promotion/campaign/publication information via above Email-1 address. By selecting "yes" below, you will allow IEICE to send related information to you from editors and IEICE secretariat.
Additional E-mail After submission, the confirmation e-mail will automatically send to the following e-mail address.
Please write e-mail address(es) of your supervisor or director below, if "Email-1" above is for the student author.
IEICE contacts you regarding related promotion/campaign/publication information via above Email-2 address. By selecting "yes" below, you will allow IEICE to send related information.
IEICE contacts you regarding related promotion/campaign/publication information via above Email-3 address. By selecting "yes" below, you will allow IEICE to send related information.
IEICE contacts you regarding related promotion/campaign/publication information via above Email-4 address. By selecting "yes" below, you will allow IEICE to send related information.
IEICE contacts you regarding related promotion/campaign/publication information via above Email-5 address. By selecting "yes" below, you will allow IEICE to send related information.
Device Please check devices you need for presentation.
You must bring your own personal computer if necessary.
If you need other devices, write your request below and contact one of secretaries via e-mail.
PC projector
Others (device name: )
Request  If you have a request to the secretaries, please write within 200 words.
of Copyright
The comprehensive copyright of all manuscripts published in the IEICE technical report of both paper and electronic versions belongs to the IEICE. Preparing your manuscript, please be deeply careful not to reprint other papers and reports without permission from the copyright holder.
Please see also the IEICE Provisions on Copyright and check the box "Assignment of Copyright Agreement (ACA)" below. If you have co-authors, please register after confirming that all co-authors have agreed to the ACA.
Note: The authors submitting to the workshop of the second kind will have kept their copyright of papers for each. The web system will be corrected so as the check box of ACA will not appear for the special technical committee's authors, but currently not corrected. In this form, please check the box "Assignment of Copyright Agreement (ACA)", temporarily. Even if you do, you keep holding your copyright.
I agree the ACA (Name(s): )
If you sign by proxy, please fill out author's names who agree the ACA.
Questionnaire for banquet  Please cooperate with the following questionnaire for the setting of the conference place.
Sometimes a banquet will be held.
If so, please answer whether you participate to the banquet or not.
Attendance to the banquet
If so, how many people will plan to attend? :
List of name(s) of attendee(s) :
(If you have several paper submissions in this conference, please avoid duplication.)
Questionnaire for this conference  Please cooperate with the questionnaire for this conference.
Please select any one of paper types: If you fail to select one correctly, your paper may not be published.
Published paper (2 to 6 pages)
Non-published paper (one page (or more) abstract)

Please push "NEXT" button, if you finish filling out your paper information.
Please push "REGISTRATION" button on the next page AGAIN. It should be remembered.

If active contents are blocked on your browser, the submit button may be disabled. If so, please enable them.

After registration for your presentation, with going through approval process in the technical committee(s),
then, you will have an introduction to paper submission, via E-mail.
Please contact one of secretaries, if you have no reply by the end of this month.
The deadline of your PDF paper submission will be set to about 3 weeks before the conference date.
Please wait for an E-mail from secretariat of IEICE. Detailed information will be announced. Thank you.

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