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Joining ISS
Information about the Information and Systems Society (ISS)
The first step to become an ISS member:

Since April 1995, it has been mandatory for IEICE members to join one or more societies.

If you wish to join IEICE.

You can join IEICE through this site. Please consider becoming an ISS member. You can join two or more societies. If you would like to do so, please refer to the procedure for joining an additional society described below.

Procedure for joining ISS in addition to other societies

If you are a member of a society other than ISS and wish to join ISS, please follow the procedure described here. The additional annual fee for receiving ISS Society magazines and accessing online journals is 3,500 yen (2,000 yen if you are a student). In addition to receiving the above journals, ISS members enjoy a number of other privileges.

The second step to become an ISS member: There are Japanese and English ISS transactions.

The basic membership registration entitles you to browse online journals (which include both Japanese and English editions of transactions).

Keywords for Transaction D (Japanese and English editions) are as follows:

Basics of information and systems, computer systems / software systems / software engineering / data engineering / Web information systems / information networks, dependable computing / artificial intelligence, data mining / human computer interactions, office information systems / e-business modeling / education engineering / welfare engineering

Pattern recognition / audio and auditory sense / image and video processing / image recognition / computer vision / computer graphics / multimedia processing / natural language processing / biocybernetics and neurocomputing / bioengineering / music information processing / sensibility information processing.

Third step to becoming an ISS member: Apply for year-long registration in one of the ISS technical groups.

ISS consists of many technical committees, each of which holds several technical conferences a year and issues technical reports about these technical conferences. If you register for an entire year, you will receive technical reports by post. This is a less expensive option than buying the reports at the conferences. We therefore recommend that you get a one-year registration. You can do this through the IEICE website.

Discount in the IEEE-CS membership fee

When renewing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between IEICE Information and Systems Society and IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS), the two parties agreed to offer each other a discount in their respective membership fees.

In accordance with this agreement, any IEICE Information and Systems Society member can receive a 10% discount on the annual membership fee of the IEEE Computer Society.

For details, visit the website of IEEE-CS.