Style file(Class File) and Style Format File for manuscripts preparation

ball For the IEICE Transactions

We recommend that you use the "Style File" provided free of charge by the IEICE in preparing your manuscript. If you do so, your original manuscript will be virtually the same in format as the final published version (refer to IEICE Transactions Online), and you can save money on page charges as well.

Recommended Style File: LaTeX 2ε
(--> LaTeX style/class file and sample files are available here).

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ball Frequently asked questions regarding LaTeX Style File

    Q. If I don't use LaTeX, what other file formats may I submit?
    A. Please prepare your manuscript using the MS-Word template file provided by the IEICE. It allows you to produce a manuscript close to the final published version. Please note that however that the page charges are higher if you use the MS-Word template file.
    *Tables for Page Charges

    Q. May I embed my graphics files in my word processor file?
    A. Graphics files may be embedded in a word processor file, but they must also be supplied as separate files. Graphics embedded in a word processor file will be deleted during the production process.

    Q. How can I convert my MS-Word file to LaTeX?
    A. The equations may be converted with a program such as MathType, however the rest of the paper would have to be manually recorded.

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