2013 Technical Meeting Calendar

Month Date Deadline Venue Category Name of Conference Theme Host/ Co-Host Cosponsor
'13 Nov 18 (Mon) Nagoya Univ. Workshop Workshop of THz-JSAP Vision of terahertz applications where new terahertz science reflect THz-JSAP THz-IEICE, THz-SPSJ, TeraTech
'13 Oct 28 (Mon) Registration for Poster Presentation
Sep. 11
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Oct. 2
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Oct. 17
Kyoto Univ. Symposium Symposium on Frontier of Terahertz Spectroscopy VII Where is THz Spectroscopy going ? Division of Terahertz Spectroscopy, Spectroscopical Society of Japan TeraTech, THz-JSAP, THz-IEICE
'13 Aug 6 (Tue) Join
Jul. 23
Jul. 23
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Jul. 31
Hokkaido Univ. Workshop Terahertz Systems Application Symposium THz-wave generation, detection and systematization technology using photonics
Tech. Group on Terahertz Application Systems. /
The Laser Society of Japan