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Terahertz band (0.1–100 THz) electromagnetic waves, which lie in the interstice between light and radio waves, have not been widely used in practical applications because of the complexity of their generation and detection. However, in recent years, these waves, which were previously unused, have become the focus of widespread active practical technological research and development, accompanying the development of femtosecond laser technology and high-frequency electronic devices. Accordingly, it has become extremely important that we provide a forum to discuss the pioneering of new fields in which this technology can be applied. To this end, we intend to establish a Technical Committee to facilitate the exchange of research knowledge, materials, and opinions, and hold discussions. The Committee, research association, and affiliated organizations will collaborate to hold research symposia and technical workshops and contribute to the organization of an international forum, and plan to continue to work towards the further development of this field.

Several years earlier, projects in this area such as the Tera-Bridge project were carried out in Europe, and now, this specialization has grown in scale to a multibillion-yen field of research. In the United States, this field has been added to the basic science and technology budgets of ARO/MURI, the NSF, the DOE, and other organizations, and DARPA has also initiated a number of new projects related to this area of study. Terahertz research is progressing through widespread avenues. However, there are currently no full-scale projects in Japan as there is no organizational structure to support such projects. Against this backdrop, we have established the "Terahertz Technology Forum," a private organization devoted to the formation of a basis for terahertz research initiatives. Nevertheless, the supportive activities of the related technical associations are indispensable in pioneering new areas of research, and the Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers (IEICE) is the best-suited organization for conducting research activities in the field of the terahertz technology for practical applications. In other words, this IEICE Technical Committee is essential to the development of terahertz electronic device technologies, and the expectations of our partners, supporters, and affiliates are high. We would welcome your approval of the establishment of this Technical Committee.

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