IS-EMD2008 in Sendai

About Sendai

Where is it?

Sendai is located approximately 300 kilometers (180 miles) north of Tokyo on the Pacific coast of Honshu.

Climate in November

·  Temperature

  high 13.4 C, low 4.9 C, average 9.1 C (average Oct. 14.8, Dec. 4.3)

·  Monthly rain fall

  66.8 mm

·  Rainy days (1 mm)

  6.3 days


·  Information by City of Sendai

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·  Korean한글

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·  Sendai Traveling information

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Travel to Sendai

International Flight arriving at Sendai

·  From your airport to Sendai

There are direct flights available from Korea, Guam, China, Hong Kong.

·  (OZ) Asiana Airlines: Seoul

·  (CO) Continental Airlines: Guam

·  (BR) Eva Airways: Taipei

·  (CA) Air China: Dalian, Beijing, Shanghai

·  (CZ) China Southern Airlines: Changchun

·  (KA) Dragon Air: Hong Kong

·  Your airport - Tokyo Narita - Sendai

There are many international flights arriving at (Tokyo) Narita International Airport.  However, there are only a few domestic flights (two flights a day) available between Narita and Sendai. 

Alternatively, you can take JR trains to arrive at Sendai.  It will take 4 hours in total. See below for details.

·  Your airport - Nagoya Chubu - Sendai

Nagoya is a big city located in the middle of Japan (Central Japan), so there are direct flights available from many cities, for example, Frankfurt, Detroit, New York, Honolulu, Saipan, Sydney, Bangkok, and Singapore.

Many domestic flights are available between Nagoya and Sendai.

·  Domestic connection to Sendai  (Code share)

There are domestic connecting flights to Sendai for international airlines

·  Tokyo Narita - Sendai: (OS) Austrian, (LH) Lufthansa, (SQ) Singapore Airlines, (TG) Thai Airways International

·  Nagoya Chubu - Sendai: (TG) Thai Airways International, (LH) Lufthansa, (UA) United Airlines


Sendai Airport

·  Information on Sendai Airport

·  Japanese

·  Korean

·  English

·  Chinese / Traditional

·  Thai

·  From Sendai Airport to downtown

At Sendai Airport, take a Sendai Airport Transit train to Sendai Station (17 - 25 min).  The train arrives at JR Sendai Station.


JR Railway

·  From Narita airport to Sendai

At Narita International Airport, take a Narita Express (JR East train) from Narita to Tokyo Station (1 hour).  Then transfer to a Tohoku (or Akita) Shinkansen (JR East super express train; Hayate, Komachi, Yamabiko, or MAX Yamabiko) bound for Sendai (Hayate & Komachi: 1 hour 40 min. - Yamabikos: 2 hours - 2 hours 40 min).

·  Station maps

·  Narita Airport Station (Terminal 1) / Airport Terminal 2

·  Tokyo

Change trains at Tokyo Railway Station to Tohoku (or Akita) Shinkansen super express.  The transit may be a 20 min walk. 

The Narita Express arrives at underground (B5) platform No.1 or No.2 at Tokyo Railway Station.

After arriving at Tokyo, follow the green signs to Tohoku/Akita Shinkansen platforms No.20 - No.23.

·  Sendai

Shinkansen arrives at 3rd floor of Sendai Station building. Pedestrian exits are located on second floor, and bus terminal and taxi stop are on the ground floor.

·  Time tables

·  Time tables of Tohoku Shinkansen and Narita Express can be found at

·  Ticket and Reservation

You should buy railway tickets from Narita to Sendai with seat reservation at reservation desk (JR Ticket Office or Travel Service Center) or from ticket machines at underground floor B1 in Narita Airport Stations.

You can reserve seats on N'EX through the JR-EAST Shinkansen Reservation website.


Accommodation in Sendai

The Committee does not provide any special accommodation or preferred hotel list for this meeting.  Can we ask you to find and reserve your most favorite hotel in Sendai? 


·  list in the Sendai traveling information

Japanese (w/map)





·  International tourists can find their accommodation on some online reservation sites.

·  Rakuten Travel (sample) (Simplified/Traditional Chinese and Korean pages are also served)

·  To-yoko Inn Chain (Chinese, Korean, Deutsch, French, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Arabic available)

·  or your favorite hotel sites

·  Hotels in walking distance (within 10-15 min) from JR Sendai Station will be convenient.

Hotels in downtown Sendai are recommended, as there is no hotel around the TBGU.

·  Please review the room and facilities of the guest room (and travelers’ voice) before reservation.  If a room price is cheap (ex. 6000), it might be a very narrow room with a tight bath tab. 


Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University (TBGU) ; Venue


·  Address

45-1 Kunimi 6-chome, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, 981-8551 Japan

·  Website

Access Information (Japanese)

·  Google map

Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University

·  Google map street view

Main gate, Building No.1, JR Kunimi Station

Access to TBGU from downtown Sendai

·  Train

JR Senzan Line (Sendai - Kunimi), 15min, 190yen

walk from JR Kunimi Station, 3min

·  Bus

Bus 880 or X880 (Sendai Station West Bus Pool No. 15 – “Kunimijosuijo Tohokubunkaagakuendaimae”), 30 min, 290yen

·  Taxi (metered)

15min from JR Sendai Station

·  Train

JR Senzan Line (Sendai - Kunimi), 15min



IS-EMD2008 Steering Committee  (October 2008)