Information for Joining IEICE (Subscription Member)

Thank you very much for your consideration of joining The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE).
Subscription members are institutes and organizations that receives a site license by subscribing to the online version of literature contents such as The IEICE Journal, Transactions, and other published papers. Major membership targets are various educational institutes, their libraries, research institutions of companies and public organizations, and other institutions and organizations that needs academic literature.
From April 2019, we will start offering subscribing options of a wide range of literature contents of the IEICE to subscription members as a site licensing service.
With this service, members can access to the online contents within the range of the registered IP address without ID or password. There is no limit on the number of users and terminals.

About basic annual membership dues and subscription option fee

Subscription members' annual membership dues consists of basic annual membership dues and subscription option fee. There is no admission fee. Please refer the details from here.

※ Even in the case of admission from the middle of the fiscal year, there is no reduction of basic annual membership dues and subscription option fee.
New subscription members will declare an applicable rank for each selected subscription option. In addition, the rank of the second year in this case will be decided on annual conversion of browsing results from the entry month to December.
For example, if your institution becomes a subscription member in 2019 fiscal year, the ranking for 2020 will be determined based on the number converted from the number of browsing results during April 2019 to December 2019. If your institution was an Associate Supporting member in the past, or if you re-enroll once you have stopped subscription members, we will set the rank at the re-enrollment based on the ranking of the past.

Application period and expected month of enrollment

Institutions where were able to confirm the payment of annual membership dues of the first fiscal year at the Headquarters Office Expected month of enrollment
November 16th - December 15th January
December 16th - January 15th February
January 16th - February 15th March
February 16th - March 15th April
March 16th - April 15th May
April 16th - May15th June
May 16th - June 15th July
June 16th - July 15th August
July 16th - August 15th September
August 16th - September 15th October
September 16th - October 15th November
October 16th - November 15th December

Process of joining


Please click "E-mail address registration" and register your e-mail address. After registration, we will send you an e-mail with an URL of online application form.


Please submit your application form and complete your payment of annual membership dues. STEP1 and 2 should be completed until the 15th of every month.


The IEICE Board of Directors approves your joining IEICE.


The Membership will start at the beginning of the next month. We will send your Membership number by e-mail. After you got the mail, please access to your Member Page for checking your registered contents.

Application for membership is only accepted online. For the application, please register your e-mail address first.

※ The personal information we collect will not be used for the purposes other than IEICE activities.

Invoice and receipt upon application for membership

The invoice and the receipt will be attached to the confirmation e-mail from IEICE after membership application. If the institution requires to pay the dues after April, please contact to the Membership section in advance.

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers Service Department, Membership Section
Kikai-Shinko Kaikan Building, 3-5-8 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011
TEL:+81-3-3433-6691 FAX:+81-3-3433-6659 E-mail:member