Dear Members:

As we have informed you in advance, the General Assembly of May 2005 approved a change of the IEICE Transactions to move from paper version to Online Format, effective on 1 April, 2006.
The contents are as follows:

The Transactions of IEICE will be delivered to Members, Student Members, Affiliate Members, and the Fellow, Honorary Members by means of electronic data from the issue of April 2006.
(You can subscribe Transactions in Japanese Edition and in English one)


In this connection, when you subscribe full papers of Transactions Online of the society which you registered, you need your ID (membership number) and your new password which were sent by a postcard in March, 2006

Members and nonmembers can subscribe the title, the names of authors' and bibliographies which include abstracts as before.

II. We will send you the Journal of the IEICE of paper version as before.

III. ELEX continues to be disclosed without charge to help raise its recognition.

IV. The paper version is sold at an optional price based on consideration of the costs involved. Preferential treatment is given to members who wish to receive the paper version in addition to the online edition.

If you want to subscribe, please notify the IEICE Membership Activities Section of the information listed below, by e-mail or fax:
1. Your membership number and name
2. Details of the changes you wish to make in your registration for Society membership and IEICE Transactions received

For further information about the fee, Click HERE.

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