Notice of putting the IEICE Transactions on the web site " HighWire "
   Strategic Planning Committee/IEICE Editorial Board

We have been publishing Japanese and English papers in the "IEICE Transactions Online". Until now, these papers have been made available at no charge.

On a trial basis, for a step toward a fee-based subscription, from January 2005 issue, English papers will also be released in a web site, "HighWire" maintained by Stanford University Libraries' HighWire Press.

IEICE Transactions in print are distributed to non-members outside Japan by Oxford University Press (OUP), which ties up with HighWire Press.

Through HighWire and OUP, we're planning a fee-based subscription outside Japan.

As with "IEICE Trans. Online", English papers will be released in HighWire 20 days later from print publication.

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