Confirmation Sheet of Manuscript Registration
(for Initial Submission)

Thank you for your consideration for a submission of your manuscript to the IEICE Transactions.
In the case of submission of your manuscript, would you please provide us with the data of the information on your manuscript, such as, "the title of the manuscript", "name(s) and affiliation(s) of author(s)" , "the name of the Transaction to which your manuscript is to be submitted", "the summary and keywords of your manuscript" and so on.
We are looking forward to your submission with this "Cover Sheet".
Your cooperation as to this matter would be much appreciated.

Policy on Duplicate Publication

1. Title of the manuscript:

2. Personal Information on each author

*If you submit your manuscript with some co-authors, we would like you to provide two or more e-mail addresses to contact you or a co-author in case of trouble.
Author 1
Author 2
Author 3
Author XX

3. Detailed Information on the Author for correspondence

*This information will enable us to identify you in order to make a contact as needed and maintain accurate registration records of your manuscript.

4. Categorization of your manuscript type your manuscript is to be submitted

5. The Related Registration Number

*Related Registration Numbers of any previously submitted versions of the same manuscript. (if any):

6. Research Field

*In accordance with the area that you research in your manuscript, select some "Editorial Subject Indexes" that would cover your research field and input their codes and fields.

Editorial Subject Indexes
  1. Index 1: Code Field :
  2. Index 2: Code Field :
  3. Index 3: Code Field :

7. Running header (5-6 words)

*"Running-Header" is one of a component part of the header information which mentioned about the title of the manuscript, If its title would be longer than the specified length, abbreviation of that original title would be applied. In such a case, in principle, the authors(s) would provide us of the information on that abbreviated title. But if no instruction is specified, we would do the procedure by our editorial rules. For your reference, it would be seen on the each odd page of your manuscript in our Transactions.

8. Summary and Keywords of your manuscript (If possible, please submit their electronic data in FD.)

9. Any further inquiries and comments to the Publishing Office please make use of this form.

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