The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

For detailed information as to the activities of the Editorial Committees
please contact directly to the Editors as follows.

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Engineering Sciences Society

Kazuyuki Wada (2013 June-2015 May)
Department of Electronics and Bioinformatics
Meiji University

Communications Society

Masaki Bandai (2014 June-2016 May)
Sophia University

Keizo Cho (2013 June-2015 May)
Chiba Institute of Technology

Hiraku Okada (2013 June-2015 May)
Nagoya University

Electronics Society

Hiroaki Sanjoh (2013 June-2015 May)
NTT Photonics Laboratories
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

Kenchi Ito (2014 June-2016 May)
Tohoku University

Information and Systems Society

Tetsuya Takiguchi (2014 June-2016 May)
Kobe University

Tomoaki Tsumura (2013 June-2015 May)
Nagoya Institute of Technology

Norimichi Ukita (2013 June-2015 May)
Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)

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