Appendix B : Table of the Page Charges



This signed statement must be received by the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (the "IEICE") when your manuscript is first submitted to an IEICE publication. By signing this statement, the author(s) are agreeing to be bound by the IEICE Provisions on Copyright (Japanese) (English)
IEICE Transactions on :

In the event the following manuscript is not accepted or is withdrawn by the author(s) before acceptance, this agreement becomes null and void.
Title of the manuscript:



(1) Copyright Transfer

All copyrights of the above manuscript, including rights for publishing in any media, are transferred to the IEICE.

The authors retain the following rights:

All proprietary rights other than copyrights.
Re-use of all or part of the above manuscript in their work.
Reproduction of the above manuscript for author's personal use or for company/institution use provided that
(a)the permission of the IEICE is obtained prior to reproduction,
(b)the source and IEICE copyright notice are indicated, and
(c)the copies per se are not offered for sale.
The consent of the author (or one of the authors) be sought as a condition in granting republication permission to others.


(2) Page Charge Agreement

The author(s) or the author's company/institution agrees to pay the page charge of the above manuscript according to the tables which the IEICE lists.
The invoice will be sent to the author as soon as the amount of the page charge be determined. If you pay the page charge, you are entitled to 50 reprints of your article at no additional cost.
The author(s) must pay the page charges even if the manuscript is invalidated after acceptance/publication or withdrawn by the author(s) after acceptance.

For authors with IEICE membership who paid their membership fees by credit cards:
If payment is not completed within one year after publication, the IEICE will withdraw the page charge from one of the credit cards. All IEICE members in the authors are subject to this collection.

I hereby agree to pay the page charge from my credit card used for the collection of IEICE membership fee if the payment is not completed within one year after publication.

Name of the author responsible for payment (IEICE member):
Membership number:
Authorized signature:


I hereby agree above Copyright Transfer and Page Charge Agreement.

Authorized signature:
Title if not author: