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Privacy Policy
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Privacy Policy

(Laid down by the Board of Directors on April 18, 2005)
(Revised on April 1, 2012)
(Revised on October 18, 2018)

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, (hereafter referred to as the Institute) recognizing the importance of personal information, will observe laws and its own regulations relating to the protection of personal information, and will endeavor to undertake its acquisition, usage, and management appropriately as follows:

Acquisition of personal information
The objectives of the Institute are to contribute to the development and promotion of knowledge, technology and related pursuits through scholarship, study of technology, and exchanges of research and knowledge relating to electronic engineering, information, and communications. To provide services in line with these business objectives, the Institute will obtain information to a degree necessary for the identification of specific individuals. In principle, the Institute will specify its purpose for acquiring such information, and may only acquire information in accord with the wishes of the information provider (registration).

Use of personal information
The acquired personal information will be used by the Institute to a degree which will enable it to fulfill its purpose for acquiring this information. However, under the following conditions, information may be used or provided for purposes other than the acquisition purpose:
1. When its use conforms to regulations of law.
2. When consent is given by the information provider.
3. When the management of personal data is commissioned in part or in whole so that the Institute may achieve its business objective (for example, commissioning of the delivery service etc., commissioning of the analysis etc. of membership data.)
4. When there is a just reason which will allow for the achievement of a business objective approved by a comprehensive legislative organ for the Institute (General Assembly, Board of Directors) as well as by a Society legislative organ.

Management of personal information
The Institute will endeavor to take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the leakage, loss, destruction and alteration etc. of acquired personal information. However, the Institute will not be responsible for the management of information released by the information provider or information which has already been released.

Release and revision etc. of personal information
When a request is received from the personal information provider to release his/her personal information, the Institute will, in principle, release this information without delay. Moreover, when a request is made for the revision etc. of personal information, the Institute will, in principle, make such revisions etc. without delay and maintain up-to-date information.

The website
The website prepared by the Institute is to be used by the user at his or her own discretion. The Institute will not be responsible for any damages resulting from the use of various information obtained from this website or from this website's outside links.

With the aim of servicing our members well, users can use this website to register personal information required for member registration, among others. In having users register their valuable personal information in safety, the Institute uses specialized encoded communication technology called SSL and a dedicated server protected by a Firewall security system to prevent invalid outside access and information leakage. Moreover, we are further strengthening our management structure of personal information.

Updating of the privacy policy
This privacy policy may be updated without prior warning to conform with changes in law, or for other reasons. The personal information acquired by the Institute will always be subject to the most recent privacy policy. Such updates, whatever they may entail, shall be reported in the Institute's website and will be effective from the day they are reported.

Inquiries relating the management of personal information
If you have questions relating to the protection of personal information by the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, please contact us at the following:

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
(a corporate juridical person)
Membership Activities Section
phone:+81-3-3433-6691, fax: +81-3-3433-6659
E-mail : member(at) ※(at)→@

Published on October 19, 2018

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