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Request form for Journal and Mailing option

If you have any questions, please ask member[at]

Acceptance or Membership number:
Mail Address (XXX@XX.XX)
Mail Address (for a check) (XXX@XX.XX)

If you want to subscribe Journal(Japanese paper version)or request mailing option,
you need to pay additional charge.

Surface mail charge is included in the membership fee

*mailing option

SAL  Air Mail

Additional charge per year for SAL/Air Mail,please refer following chart..
Note:SAL is not available to Korea and Taiwan.

Zones Areas Air mail *SAL mail
1st Asia; Guam;Midway islands 5,600yen 3,200yen
2nd Oceania; Near & Middle East; North & Central America; Europe 7,800yen 4,400yen
3rd Africa; South America 11,000yen 5,600yen
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