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Q1. My joining procedure to IEICE has been completed, but I can't register. What should I do?
You can register from the 1th of next month.
Q2. How to know the password?

Q3. How to subscribe Transaction Online of other society?
A3. You can subscribe Transactions Online of the society which you register. Please register the society which you want to subscribe. Please tell org with the following information:

 1. Your membership number
 2. Your name
 3. Societies which you want to register

Q4. What is the User ID?
A4. It is your membership number.

Q5. I can't subscribe though I put into my membership number and my password. Why?
A5. An incorrect membership number or password may have been entered. Would you confirm them? If they are correct, would you contact
with your membership number and your name? We will reply to you earlier.
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