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2015 IEICE Society Conference
Successfully Held at Tohoku University
Including 111 English Presentations

Overview of Complete English Session BS-6
Held in 2015 IEICE Society Conference

17th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and
Management Symposium (APNOMS 2015)
Successfully Held in Busan, Korea

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Hot Topics

2015 IEICE Society Conference
Successfully Held at Tohoku University
Including 111 English Presentations


@  2015 IEICE Society Conference was organized by the three Societies, IEICE Engineering Sciences Society (ESS), Communications Society (CS) and Electronics Society (ES) as well as the former ones and successfully held with more than 2,497 registered participants at Tohoku University Kawauchi-Kita Campus in Sendai, Japan, on Sept. 8-11, 2015. This Campus is located in a green and quiet historical field on the hill side at the west of Sendai over the famous river gHirosegawah where the Aoba Castle had stood through the Edo Era since the foundation by the feudal war lord Masamune Date in 1600. It covers class rooms for the first two year undergraduate education and conference halls required for the event. The venue was set up again since the annual IEICE General Conference was held in March, 2010, as well, most of rooms for the Conference Sessions were occupied with younger generation researchers from industry, academia and Government, and students.
 This conference provided 17 guest speeches in 3 General Sessions planned by the Conference Organizing Committee, 4 Keynote speeches in 3 Award Giving Ceremonies, 19 lectures in 7 Tutorial Sessions, 94 guest speeches in 15 Special Symposia, 21 guest speeches in 3 Panel Sessions planned by the three Societies, 113 presentations in 11 Symposium Sessions and 1,300 presentations in 60 General Sessions. The total number of presentations/papers in the Conference is summarized in Table 1. The total number of presentations was reduced by 4% in comparison with the data in the former Society Conference held last year, the average rate of English contributions was enhanced from 5.4% to 6.9% toward the globalization of the Conference.
 The unique English Sessions where all the participants covering both international and domestic researchers, scholars and younger students can give their presentation and directly communicate each other were set up toward an evenly knowledge shared society as follows:
〈Symposium Session〉
 BS-6 entitled gNetwork and Service Design, Control and Managementh was organized by Technical Committee on Information Communication Management (IEICE-ICM) of IEICE Communications Society and it was provided during the full four days of the Conference from September 8 to 11.
〈General Session〉
B-1 entitled gAntenna and Propagation B (General Issues on Antenna)h providing two complete English Sessions was set up by IEICE Communications Society on September 9.
 In the Award Giving Ceremony of each Society, after it was inaugurated by the Chairman, IEICE members who have remarkably contributed to the evolution of Society activities were honored with the Awards for their contribution or achievement, and memorial Keynote speeches were given by outstanding and leading people.

Table 1 The number of presentations/papers and the rate of those given in English in 2015 IEICE Society Conference

Organizer Paper
Rate of English
Contributions (%)
Panel Tutorial Sympo. General Panel Tutorial Sympo. General Panel Tutorial Sympo. General
Conference Committee 17 - 1 - 6 0
ESS 50 182 3 8 6 4
CS 167 835 49 35 29 4
ES 75 283 1 14 1 5
Total/2015 309 1,300 54 57 17 4
Total/2014 339 1,332 45 46 13 3

 In parallel with the 2015 IEICE Society Conference, IEICE Information Systems Society (ISS) and IEICE Human Communications Group (HCG) organized another annual conference, the 14th Forum on Information Technology, briefly gFIT2015h jointly with Information Processing Society of Japan at University of Ehime in Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan on September 15-17, 2015.

Overview of Complete English Session BS-6
Held in 2015 IEICE Society Conference
Kazunori UEDA,
Kochi University of Technology,
Session Organizer, BS-6,
IEICE Communication Society

 The complete English Session BS-6 was hosted by the Technical Committee on "Information Communication Management (ICM)" of IEICE Communications Society and consecutively provided during the whole four days from Sept. 8 to 11 in 2015 for the 2015 IEICE Society Conference held at Tohoku University Kawauchi-Kita Campus in Sendai. It will be introduced below how positively the Session was organized and it promoted the communication between the speakers and participants in an easy environment.
 This English Session was entitled gNetwork and Service Design, Control and Managementh as well as the relevant Sessions in the former IEICE Society Conferences. ICM hosted the Session as one of nine Symposium Sessions organized by IEICE Communications Society and focused on special topics of advanced technologies. ICM has been handling this Session since 2004 so far, to promote the globalization of the IEICE by providing the international participants staying in Japan or joining from overseas, with more opportunities to present papers and discuss the special issues with the other general participants in English.
 40 papers in total were presented in the Session this year. They were classified into 14 Sub-Sessions according to the topics and the sub-sessions were held every day during the Society Conference.
 Many kinds of topics covering wireless/ad-hoc network, pricing / resource management and network architecture, furthermore topics covering application layers such as application and service, and cloud computing were discussed in those Sub-Sessions.
 More than 22 persons in average joined each Sub-Session every day. The number of participants was slightly less than that of the former fiscal year Session but active and enthusiastic discussions were expanded between the speakers and audience in a time slot of question and answer just after each presentation or after the Session.
 Most of papers were presented by researchers from universities, while two papers were presented by researchers from industries. On the other hand, most of speakers were international students studying in Japan or international researchers working in Japanese industries, 7 speakers (only 17.5%) were Japanese students or researchers. In this Symposium Session, ICM expects the open contribution from not only universities but also enterprises, and also talks by more Japanese students and researchers as well as international students and foreign researchers. Discussions from various and different aspects were beneficial and indispensable to the advancement of their research phases according to their opinions.
 ICM has provided the Best Paper Award to the outstanding paper presentation to encourage their continuous research activities, so far. In the last ICM workshop held in March, this year, ICM gave the Best Paper Award to the following papers selected out of the papers which were presented in the English Session of the former 2014 IEICE Society Conference:
(1) gMicroscopic Route Guidance System with Vehicle-Level Rerouting for Facilitating Smooth Travel in City Areash by Zilu Liang, Yasushi Wakahara (The Univ. of Tokyo)
(2) gA Study on Keyword-based Search Methods for Breadcrumbs-based Content-Oriented Networkh by Kevin Pognart, Hideki Tode,

Fig.1 English Session BS-6 in 2015 IEICE Society Conference
Yosuke Tanigawa (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
(3) gMultiple Classes of Service Provisioning in DCNh by Tananun Orawiwattanakul, Hideki Otsuki, Eiji Kawai, Shinji Shimojo (National Inst. of Information and Communications Technology, briefly NICT)
 Now, ICM is selecting the Best Paper Award winners out of the papers presented in the English Session BS-6 this year, and it will be awarded to the winners in the upcoming ICM workshop in 2016 which will be held in Okinawaken Seinenkaikan (means Youth Center of Okinawa Pref.), Naha, Okinawa, Japan on March 10-11, 2016. Your participation in the English Session hosted by ICM is most welcome next year as well!
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17th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and
Management Symposium (APNOMS 2015)
Successfully Held in Busan, Korea
Satoshi Yamazaki, Dr.
NEC Corporation,
Secretary, APNOMS2015
ICM, IEICE Communications Society
Toshio Tonouchi, Dr.
NEC Corporation,
Vice Chair, APNOMS2015
ICM, IEICE Communications Society

 The 17th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS 2015) was held in Busan, Korea from September 19th to 21st, 2015. APNOMS 2015 was organized by IEICE ICM and KICS KNOM. APNOMS has been one of the premier conferences in Asia Pacific region since 1997. It has extended the area of interest from network management to the management of the whole ICM systems. APNOMS 2015 was also technically cosponsored by IEEE Communications Society. IEEE CNOM and Busan Tourism Organization joined it as the supporting organizations, each. APNOMS 2015 subtitled “ Managing a Very Connected World” consists of five Keynote Speeches, one Distinguished Experts Panel (DEP) Session, two Special Sessions, four Tutorial Sessions, nine Technical Sessions, three Poster Sessions, two Innovation Sessions and the exhibition program. 182 people in total participated in this conference.
 The memorial Keynote Speeches were as follows:
(1) “Towards 5G Unified Network” by Dr. Dongmyun Lee from KT Corporation (KT), Korea
(2) “Why is IoT Definitionless?” by Dr. Jeffrey Voas from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA
(3) “Connected Health: The Driver to Transform Health Services” by Prof. Jenn-Hwan Tarng from Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan
(4) “Enabling Technologies on 5G mobile Access – Revolution or Evolution?” by Dr. Hyun Kyu Chung from Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea
(5) “Future Mobility Society using Information Technologies” by Mr. Satoru Taniguchi from Toyota InfoTechnology Center.
 The topics of the DEP Session were focused on several issues of IoT from customers, providers, venders, and researchers. The DEP Session was provided by four panelists, Dr. Soumya Kanti Datta from Eurocom, Dr. Song-hoon Baik from KT, Dr.
Shingo Fujimoto from Fujitsu Laboratories, and Prof. Fuchun Joseph Lin from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Taiwan.
 Tutorial Sessions covered four topics, “Smartphone Probe Cars for Traffic and Road Sensing” by Prof. Chih-Wei Yi from NCTU, “ID-based Communications for Future IoT/M2M” from Dr. Yusuke Fukushima from NICT, “Very Connected Scientific World” by Mr. Jeonghoon Moon from Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), “IoT & Smart Network Efficiency Enhancement Technologies” by Prof. Jong-Moon Chung from Yonsei University.
 Two Special Sessions were provided and focused on “Managing An IOT Society, IOT Techniques and Applications” and “Container Technologies and Cloud”. Each Session was provided by four invited speakers.
 129 papers in total were submitted to APNOMS 2015 and 38 papers of them were presented in the nine Technical Sessions. In the Poster Session, 69 papers were delivered by poster-style presentation. All of these papers were published through both IEICE I-Scover and IEEE Xplore. The topics of Technical Sessions were focused on SDN Management, Ad Hoc & Cellular Network Management, Traffic & Fault Management, Contents-Oriented Network Management, Multimedia & Service Management, Distributed and Accounting Management, and IoT Management.
 Two Innovation Sessions covered eight topics. In the exhibition program, four organizations demonstrated prototypes of their research results.
 Lastly, the APNOMS 2015 organizing committee selected the top four papers with the highest overall (paper + presentation) scores from Technical Sessions for “Best Paper Awards”, which were “A Metric-Correlation-Based Distributed Fault Detection Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks” by Ms. Qian Liu from Beijing University, “Hybrid Caching and Requests Forwarding in Information Centric Networking” by Mr. Kyi Thar from Kyung Hee

Fig.2 From the Best Paper Award Giving Ceremony

University, gAn Hourly Day-Ahead Paris Metro Pricing Scheme for Mobile Data Networksh by Mr. Huai-Sheng Huang from NCTU, and gUniversal Fault Detection Technique for NFV using SOM-Based Clusteringh by Mr. Tomonobu Niwa from KDDI.  On behalf of all members of the APNOMS 2015 Organizing Committee, we would like to express our appreciations to all parties involved in this conference. The next APNOMS will be held in Kanazawa, an ancient and beautiful city in Japan, in September 2016.

Fig.3 APNOMS2015 organizers gather toward the evolution of the academic activities in the Closing Session
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Upcoming International Conferences
ISAP2015 -IEICE Communications Soc., in Tasmania, Australia, on Nov. 9-12, 2015,
EIWAC2015 -IEICE Communications Soc., in Tokyo, Japan, on Nov.17-19, 2015,
NOLTA2015 -IEICE NOLTA Soc., in Hong Kong, PRC, on Dec. 1-4, 2015,
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