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IEICE International Section Representatives Attend IEICE All Sections Meeting and Present Posters to Introduce Their Activities to the 2015 General Conference Participants

English Session CK-2 Was Successfully Held in the 2015 General Conference

I-Scover Challenge 2014 Fascinated the Participants with Valuable Presentations in Session TK-2 of the 2015 General Conference

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Hot Topics

IEICE International Section Representatives
Attend IEICE All Sections Meeting and
Present Posters to Introduce Their Activities to
the 2015 General Conference Participants

IEICE International Affairs Committee
@As reported in the former issue of IEICE Global Plaza (IEICE Journal vol.98, no.5), the 2015 IEICE General Conference was held at Ritsumeikan University Biwako-Kusatsu Campus in Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan on March 10-13, 2015, the IEICE All Sections Meeting in 2014 IEICEfs fiscal year was held in the same venue as the Conference on March 12, 2015, on the occasion when quite many IEICE members and general participants over about 5,100 gathered from both Japan and overseas. In the All Sections Meeting, all the executives of IEICE Board, Representatives of ten IEICE Domestic Sections, Representatives of twelve IEICE International Sections and all IEICE International Committee members were invited to attend it and the number of attendees reached 49 members in total. IEICE Malaysia Section was established in the beginning of this year, joined the Meeting. Additionally, the number of international IEICE members who registered outside of Japan reached 843 student members and 2,198 normal members, 3,041 members in total. The role of the International Sections will be more expected for IEICE.
@The Meeting was chaired by Prof. Miki Haseyama, Hokkaido University, Director for IEICE International Coordination and Publicity with the attendance of Prof. Iwao Sasase, Keio University, Vice President of IEICE, Chairman of IEICE International Affairs Committee. The most updated regulations of organization, expected activities and financial support to IEICE International Representative, activities were discussed and confirmed. Successively, the activities in IEICE Societies and Group, and both Domestic and International Sections were introduced for their better mutual understanding to evolve innovative global activities in collaboration between domestic and international organizations of IEICE. Some of International Section Representatives decided their successors and new Representatives joined the Meeting. The updated list of Representatives at the moment is shown in Table 1.
@One of Special Sessions under IEICE General Conference Committee has been provided by IEICE International Section Representatives to introduce their Section members and activities to the general participants in the Conference every year so far. This year, it was changed to their Poster Presentation and twelve Posters were displayed for the general participants just at a corner of IEICE Conference Secretariat located in the Conference venue. Simultaneously, the Posters were presented by each International
Table 1 International Section Representatives in the 2015 Fiscal Year
(updated at the end of April 2015)
Section 2015 Fiscal Year 2014 Fiscal Year
Bangkok Sec. Dr.Tuptim Angkaew Dr.Tuptim Angkaew
Beijing Sec. Prof. Tao Zhang Prof. Tao Zhang
Europe Sec. Prof. Mariusz Glabowski Dr. Haris Gacanin
Indonesia Sec. Dr. Baskara Nugraha Dr. Jaka Sembiring
Communications Sec.
Prof.Ilyoung Chong Prof.Choog-Seon Hong
Korea, Electronics Sec. Prof. Jang-Kyoo Shin Prof. Jang-Kyoo Shin
Korea, Information Sec. Prof. Jong-Il Park Prof. Young-Bok Choi
Malaysia Sec. Prof. Swee-Huay Heng -
Shanghai Sec. Prof. Jie Zhu Prof.Wen Chen
Singapore Sec. Dr.Subramaniam Arulkumaran Prof. Arokiaswami Alphones
Taipei Sec. Prof. Hoang-Yan Lin Prof. Liang-Hung Lu
Vietnam Sec. Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Binh Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Binh
Fig.1 Poster of regional IEICE Activities given by IEICE Vietnam Section which winned the First Prize in the Poster competition.
Representative in the All Sections Meeting, examined by the Meeting members and the Prize winners were selected to be:
First Prize : IEICE Vietnam Section (Fig.1)
Second Prize : IEICE Korea, Information Section
Third Prize : IEICE Singapore Section
(Reported by Prof. Kenzo Takahashi, IEICE-TFIPP)


English Session CK-2 Was Successfully Held
in the 2015 General Conference

Satoshi Komatsu, Associate Prof., Dr.
Tokyo Denki University,
Editor, IEICE Global Plaza,
IEICE Electronics Society
@This Session was one of two Complete English Sessions in the 2015 General Conference. It was organized by IEICE Electronics Society and the four Distinguished Presentation Award winners in 2014 Thailand-Japan MicroWave (TJMW2014) which was held at King Mongkutfs Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) in Bangkok on November 26-28, 2014, were invited to this Session by IEICE Electronics Society, and they gave the presentation in the Session at Co-Learning House I, Room C205 of Ritsumeikan University Biwako-Kusatsu Campus on March 12, 2015. The Session was chaired by Dr. Koji Okazaki, NTT DOCOMO who served TJMW2014 as the Vice Chair in Bangkok. The number of general participants reached about 25 in average. It was less than that of 2014 General Conference, but positive and useful opinions were exchanged between the speakers and participants (Fig.2). The invited speeches are listed below;
〈CK-2-1〉 Pitchanun Wongsiritorn, Chuwog Phong charoenpanihc, Tajchai Pupung (King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, briefly KMITL), Titipong Lertwiriyaprapa, Kittisak Phaebua (KM University of Technology North Bangkok, briefly KMUTNB), gThe Radiation Analysis for RFID Tag Mounted on Coated Metallic Cylinder Using UTD Solutionh. It was presented by Ms. Pichanun, one of TJMW Award Winners.
〈CK-2-2〉 Thanakarn Suangun, Norakamon Wingsin, Chatree Mahatthanajatphat, Prayoot Akkaraekthalin (KMUTNB), gA Dual-band Fractal Slot Antenna Fed by Fractal Capacitive Couplingh. It was presented by Mr.Thanakarn.
〈CK-2-3〉 Ryoko Kishikawa, Masahiro Horibe (AIST), gEstablishment of New Method for Calibrating Impedance of Test Instrument with Vector Network analyzerh. It was presented by Ms. Kishikawa.
〈CK-2-4〉 Shotaro Nagai, Atsushi Sanada (Yamaguchi University), gA Dirac Cone Metasurface Exhibiting Extraordinary Transmission Characteristicsh. It was presented by Mr.Nagai.
@The Award winners were celebrated for the best papers selected out of 100 papers given in TJMW2014 and their valuable presentations (Fig.3 where Dr. Atsushi Sanada, Yamaguchi University, TJMW2014 TPC Chair, the four Award winners, Ms. Kishikawa, Mr. Nagai, Mr.Thanakarn, Ms. Pitchanun, and Prof. Kenji Ito, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, TJMW2014 General Chair, Dr. Okazaki, TJMW2014 Vice Chair and Session CK-2 Chair, stand from the left, respectively)
Fig.2 Question and answer after
a presentation in Session CK-2 organized by IEICE Electronics Society
Fig.3 Speakers (Award Winners
in TJMW2014) and Session
organizers in Session CK-2

I-Scover Challenge 2014 Fascinated the
Participants with Valuable Presentations in
Session TK-2 of the 2015 General Conference

IEICE I-Scover Project Promotion Team
@The Session TK-2 was organized by IEICE I-Scover Project Promotion Team according to the plan of 2015 IEICE General Conference Committee and it was held at Co-Learning House I, Room C203 of Ritsumeikan University Biwako-Kusatsu Campus on March 11, 2015. This Session was chaired by Mr. Satoshi Ikada, OKI Electric Industry Co. Ltd. (OKI-EI), Session Chair, TK-2, Secretary, IEICE I-Scover Project Promotion Team. The conference venue was full up with about 40 participants and both speakers and audience positively exchanged opinions.
@The IEICE Knowledge Discovery, briefly gI-Scoverh has been developed to satisfy the demand of the users since it was launched in April 2013, so far. The I-Scover is the IEICEfs proper database service where anyone can enjoy the search function to retrieve any expected paper out of quite many publications in the database or the other general data linked to the database through the structure of metadata and linked data. The gI-Scover Challengeh is a contest of the innovative idea and applications covering the analysis of research trend or bibliographic applications with the data of papers and their attributes stored in I-Scover. The IEICE I-Scover Project Promotion Team planned the competition of I-Scover usage and launched I-Scover Challenge 2014 in succession to I-Scover Challenge 2013 which was initiated last year.
@In the Session, at first, Mr. Yasufumi Chimura, OKI-EI, Sub-Leader of the whole I-Scover Project and the Chair of IEICE I-Scover Project Promotion Team gave the Opening Speech of the Session and summarized the policy, plan through providing the function of paper search with the information of authorfs name, affiliation, relevant event and keywords, competition result and evaluation process of applications in the competition, from the viewpoint of the future evolution of I-Scover capabilities for the general users.
@The seventeen proposals were presented in the Session (Fig.4). The first fourteen proposals were given from Government research institution, academia and industry in Japan. The last three proposals were given from China in English. The first English proposal was presented by Mr. Bin Li of Anhui Radio and Television University and the other two English proposals were presented by Mr. Qingliang Miao of Fujitsu R&D Center in China. The proposals covered the innovations of capabilities, relevant software or products, data analysis and visualization processes to easily make use of I-Scover capabilities, toward the future convenient and smart society. Every proposal was strictly examined by all the members of the I-Scover Project, and finally the prize winners were decided as follows (titles of authors are omitted, each title is translated from the original proposal in Japanese):
〈Grand Prize〉
Takeaki Uno, eCommunity analysis of researchers through participation in IEICE Technical Committeef (National Institute of Informatics)
〈Excellent Prize 〉
-Toshitaka Maki, Toshihiko Wakahara, eDevelopment of sequential technological factor analysis module using I-Scover dataf (Fukuoka Institute of Technology) - Ruiyu Fang, Qingliang Miao, Yao Meng, gTopic-sensitive expert finding and profiling for I-Scover h (Fujitsu R&D Center in China)
〈Presentation Prize〉
Hiroshi Gomi, eRight keyword attachment to papers for I-Scover open data based retrieval (subtitle omitted)f (OKI-EI)
〈Technical Prize〉
Yasunari Kishimoto, Yasuhiro Iida, Yoshihiro Kishida, Makoto Onizuka, eTo know the formation of space generating innovations with relation to authorsf (NTT)
〈OKI-EI Sponsor Prize〉
Hidetomo Suzuki, eTwitterbot to suggest relevant papersf
〈Student Prize〉
Shintaro Mame, Yuzo Sasaki, Takuya Asaka, eThesis title generator SRTGv1.0f (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
@After the report of the contest by the Session Chair, Mr. Ikada, the Award Giving Ceremony was held and each Prize was presented to the prize winners by Dr. Yuji Inoue, Leader of I-Scover Project, the former President of IEICE in the venue. Successively, they gathered and exchanged opinions (Fig.5).
Fig.4 Paper Presentation in Session TK-2 Fig.5 TK-2 Speakers with I- Scover Project members
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