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2015 IEICE General Conference Successfully Held
at Ritsumeikan University Biwako-Kusatsu
Campus with About 10,000 Participants in Total

English Session BS-3 Was Successfully Held
during All the Four Days of Conference
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Hot Topics

2015 IEICE General Conference Successfully Held
at Ritsumeikan University Biwako-Kusatsu
Campus with About 10,000 Participants in Total

@The annual IEICE General Conference in 2015 was successfully held at Ritsumeikan University Biwako-Kusatsu Campus in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture, 15km east of the center of Kyoto, on March 10-13, 2015. The campus is located at the corner of the T-branch on Meishin Expressway terminating Shinmeishin Expressway and facing the biggest lake in Japan, Biwako. The campus was set up in 1994, to foster human resources required for the development of the future advanced information society which would also coincide with the discipline of IEICEfs roadmap.
@The Conference is summarized by Table 1. The total number of Conference participants reached 2,596 CFP based papers and 261 invited speeches, 5,077 participants in registration and effectively 10,154 participants in total.
@Most of participants gave good reputation to the question of IEICE-TFIPP, that they shared updated and useful technological knowledge and experiences for their R&D activities. Additionally, they could join the events including Keynote Speeches by Nobel Prize laureates, and exchange opinions with many relevant participants in each Session.

Table 1 Summary of the 2015 IEICE General Conference (Soc.=Society, unit=the number of presentation titles)
Organizer Invited
Paper Stud
Presentation in English
2015 2014 2013 2012
46 - - 3 22 13 18
38 331 - 14 16 22 16
cations Soc.
149 1,398 - 108 129 114 89
73 409 - 20 19 14 17
Information and
14 458 240 15 9 22 28
Total 320 2,596 240 160 195 185 168
@The Conference started with the first 40 Sessions of the four Societies on March 10 and the total number of Sessions during the four days reached 326 Sessions. It was inaugurated with the Keynote Speech given by Prof. Yasuharu Suematsu, Honorary Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology serving Kenjiro Takayanagi Foundation as the Chairperson, in commemoration of 2014 Japan Prize laureate, after the introductory remarks by Prof. Yoshinori Sakai, Director of Tokyo Shibuya Study Center, The Open University of Japan, Emeritus Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology, President of IEICE, on March 12, 2015 (Fig.1, Fig.2).
@In the evening on the same day, the 77th Young Researcherfs Award Giving Ceremony was held at Link Square of Ritsumeikan University. The Award winners in the ceremony were 7 researchers in IEICE Engineering Sciences Society, 36 researchers in IEICE Communications Society, 12 researchers in IEICE Electronics Society and 6 researchers in IEICE Information and Systems Society. Successively, the Conference Reception was held by IEICE and after the Opening Address given by the Conference Chair, Prof. Toru Ishida, Kyoto University (Fig.3), the Welcome Speech was given by Prof. Yoshinori Sakai (Fig.4). Prof. Kozo Watanabe, Vice President of Ritsumeikan University addressed the Guest Speech and referred to the fundamental idea of Ritsumeikan University, hosting IEICE General Conference again over the past 14 years since 2001, and the expectation to their contribution to the IEICEfs academic activities in the global environment (Fig.5). The Conference Reception was closed with the Closing Remark by Mr. Kotaro Asai, Mitsubishi Electric Co. Ltd, Conference Secretary (Fig.6).

Fig.1 Keynote Speech given by
Prof. Yasuharu Suematsu at Prism Hall of Ritsumeikan University
Fig.2 Prof. Yasuharu Suematsu,
Japan Prize laureate at the poster corner of International Sections
Fig.3 Opening Address of the Conference Reception given by
Prof. Toru Ishida, Conference Chair
Fig.4 Welcome Speech given by
Prof. Yoshinori Sakai, President of IEICE
Fig.5 Guest Speech given by Prof. Kozo Watanabe, Vice President of Ritsumeikan University Fig.6 Closing Remark of the Conference Reception given by Mr. Kotaro Asai, Conference Secretary
@In the Keynote Session by 2014 Nobel Prize Laureate, Prof. Sakai, President of IEICE, introduced and praised the academic contribution of Prof. Hiroshi Amano, Nagoya University and Prof. Shuji Nakamura, University of California Santa Barbara to IEICE through their paper publication with thanks, the IEICE Special Achievement Award was given to each of them by Prof. Sakai. The Keynote Speeches were given by two laureates, Prof. Hiroshi Amano with his speech entitled “Development of blue light LED and the future electronics” and Prof. Shuji Nakamura with his speech entitled “Development of InGaN layer double-hetero structure blue-light-emitting diodes with the high luminous intensity and the expected solid light emitting elements”, at the Prism Hall on March 13, 2015 (Fig.7, Fig.8). The Hall was full of large audience and another additional venue was set up through the video projection facilities and it was full of audience again, finally the number of audience reached 2,160 participants. In the Speeches, Prof. Amano referred to his interesting episode in the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and Banquet where he attended, the discussion of effects of LED on people’s life at Nobel Prize Foundation, and the activities of his laboratory. On the other hand, Prof. Nakamura referred to his efforts of invention and development of the multi-layered double-hetero structure blue light emitting LED which led to the Nobel Prize, and pointed the necessity of strengthening R&D activities in universities with more foreign or female researchers and sufficient funding.
Fig.7 Keynote Speech given by
Prof. Hiroshi Amano, 2014 Nobel
Prize laureate.
Fig.8 Keynote Speech given by
Prof. Shuji Nakamura, 2014 Nobel
Prize laureate.
@The Conference also provided two complete English Sessions BS-3 entitled gAdvanced Technologies in the Design, Management and Control for Future Innovative Communication Networkh and CK-2 entitled gSpecial Session by Thailand-Japan Microwave 2014 Excellent Presentation Award Winnersh. They promoted the participation of not only international students and researchers staying in or visiting Japan but also domestic young generation for the enhancement of their global communication skills through presentation and opinion exchange. As a result of the evolving globalization scheme of IEICE, the number of English presentations has increased year by year so far, but it tended to slump down in average.
@The IEICE Communications Society Welcome Party was held as a regular event in the Conference every year to encourage the younger generation to join their research activities. This year, the seventh Welcome Party was held on the first day of the Conference and the number of the participants reached over 200. One of the Conference events related to international participants, the 2014 Fiscal Year All Sections Meeting was held on March 12, 2015, and chaired by Prof. Iwao Sasase, Keio University, Vice President of IEICE, and presided by Prof. Miki Haseyama, Hokkaido University, Director for IEICE International Coordination and Publicity. All Sections Meeting was set up last year to accelerate the discussion between International Sections and domestic Local Sections with IEICE Societies/Group, and all Board Directors, Society/Group Presidents/Delegates and Local Section Representatives joined the Meeting with the International Section RepresentativesiFig.9, Fig.10j. Since IEICE Malaysia Section was set up in the beginning of this year as the preceding issue of IEICE Global Plaza reported in IEICE Journal vol.98, no.4, the number of IEICE International Sections increased to twelve. The International Section Representatives who attended the Meeting are listed in Table 2. The Representatives of Indonesia Section and Korea, Information Section were changed to Dr. IGB Baskara Nugraha and Prof.Jong Il Park, respectively, the delegate from Malaysia Section, Prof.Heng is the first Representative of the Section. The interesting results of the Meeting will be reported in coming issue of IEICE Global Plaza. (Reported by Prof. Kenzo Takahashi, IEICE-TFIPP)
Table 2 International Section Representatives who attended the 2014
Fiscal Year IEICE All Sections Meeting (Here, in alphabetical order,
Sec.=Section, U.=University, Inst.=Institute)
Section Representative Affiliation
Bangkok Sec. Dr.Tuptim Angkaew Chulalongkorn U.
Beijing Sec. Prof. Tao Zhang Zsinghua U.
Europe Sec. Dr. Haris Gacanin Alcatel-Lucent Bell NV
Indonesia Sec. Dr. IGB Baskara Nugraha Inst. of Technology Bandung
Communications Sec.
Prof.Choog-Seon Hong Kyung-Hee U.
Korea, Electronics Sec. Prof. Jang-Kyoo Shin Kyungpook National U.
Korea, Information Sec. Prof. Jong-Il Park Hanyang U.
Malaysia Sec. Prof. Swee-Huay Heng Multimedia U.
Shanghai Sec. Prof. Jie Zhu Shanghai Jiaotong U.
Singapore Sec. Prof. Arokiaswami Alphones Nanyang Technological U.
Taipei Sec. Prof. Hoang-Yan Lin National Taiwan U.
Vietnam Sec. Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Binh The Radio and Electronics Association of Vietnam
Fig.9 International Sec. Repr.fs who attended the Meeting Fig.10 Members who attended All Sections Meeting


English Session BS-3 Was Successfully Held
during All the Four Days of Conference

Kazuya Tsukamoto, Dr.
Kyushu Institute of Technology,
Sub Session Organizer, BS-3,
IEICE Communications Society
@The IEICE Technical Committee on Network Systems (NS) under IEICE Communications Society provided the complete English Symposium Session entitled gAdvanced Technologies in the Design, Management and Control for Future Innovative Communication Networkh consequently, during the four days of the Conference, as one of the eight Symposium Sessions hosted by IEICE Communications Society. In this Session, papers on advanced network technologies for the future information and communication society were presented and discussed between the speakers and the audience. NS has planned and managed this Session without interruption since 2005 so far, in order to promote the globalization of IEICE.
This year, 60 papers were submitted to the Session. The number of submitted papers was adequate to organize sessions during the whole conference period. The papers were classified into 15 Sub-Sessions based on the topics. The Sub-Sessions were held every day during the General Conference. In each Session, a wide range of topics including future network technologies such as wireless/mobile networking, network virtualization represented by SDN/NFV, content oriented networks (ICN/CCN/NDN), photonic networks, green ICT, and others was discussed.
@Twenty to forty General Conference participants joined each Sub-Session every day (Fig.11). The discussions between speakers and the audience in each Sub-Session were very active and they positively exchanged opinions to find innovative solutions. Since the time slot assigned for the question-and-answer just after each presentation was limited, they frequently continued discussions even during each break period. This Session much contributed to the provision of opportunities for international students and researchers to discuss and exchange up-to-date topics, technical problems, and ideas, even if the current research status was in the preliminary stage of R&D in the world. NS expects that the participants in the Session, will find researchers interested in or studying the same area technologies through presentation and discussion, and further have a chance to collaborate with each other on the area. It will be very effective in the globalization of IEICE.
@NS will select the best papers and award a prize of the session in the near future to encourage their continuous activities. The best papers will be awarded in the upcoming NS Technical Committee meeting in October 2015. Your participation in the English Session by NS will be welcomed next year as well!
Fig.11 Four Days English Session BS-3 organized by IEICE Technical Committee on Network Systems
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Note by the Editors

@Another English Session CK-2, the results of 2014 Fiscal Year All Sections Meeting including the Poster Presentation by each International Section Representative, the profile of the new Representatives, Session TK-2 entitled gI-Scover Challenge 2014h with proposals in competition including three English papers will be reported in coming issue of IEICE Global Plaza.
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