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Toward A World-Leading Journal in Nonlinear Science and Engineering
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Multiple Publications Search Engine IEICE Knowledge Discovery (I-Scover) Opens the Web Site gI-Scover Parkh for Information
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Letfs Joing2015 IEICE ICTFh
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Message from TFIPP Secretariat



Toward a Global Academic Society of Information
and Systems through Accelerated Research
Activities and Enhancement of Publications

Hiroto Yasuura, Prof. Dr.,
Executive Vice President, Kyushu University,
President, IEICE Information and Systems
@It is my great honor to introduce the current status and future vision of IEICE Society of Information and Systems (briefly gISSh) to the general readers over the world as the President. Regarding the organization and activities of ISS, Prof.Youichi Ohta introduced academic activities on the broad special field covering from fundamental theories to application technologies concerned with information systems, to encourage researchers and students in the relevant special fields through Global Plaza no.7 published in the monthly Journal vol.92, no.8, 2010, and Prof.Tohru Ishida referred to the necessity of automatic translation capabilities for the near future multi-cultural society through Global Plaza no.21 in the Journal vol.93, no.10, 2010 and the possibilities of intercultural collaboration in multi-language communication through Global Plaza no.39 in the Journal vol.95, no.4, 2012. Here, my talk will be focused on how ISS is trying to reply for your evolving needs of paper publication and mutual technological exchange with relevant researchers in Technical Committees.

Wide Technological Coverage of ISS
@The research area of ISS covers the special fields including information processing technologies using computers, and a wide area from the fundamental topics to applications of systematization process integrating the computer, communications and human factors. The main role of ISS is to provide the members with a forum for their research presentation and exchange, and simultaneously contribute to the sustainable evolution of IT fields currently giving the important and common social infrastructure.

Evolution of Electronic Media for Paper Publication
@In the 2014 fiscal year, ISS has formally started the on-line service of ISS Technical Reports which was tentatively set up in 2013. ISS will continuously promote to archive Technical Reports which have been published before 2013, for their on-line service, as well. Regarding the Proceedings of Forum on Information Technology (FIT), all of the past ones were already uploaded on the Conference Archives and registered in the I-Scover system. Successively, coming issues of FIT Proceedings will be archived as well. The access to the other ISS publications also will be much easier for the members through uploading IEICE Transaction on Information and Systems, on the archive and I-Scover database.

Acceleration Process of Technical Committee Activities and Information Sharing on the Web
@It is also one of ISSfs important policies to make Technical Committees more active for the presentation of research results and technical exchange by the participants, and to globalize international conferences organized or co-organized by Technical Committees.ISS intensifies the organization by promoting the collaborations and mutual support by Technical Committees, Technical Meeting and Committee Secretaries. On the other hand, the overlapping area or distant area between current special fields tend to increase. ISS will find solutions through active information exchange between Technical Committees, furthermore, promote the advertisement of Technical Committee activities through improvement of ISS publications or Web information with more interesting contents introducing common activities among Technical Committees and unique academic activities of members.

Quality and Efficiency Improvement of Transactions
@It is indispensable to make up a system to continuously enhance the quality of transactions so that ISS can remain to be a core of research activity in the field of information and systems. Regarding the Transaction in English, ISS will take the initiatives of impact factor enhancement and establishment of electronic version of the Transaction. The collaborations with Technical Committee to intensify the special issues of selected papers or the papers for technical surveillance will be accelerated according to the evaluation results of the trial electronic version of Transactions. The Transaction in Japanese will enhance the quality by continuously publishing the special issues of student papers or papers on system development, and promoting the authorization process of excellent papers, as well. Thus, both Transactions will be much improved with the publication of more surveillance or instructional papers, accessibility enhancement, earlier publication including papers under editorial works, more articles of Transaction on the Web, commencement of cost reduction based options without printing or through pdf version delivery.

Improvement of Member Services @Through continuous publication of updated Web pages in English or Japanese, the information delivery to general members or international members will be reinforced to improve member services in ISS so that the Society will be more powerful and attractive with more members. The ISS Student Poster Session in IEICE General Conference will be put forward from the viewpoint of evaluation process or sustainable improvement process.

Toward Intensified Management System of ISS
@The management committee of ISS will continue the global discussion of activities and investment effect with general members, especially international so that ISS would be more attractive to the members. Additionally, the committee will be strengthened to be easily accessible through positive arrangement of electronic meeting. Your positive and constructive opinions are welcome.

Note by Editor
ISS Journal@A publication for ISS members which started in 1996. It covers news from the Society, the trend of each Technical Committee, introductory remarks of outstanding laboratories, contributions by IEICE Fellows, columns in series. See the details at
ISS Transactions@Both English and Japanese versions of Transaction on Information and Systems are monthly published. ISS members can access the electronic version and download any paper without additional charge. See the details at
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Multiple Publications Search Engine
IEICE Knowledge Discovery (I-Scover) Opens
the Web Site gI-Scover Parkh for Information

IEICE I-Scover Project
How Frequently Is It Used over the World?
@IEICE Knowledge Discovery (I-Scoverjis a database service where you can explore and search out any expected paper published in Journals, Transactions and the other publications of IEICE, furthermore any other databases linked to IEICEfs database through the fundamental scheme of metadata based structure and linked data. The access to I-Scover is free of charge. Once you entered into the world of I-Scover, you can freely walk around to find more preferable papers and reach the final destination with keywords, relevant author-names, attributes, fields. One and half years have passed since the service started in April 2013. The number of usersf access to I-Scover has been increasing without deterioration, especially except Japan, in USA, India , China, KoreaAEuropean countries and so on. Table 1 shows how frequently I-Scover has been used, with the rate of access in the top 10 countries.
Table 1 Rate of access to I-Scover
Ranking State where I-Scover was accessed Sessioni%j
1 United States 16.55
2 India 11.72
3 China 11.62
4 South Korea 7.87
5 Taiwan 4.14
6 Germany 3.93
7 United Kingdom 3.48
8 France 2.65
9 Thailand 2.42
10 Canada 2.01
From the Google data during the first half of the year 2014
gI-Scover Parkh, the Convenient A pproach forYour Access
In August 2014, IEICE I-Scover Project has just publicized gI-Scover Parkh, the Web site which will make the knowledge and experience of I-Scover shared between IEICE and general users. Fig.1 shows the first page of I-Scover Park which you will find on access (Please visit You can see through its short video demonstration and instructional papers on the site, what will be available by I-Scover and how you can handle quite many capabilities of I-Scover. Please visit the site for your own convenient usage of I-Scover. This Web site will show not only the guidance to access I-Scover but also the news of I-Scover based events like the general competition of idea and performance of I-Scover usage gI-Scover Challenge 2014h.
Figure@ 1 Web page of gI-Scover Parkh
Convenient Services Provided by I-Scover Park
Leaflet: It covers the overview and usage of I-Scover. Please drop at this corner at first!
Video Replay: A simple and easy short video program guides and helps you use I-Scover. Each scene of the video program is attached with superimposed captions, so that even beginners can easily operate I-Scover. It takes about five minutes to complete the program, while it summarizes the representative usage of I-Scover.
References: I-Scover makes meta-data relational through the linked data structure. This corner introduces useful papers or general references. You can read reliable and relevant papers published in IEICE Journals or IEICE Communications Societyfs magazine gB-Plush, in translation. Please follow this corner if you want to know the details of I-Scover and linked data.
Asking Data Correction or Name Identification: When multiple names appear in searching your own name, you can apply for this function (with membership). It will take a month or so to use the function.
Banner: I-Scover can be linked to your PC. Then, please use this banner.
Future Plan: A new corner gRegistration Procedure to I-Scover (for International Conference)h will come out soon. Please register any international conference when you organized it with IEICE copy right.
@Please contact if you have any question or proposal to the I-Scover Park.
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Call for Papers

Letfs Joing2015 IEICE ICTFh
in Manchester, UK

IEICE Europe Section
@The 2015 IEICE Information and Technology Forum (IEICE ICTF 2015) will be held in Manchester, United Kingdom on June 3-5, 2015. It is organized by IEICE Europe Section with the sponsorship of IEICE and IEICE Communications Society. This conference will be a good chance for you to present your paper and create relationships with researchers in Europe. All the publications in the conference will be published in digital data base of IEICE, gI-Scoverh. Important dates are:
-Full Paper due: December 5, 2014
-Notification of Acceptance: March 8, 2015
-Camera ready paper submission due: April 5, 2015
For more information, please visit and follow the homepage of IEICE ICTF 2015 at or contact the Section Representative at
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Upcoming International Conferences
APCC21014 - IEICE Communications Soc., in Pattaya, Thailand, on Oct. 1-3, 2014,
SISA2014 - IEICE Engineering Sciences Soc., in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on Oct. 8-10, 2014,
MWP/APMAP2014 - IEICE Electronics Soc., IEICE Communications Soc., in Sapporo, Japan, on Oct. 20-23, 2014,
4S-2014/AVIC2014 - IEICE Engineering Sciences Soc., in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on Oct. 22-24, 2014,
MWP/APMP2014 - IEICE Communications Soc., IEICE Electronics Soc., in Sapporo, Japan, on Oct. 20-23, 2014,
ISITA2014 - IEICE Engineering Sciences Soc., in Melbourne, Australia, on Oct. 26-29, 2014,
COMNECTSAT2014 - IEICE Communications Soc., in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Nov. 4-6, 2014,
APMC2014 - IEICE Electronics Soc., in Sendai, Japan, on Nov. 4-7, 2014,
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Message from TFIPP Secretariat
@This issue is delivered also by a free mail magazine gIEICE Global Plaza Onlineh with updated news of interest for you. Please contact Prof. Takahashi, TFIPP (Task Force for International Policy and Planning) at, if you need. Back numbers are available in archives at:

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