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Globalization Scheme of the IEIE (IEEK)
Jointly in Collaboration with IEICE
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2014 IEICE Sponsored Lecture by
Prof. Shigeki Goto Successfully Held at
ITB on the Occasion of APAN Meeting
2014 IEICE General Conference Comes Up
with Sessions in English! It Will Be a Good Chance for You to Extend Your Activities
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Globalization Scheme of the IEIE (IEEK)
Jointly in Collaboration with IEICE

Young Shik Moon, Prof. Dr.
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Hanyang University, Korea
President, IEIE (the former IEEK)

 Hello, everyone of IEICE Global Plaza general readers! It is my great pleasure to have an opportunity for introducing to you, the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers (IEIE) as the President, the former Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea (IEEK). I think some of you have experienced collaborations with IEIE members or joined the prior IEICE General Conferences where a Keynote Speech was provided by the then President of IEIE according to the Top Exchange Program between IEICE and IEIE. I would like to refer to how IEIE has evolved academic activities since the establishment of the organization and it will go forward toward the future global academic society.
 IEIE was established in 1946 and has contributed to the academic and technological advancement related to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) fields by publishing magazines and journals and by holding conferences, workshops and seminars as the oldest and the largest representative academic institute in ICT fields in Korea.
 The membership of IEIE has been increasing and currently counts about thirty three thousand among its registered members (as of November 2013). IEIE has been holding more than 60 conferences, workshops and seminars in a year. Especially, the number of conferences and workshops regarding the new fields of ICT has been increasing.
 Last year, “The Journal of the IEIE“, which has been published by IEIE, ranked the 1st place for its familiarity, usability, reputation, and preferences among 5,634 domestic academic journals, evaluated by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Korean government. This shows that IEIE is one of the most prestigious and famous organizations among Korean institutes.
 The IEIE Headquarter is managed by the General Assembly, Council and Board of Directors, and it covers 6 societies, 30 technical groups, 12 domestic and overseas sections. They carry out various academic activities including holding conferences, workshops and contests in cooperation with the IEIE Headquarter.
 However, there is still some room for improvement regarding the globalization of IEIE. For example, the percentage of the foreign members is very low compared to other institutes such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and IEICE. Therefore, IEIE has been carrying out various projects such as internationalizing the journals, holding various international conferences, and providing diverse information in English through the websites, and so on.
 Since 2001, IEIE has been publishing JSTS (Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science), an English journal, and it was registered in SCI (Science Citation Index) in 2011. IEIE also has been publishing a new English journal called SPC (Transactions on Smart Processing and Computing) since last year. Moreover, IEEK has changed its English title to IEIE on January 1, 2014, as mentioned above and has actively supported overseas sections. The President of the IEIE also visited its Japan Section to promote their activities.
 The IEIE has been focusing on mutual cooperation with IEEE, U.S.A and IEICE, Japan, the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), England, the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE), China, and the Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Association (ECTI), Thailand..
 Especially, IEIE has held two joint international academic events with some IEICE Societies such as the International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications (ITC-CSCC) and Asia-Pacific Workshop on Fundamentals and Applications of Advanced Semiconductor Devices (AWAD). The President and Vice President of IEIE and IEICE have visited each other at the annual General Assembly meeting. However, various practical cooperation including another joint international conference and standard activities is will be expected to promote further cooperation.
 As international competitiveness becomes more important in the technology field, it is meaningful to hold joint seminars of the IEIE and IEICE regarding key technical and social issues. The key technical issues will include IT-NT-BT convergence, Telematics, Intelligent Robotics, System Semiconductor, Smart TV, Mobile System, and Vehicle-Electronics convergence. On the other hand, social issues will include the problem of many students’ reluctance about entering schools of natural sciences or engineering.
 Finally, I would like to suggest that it will be preferable for both IEICE and IEIE to exchange various academic information, advertise and share it by sending e-mails to the both members and by uploading the information on their websites, and encourage the members of the other organization to participate in conferences and submit papers. In the long run, I believe that the recognition of mutual membership will promote human networking and information exchange. Globalization of the IEICE and IEIE will be facilitated through various services provided on the base of these attempts mentioned above.


Note by the Editor

◆ For more information of IEIE (IEEK), please see it at:
◆ The author, Prof. Young Shik Moon will give a Keynote Speech in the Session TK-1 of 2014 IEICE General Conference which will be held at Niigata University in Niigata, Japan, in March 2014. It has been planned by the Conference Planning Committee according to the MOU between IEIE and IEICE including the top exchange program every two years. His speech will provide a chance for you to know his excellent personality, the policy and strategy of IEIE, and further you will be encouraged toward the expected collaborations with IEIE members. Please join the session. It will be open to all the Conference participants.
◆ The author serves the Department of Computer Science of Hanyang University located in Seoul, Korea. He received his B.S. deg. from Seoul National University in 1980, his M.S. deg. in Electronics Engineering from KAIST in 1982, and his Ph.D. deg. in Computer Engineering from University of California at Irvine in 1990, respectively. He has published more than 70 articles in leading international academic journals and 12 books. He has been granted various awards from Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies in 2008, IEEK in 2005, and World Engineers Convention in 2004. Since 1992, he also has achieved many important roles of IEEK represented by the Organizing Chair of IEEK Summer Conference, Organizing Chair of the Workshop on Image Processing and Image Understanding, TPC Chair of International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications and Editorial Board Chair of IEEK Signal Processing Society. He took the President of IEEK over from the former President of IEEK, Prof. Sung-Jea Ko of Korea University, IEEE Fellow, in the beginning of 2014. (Edited by Prof. Kenzo Takahashi)

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Hot Topics

2014 IEICE Sponsored Lecture by
Prof. Shigeki Goto Successfully Held at
ITB on the Occasion of APAN Meeting

Jaka Sembiring, Dr. Ir.,
Vice Dean for Resources Affair
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia
Representative of IEICE Indonesia Section

Brief Introduction of IEICE Indonesia Section
 In the last 3 years the IEICE Indonesia Section has evolved several activities either supported by IEICE or independently by our Section. “General Lecture” is yearly activity fully supported by IEICE. We also have involved our Section in discussing the IEICE headquarters activities such as i-Scover initiatives. Inside the Section itself, we have organized meetings amongst members to discuss some issues widely from retaining membership to the technical one.
Background of the IEICE Sponsored Lecture
 The reason why our Section organized the lecture is summarized as follows. This year we have discussed and set up a general lecture entitled “The World Trend of Next Generation Internet Technologies” for the IEICE members and potential student members of different universities and Schools in ITB. We proposed and planned this theme considering not only the recent worldwide R&D trend of advanced in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field, but also the impact of the ICT development trend. The Internet technology has been also evolved in a very rapid pace in Indonesia. Additionally, the Government of Indonesia has stated the long year national development policy called “MP3EI” toward 2025 when Indonesia would join the top ten countries with biggest economies through the total investment over US$330Billlion. It will exactly give a great impact to the national ICT development.
 This lecture was implemented in conjunction with the 37th Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) Meeting 2014 in Bandung, where many prominent figures in the Internet world joined together. With IEICE’s sponsorship we could invite Prof. Shigeki Goto of Waseda University who served the APAN as the Director over the past four years, to share his vision in order to spread the awareness of the future Internet technology in Indonesia, as well as to create an avenue for students and researchers in Indonesia/ITB to make a contact with their partners abroad, especially IEICE members.
Report of the Sponsored Lecture
 The lecture was conducted in the Multimedia Room, School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, ITB, on January 23, 2014, The room was fully occupied by about 80 participants.
 In the lecture, Prof. Goto referred to how to understand the trends of the world ICT development toward the future generation of Internet through several contradictions between what we perceive and take for granted today with what will be the future. The example includes the relations between wireless and wired, logical and physical, circuit and packet switch, centralized and distributed, de jure and de facto, and other dualisms. The most important thing is we have no single principle for understanding the Internet at present and in the future. Exactly, there will always be dualism, binary opposition, complementary and conflict in the transition.
 This lecture is an avenue for our students and staffs in Indonesia to have a contact with partners from respected universities especially in Japan, to increase the quality level of our research and to exchange experience in conducting teaching and learning. They provided many valuable questions and actively exchanged opinions with Prof.Goto One of the follow up programs of this activity is to explore the possibility of joint research and student exchange, we will evolve the activities of our Section through collaborations.

Fig.1 Prof. Shigeki Goto gives an IEICE sponsored lecture on the next generation Internet Fig.2 Participants who occupied the lecture venue (EIC logo back of the venue)

 For more details, please visit the following homepages:
「Activities of IEICE Indonesia Section」
「The 37th APAN Meeting in 2014」

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2014 IEICE General Conference Comes Up
with Sessions in English! It Will Be a Good Chance for You to Extend Your Activities

 The 2014 IEICE General Conference will be held at Niigata University in Niigata, Japan, this month, during March 18-21, 2014. It will provide speeches/presentations in English as follows. Lt’s join these Sessions to extend your academic activities to the global ones. 
「TK-1」Keynote Speech by Prof.Young Shik Moon, President of IEIE, Korea on March 19, 2014.
「TK-2」R&D Trend of ICT and Activities by eleven International Section Representatives on March 20, during 14:30-17:00.
「TK-3」I-Scover Challenge 2013, on March 20, during 13:30-16:10.
This session will provide an English speech on I-Scover and the future perspectives of IEICE by Dr. Yuji Inoue, President of IEICE
「BS-1」 “Future Network Technologies for Advanced Information and Communications Society”, during the four days of the Conference, 75 papers will be presented in English.
「CI-1」Selected papers in TJMW2013 held in Thailand in 2013, on March 19, 2014, during 13:00-14:45

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Upcoming International Conferences
COOL Chips XVII - IEICE Electronics Soc., in Yokohama, Japan, on Apr. 14-16, 2014,
EMC’14/Tokyo - IEICE Communications Soc., in Tokyo, Japan, on May 13-16, 2014,
ICTF2014 - IEICE Europe Section, at Poznan University of Technology in Poznan, Poland, on May 28-30, 2014,
WTC2014 - IEICE Communications Soc., in Berlin, Germany, on Jun. 1-3, 2014,
OECC/ACOFT2014 - IEICE Communications Soc., in Melbourne, Australia, on Jul. 6-10, 2014,

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