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Annual Meeting of IEICE Overseas Section
Representatives Was Held and New Cast
Sails Out for Global IEICE Activities
IEICE International Affairs Committee
OSRs Gave Speeches on ICT Development
and Research Trend in Each Region
Call for Papers
Let’s Join The 5th ITU Kaleidoscope Academic Conference in Kyoto

IEICE Standards Committee

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Hot Topics

Annual Meeting of IEICE Overseas Section
Representatives Was Held and New Cast
Sails Out for Global IEICE Activities

IEICE International Affairs Committee

 The 2012 annual Overseas Section Representatives (OSRs) Meeting was organized by IEICE International Affairs Committee (IAC) on the occasion of 2012 IEICE General Conference in Okayama, Japan, on March 21, 2012. All of the ten OSRs joined the Meeting and the new cast of Representatives started for coming fiscal years (Table 1). The members of IEICE Taskforce for International Policy and Planning (TFIPP) under the IAC joined the Meeting as well, to promote the discussion with their sophisticated knowledge and experience of globalization this year (Fig.1). The Meeting was chaired by Prof. Kaoru Arakawa, Meiji University, IEICE Director, and inaugurated by Prof. Nobuo Nakajima, The University of Electro-Communications, Chairman of both IAC and the Conference. In the Meeting, they discussed and acknowledged the OSR Program specifying the role and organization of Overseas Sections, IEICE’s financial support, qualification of new Overseas Section establishment. Successively the academic activities of IEICE Societies and Overseas Sections were overviewed, respectively and guidelines to enhance the quality of Section activities were discussed including the positive participation of IEICE members in each Section activities or events. On the occasion of OSR alternation, the long year contribution of Prof. Duk-Gyoo Kim, as OSR of Korea, Electronics Section was introduced and a souvenir to thank him for his achievement was awarded to him by Prof. N. Nakajima, Chairman, IAC (Fig.2).
 Table 1 Overseas Section Representatives for 2012-2013 Years (in alphabetical order of Section name)
Section Representative Affiliation
Bangkok Dr. Tuptim Angkaew Chulalongkorn U.
Beijing Prof. Tao Zhang Tsinghua U.
Europe Dr. Haris Gacanin Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs
Indonesia Dr.Jaka Sembiring Inst. of Tech. Bandung
Prof. Choong-Seon Hong Kyung-Hee U.
Ex Repr., Prof. Duk-Gyoo Kim New Repr. Prof., Jang-Kyoo Shin NRF, Korea
Kyungpook National U.
Korea, Information Prof. Dong-Whee Kim (till May 2012), Prof. Young Jin Nam (from June 2012) Daegu U.
Shanghai Prof. Wen Chen Shanghai Jiaotong U.
Singapore Prof. Arokiaswami Alphones Nanyang Technological U
Taipei Prof. Liang-Hung Lu National Taiwan U.
 Note: U for University, Inst for Institute, Tech for Technology, NRF for National Research Foundation
 of Korea

OSRs, IAC members and TFIPP members who attended 2012 OSRs Meeting in Okayama, Japan

Prof. Duk-Gyoo Kim receives a souvenir to thank his long year achievement, from Prof. N. Nakajima, Chairman, IAC

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OSRs Gave Speeches on ICT Development
and Research Trend in Each Region
 The Session TK-6 entitled “Current Issues of ICT Development and Research Trend in Asian and Other Countries” was held in the Conference and chaired by Prof. Kenzo Takahashi, TFIPP. The venue was full of about 65 participants and they had active discussions with the speakers. Prof. Nakajima requested the better understanding of ICT environment around each Section, in his Opening Address and Prof. Arakawa gave the closing remarks.
Dr. Tuptim A., Representative of Bangkok Section, summarized the growing trend of ICT infrastructure/services, national development plan ICT2020, the needs for human resources and activities by academic institutions.

Prof. Tao Zhang, Representative of Beijing Section introduced R&D activities of information science and technology, especially covering automation engineering toward the future intelligent transport and bio-informatics.

Dr. Haris Gacanin, Representative of Europe Section overviewed ICT development widely in Europe and research activities of Section members, and emphasized the expectation of more collaborations with IEICE members.

Dr. Jaka Sembiring, Representative of Indonesia Section referred to the growth of ICT industries including smartphone “Blackberry”, introduced the 2011/25 national masterplan MP3EI, and expected collaborative R&D.

Prof. C.S. Hong, Representative of Korea, Communication Section referred to ICT issues in Korea covering smartphone, LTE, 2013-20 Giga Korea Projects, Data off-loading, mobile spectrum expansion and the future Internet.

Prof. D.G. Kim, Dir., NRF, Ex. Representative of Korea, Electronics Section, summarized the scheme of funding, scope and programs of 9,750KRW basic research support to encourage general/mid-career researchers, and policies.

Dr. D.W. Kim, Representative of Korea, Information Section, referred to the scheme and R&D activities of value-added mobile applications and Cloud Computing in Korea, and introduced international collaborations.

Prof. Wen Chen, Representative of Shanghai Section overviewed ICT development covering Internet of Things, high speed mobile vehicular communications using Doppler diversity, Body Area Network and R&D of MIMO-OFDM.

Prof. A. Alphones, Representative of Singapore Section, introduced academic institutions concerned with R&D of ICT in Singapore and introduced relevant activities, IDA Green Data Center Initiatives and new research centers.

Prof. Liang-Hung Lu, Representative of Taipei Section summarized active R&D activities in collaboration with relevant industries and introduced national projects covering green electronics and networked communications.
(reported by IEICE-TFIPP, Kenzo Takahashi)
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Call for Papers

Let’s Join The 5th ITU Kaleidoscope Academic Conference in Kyoto
IEICE Standards Committee

 The 2013 ITU Kaleidoscope Conference will highlight multidisciplinary aspects of the future Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) covering future services and applications demand as well as socio-economic, cultural, ethical, legal and sustainable development policy aspects of communities in the future. It will be held at Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan, on April 22-24, 2013. IEICE will technically co-sponsor the Conference and IEICE Standards Committee chaired by Prof. Tetsuya Miki, The University of Electro-Communications will play the core of the co-sponsorship. Prof. Mitsuji Matsumoto, Waseda University who has served ITU Kaleidoscope Conference as one of the Organizing Committee members since its commencement, was assigned as the Chair of Committee for the 2013 ITU Kaleidoscope Conference under ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T). The Conference also will be hosted by Kyoto University, supported by Telkom, the largest integrated communications company in Africa, in partnership with Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC), Waseda University, IIEEJ, European Academy for Standardization (EURAS) and National Institute for Information and Communications Technology (NICT).
 It is the fifth annual peer-reviewed academic conference organized by ITU so far, to identify evolving Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and take the initiative in the global development of open relevant international standards in collaboration with universities, industry and research institutions.
 The theme of this Conference is “Building Sustainable Communities”. ICTs are expected as a catalyst in changing the life to overcome subsequent challenges in the new millennium, including global economic crises, high unemployment rates, accessibility issues, global diseases, food availability and distribution, climate change, environmental disasters, energy consumption, transport issues, safety, security and welfare. In addition to technical aspects, the sustainable communities also will raise ethical concerns such as the responsibility for the future generations and environment, as well as for the information protection. The sustainable communities will combine human-oriented technologies with human values. Standards are required to dispute these issues and co-evolve technologies and sustainable communities. Global efforts by inter-sector stakeholders will be required to develop the standards. The Conference will promote further collaborations and highlight multidisciplinary aspects of the future ICTs.
 The Conference calls for original academic papers offering innovative and bold approaches in research and development to build smart, ethical, and sustainable communities. The three best papers will win the prize with fund of US$10,000 in total. Young Author Recognition Certificates also will be issued there. CFP is summarized as follows:
 (1)Paper length and form
 Prospective authors from member countries of ITU are invited to submit complete, original papers with a maximum length of 4,500 words within eight pages including summary and references, according to the paper template available at
through EDAS based on-line paper submission. All papers will be reviewed through a double-blind, peer-review process and electronically handled, taking the contention, originality, clarity, relevance to the conference’s theme and effect to the future standards into account.
 (2)Due date for paper submission
 Submission of full paper: Sept. 10, 2012
 Notification of paper acceptance: Nov. 12, 2012
 Submission of camera-ready accepted papers: Dec. 3, 2012
 (3)Publication and presentation
 All the accepted papers will be presented in the event and published in the proceedings and on IEEE Xplore. The best papers will be evaluated for potential publication in IEEE Communications Magazine. Further, selected papers will be considered for publication in the International Journal of Technology Marketing or the International Journal of IT Standards and Standardization Research.
 (4) Topics of Interest
 <Track 1> Technology and architecture evolution
 Long distance and ultra-high-speed transmission network systems, disaster relief, wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things, security and privacy-enhancing, mobility, adaptive antenna, etc.
 <Track 2> ICT Applications & Services for Sustainable Communities
 e-government, e-democracy, e-learning, e-agriculture, e-health and telemedicine, smart cities, XaaS, QoS, location services, etc.
 <Track 3> Social, Economic and Policy Aspects of ICTs in Sustainable Communities
 Digital rights and identity management, legislative and regulatory frameworks, standardization and innovation management, etc.
 (5) Contact
 When you have any question, do not hesitate to contact: Prof. Mitsuji Matsumoto, at For the details of the Conference, see it at
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Upcoming International Conferences
ITC-CSCC2012- IEICE Engineering Sciences Soc., in Sapporo, Japan, on July 15-18, 2012,

CSNDSP2012- IEICE Communications Soc., in Poznan, Poland, on July 18-20, 2012,

ICCE2012- IEICE Communications Soc., IEICE Electronics Soc., in Hue, Vietnam, on August 1-3, 2012,

TJMW2012- IEICE Electronics Soc., in Bangkok, Thailand, on August 8-10, 2012, TJMW2012/TJMW2012/Home.html

ASMS2012- IEICE Communications Soc., in Baiona, Spain, on September 5-7, 2012,

ICIN2012- IEICE Communications Soc., in Berlin, Germany, on October 8-17, 2012,

APCC2012- IEICE Communications Soc., in Jeju Island, Korea, during October 15-17, 2012,

ISITA2012- IEICE Electronics Soc., in Hawaii, USA, on October 28-31, 2012,

ISAP2012- IEICE Communications Soc., in Nagoya, Japan, on October 29-November 2, 2012,

APSITT2012- IEICE Communications Soc., in Santiago and Valparaiso, Republic of Chile, on November 5-9, 2012,

ITST2012- IEICE Communications Soc., in Taipei, Taiwan, on November 5-9, 2012,

IWSEC2012- IEICE Engineering Sciences Soc., in Fukuoka, Japan, on November 7-9, 2012,

ICPR2012- IEICE Information Systems Soc., in Tsukuba, Japan, on November 11-15, 2012,

EMTS2013- IEICE Electronics Soc., URSI Commission B, technical sponsorship by IEICE Communications Soc., in Hiroshima, Japan, on May 20-24, 2013,
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