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Greetings from New Overseas Sections
IEICE Indonesia Section
"Toward Sustainable and Successful Global Academic Activities"

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IEICE Provides Special Symposium by Leading People of ICT in Industry, Government and Academia at CEATEC 2011
IEICE Strategic Planning Committee

International Conference ICOIN2012
Will Be Held in Bangkok Soon!
IEICE Communications Society

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Greetings from New Overseas Sections

IEICE Indonesia Section
"Toward Sustainable and Successful Global Academic Activities"

Jaka Sembiring, Dr. Ir.,
Vice Dean for Resources Affair Institut Teknologi Bandung,
Indonesia Representative of IEICE Indonesia Section

  When it comes to the contact of Indonesian people with IEICE, they have mostly proceeded through the Japanese university alumni in Indonesia so far. The diaspora of the alumni ranges from faculty staffs, researchers, businessmen right to the decision making people. One of the concentrations of such alumni is located in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), in particular 'The School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics' (SEEI), where the percentage of Japanese alumni of academic staffs is relatively high. They have established the Indonesia Section of IEICE in the 2004 fiscal year and continued until the 2007 fiscal year. However, over the past five years, many students and academic staff of SEEI have joined the exchange program with some universities in Japan so that the reduction of the effective number of resident SEEI members has come about. In that view, it is only natural that Indonesia Section of IEICE has been around with on and off activities for some years. Here, to increase the mutual benefit and to enhance collaborations across border, the fiscal year 2011 marks the reactivation of Indonesia Section of IEICE with the hope that it can be sustained and more successful for the time to come. 
Overview of ITB 
  The history of ITB can be traced back to 1920 with the establishment of Bandung Technische Hogeschool (TH) right at the current ITB campus. In this era some prominent alumni includes Ir. Soekarno, the first president of the Republic of Indonesia. The emblem of ITB with Ganesha basically represents the sacrifice, wisdom, purity and courage in pursuing knowledge (Fig.1 and Fig.2). The school became Bandung Kogyo Daigaku (BKD) in 1942 and continued until 1945. Following several name and institutional changes, the current name of ITB was established in 1957.

ITB’s emblem which represents the charter of the university.
Ceremonial Hall of ITB established in 1920 where the spitits of founding still remains.

  Currently there are 13 Faculties and Schools in ITB, including SEEI where most of the IEICE Indonesia Section members join. The total student body of the campus is around 17,000 and it consists of students attending the Undergraduate and Graduate Study Programs. The faculty member is slightly over 1,000. The SEEI itself is the home of around 2,000 graduate and undergraduate students with 130 academic staffs. It is said that ITB is one of the foremost higher education institution in Indonesia in terms of education, research and community services. The goals of the university are to be a research based university, to establish a respected global academic society, to produce quality graduates and to be the agent of change of the Indonesian society. Those goals can only be achieved through collaboration with other parties. This is the reason why the re-activation of Indonesia section of IEICE becomes a very important aspect.
 Some representative global academic activities which ITB recently planned or organized are as follows: "General Lecture on Spoken Language Technology" was given by Prof.Seiichi Nakagawa, Toyohashi University of Technology, at ITB (Fig.3). Further, ITB took the initiative of organizing the 2011 International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics (IEEE ICEEI'2011) held at ITB on July 17-19, this year (Fig.4). One example of R&D activities which ITB has promoted is the ICT development project of rural areas using wireless technologies (Fig.5)

ITB's General Lecture on Spoken Language Technology given by Prof. Seiichi Nakagawa, Toyohashi University of Technology.
International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics 2011 at ITB.

ICT development project of rural areas using wireless technologies which ITB has promoted.
Preliminary works for IEICE's seminar given by Prof. Kenzo Takahashi to the staff and graduate students of ITB.

IEICE Activities Based on ITB Policy 
  As an institution striving to excel in the field of art, science and engineering, it is necessary that ITB seeks the opportunity to broaden its network. In this case, IEICE would be a perfect example to lay the foundation of variety of academic activities.These activities include international joint seminar, personal exchange, or joint research to name a few. The enhancement of membership would be the key, and creating activities that would be beneficial to the members is the main goal of the Indonesia section. Sure there will be challenge, obstacle and such, but as an organization we'll have to move on. The apparent challenge would be how to maintain substantial number of active members. They who can benefit from the organization are willing to keep the membership, otherwise they will come down to staying apart from the group or else seeking other parties.
 With the activation of Indonesia Section of IEICE in ITB, we hope there will be further collaborative efforts in many areas such as research, education and others to benefit the whole society in general. ITB organized an IEICE Seminar to inform ITB's staff and graduate students of the organization and current activities of IEICE through a lecture by Prof.Kenzo Takahashi, Dir., International Relations of IEICE on February 17, this year (Fig.6). With several activities offered, we have confidence that there will be more and more who would join the Section.
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Note on Dr.Jaka Sembiring's Greetings
 The author received S1 (eq. B.Sc) degree from Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia; M.Eng and Dr.Eng. degrees from Waseda University, Japan. He is an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering and Informatics with Laboraory for Signals and Systems, ITB. His research filed includes stochastic information systems and enterprise architecture. He took over the role of Representative of the IEICE Indonesia Section from the former Representative, Prof. Suhono H. Supangkat, ITB (, Ex. Special Advisor for Minister of Communications and Information of Indonesia, this year.
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Hot Topics

IEICE Provides Special Symposium by Leading People of ICT in Industry,
Government and Academia at CEATEC 2011
IEICE Strategic Planning Committee

 "Cutting-edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition" (CEATEC) is the biggest comprehensive exhibition focused on ICT and electronics in Asian region which has been held at the international convention center, "Makuhari Messe", around 30km East of JR Tokyo Station in October every year, with about 200,000 participants. It will be held on October 4-8, this year. CEATEC plays the role of a showcase for cutting-edge products, technologies and services of ICT and electronics, to both public and private sectors over the world. It covers exhibition, seminars, symposiums and conferences.
 The main theme of the exhibition in the 2011 fiscal year is "Smart Innovation - Cutting-edge Technologies to Create the Future" with a slogan "Secure, Safe and Smart Society Proposed by IT and Electronics Industries" which was set up on a target of the recovery of ICT infrastructure and services from natural disasters and ICT immune against disasters.
 Above all, IEICE will provide one of the highlights, IEICE Special Symposium on the theme "Toward the Construction of Secure, Safe and Smart ICT Society Overcoming Disasters" at 2F International Convention Hall of Makuhari Messe on October 6, during 13:30-17:00. It will include Keynote Speech by an official of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) and Panel Discussion by tops of MIC, some ICT industries, broadcasting and university. They will discuss their views and strategies for the expected ICT society through the valuable experiences in the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami which hit Japan on March 11.
 IEICE Tokyo Section will provide a highlight, IEICE Tokyo Section CEATEC 2011 Symposium at 302 Meeting Room on October 7, during 13:00-17:00, as well. The theme of this Symposium is "M2M Communication Technology Available for Creating New Social Infrastructures". In the first part of the Symposium, four Keynote Speeches on the expected Machine to Machine (M2M) communication technologies will be given by leading people in the field of mobile service for healthcare, M2M based public network, sensor network and home network. Successively, Panel Discussion on "What should be put forward at the moment" and "What are the important issues of M2M required to form the future true social infrastructure" will be given by the invited speakers.
 Workshops will also be provided by IEICE Technical Committees on the same floor. The topics are:
- "The future pioneered by PRMU: Pattern Recognition in the Era of Web Scale", Technical Committee on Pattern Recognition and Media Understanding, Information and Systems Soc., on October 6-7.
-"Proposal Type Enterprise Model for Disaster Recovery", Technical Committee on Software Interprise Modeling, Information and Systems Soc., on October 6.
-"Electric Power Supply and Illumination Technologies for Realization of Smart Community and General Topics", Technical Committee on Energy Engineering in Electronics and Communication, Communications Soc., on October 7.
 Please see the details of the event at and

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International Conference ICOIN2012
Will Be Held in Bangkok Soon!
IEICE Communications Society

 The 26th International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN 2012) will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on February 1-3, 2012 and cosponsored by IEICE Communications Society, IEEE Communications Society and Computer Society, and Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers. Important dates are: paper submission, closed, Acceptance Notification on October 16, and ready papers by November 13. Please see the details at

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Upcoming International Conferences

APCC 2011-IEICE Communications Soc., in Kota Kinabaru, Malaysia, on October 2-5, 2011,
ISAP 2011- IEICE Communications Soc., in Jeju-do, Korea, on October 2-5, 2011,
SISA 2011- IEICE Engineering Sciences Soc., in Nagasaki, Japan, on October 31-November 2, 2011,
KJMW 2011- IEICE Electronics Soc., in Fukuoka, Japan, on November 10-11, 2011,
AIAA ICSSC-2011, IEICE Communications Soc., in Nara, Japan, on November 28-December 1, 2011,
WTC 2012- IEICE Communications Soc., in Miyazaki, Japan, on March 5-6, 2012,
VTC 2012- IEICE Communications Soc. & Engineering Sciences Soc., at Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama, on May 6-9, 2012,
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