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Activity Reports from Overseas Sections Activities of Bangkok Section Assc. Prof. Dr. Watit Benjapolakul Chulalongkorn University
Activities of Beijing Section Prof. Jian Yang Tsinghua University
Activities of Singapore Section Prof. Lei Zhu Nanyang Technological University
Activities of Taipei Section Prof. Tzong-Lin Wu National Taiwan University
Useful Remarks
Evolving Human Communication Group with common advanced research topics to the four IEICE Societies IEICE Human Communication Group
Engineering Sciences Society promotes positive activities bringing the member service quality improvement through the effective use of Society fund Hisahsi Kawai, Dr. Secretary for Administration and Planning of Projects IEICE Engineering Sciences Society
NOLTA 2009 comes up!
Subsociety of Nonlinear Theory and its Applications, IEICE Engineering Sciences Society
APSITT 2010 fixed to be held
at Kuching, East Malaysia, in June 2010 IEICE Communications Society
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Introduction of IEICE-TFIPP

Activity Reports from Overseas Sections
Activities of Bangkok Section
Assc. Prof. Dr. Watit Benjapolakul
Chulalongkorn University

The activities of Bangkok Section in Fiscal Year 2008-2009 are summarized as following:
(1) Members of IEICE Bangkok Representative Office
Former Area Representative:
Prof. Dr. Prasit Prapinmongkolkarn, Commissioner, Former Area Representative
National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)
Current Area Representative:
Associate Prof. Dr.Watit Benjapolakul Area Representative
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
First Deputy Representative:
Associate Prof. Dr.Tawil Peungma 1st Deputy Representative
Former Dean, Faculty of Engineering, KMITL
Program Coordinator:
Associate Prof. Dr.Itthichai Arunsrisangchai Program Coordinator
Assistant to the President, KMITL
Dept. of Electronics Engineering, KMITL
Secretary and Registrar:
Associate Prof. Dr.Tuptim Angkaew Secretary and Registra
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
Conference Manager and Executive Secretary:
Assistant Prof. Dr.Supavadee Aramvith Conference Manager and
Associate Head, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Executive Secretary
Chulalongkorn University
Advisory Board:
Associate Prof. Dr.Kitti Tiraseath, President, KMITL
Prof. Dr.Somsak Panyakaew, Former Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
Committee Chairpersons:
Communication Committee Chairman
Associate Prof. Dr.Watit Benjapolakul
Electronics Committee Chairma - Associate Prof. Dr.Tawil Paungma
Information Committee Chairman
Assistant Prof. Dr.Boworn Papasratorn
Dean, School of Information Technology, KMITT
Multimedia Committee Chairperson
Assistant Prof. Dr.Supavadee Aramvith
(2) Conferences sponsored by IEICE
gInternational Symposium on Multimedia and Communication Technology 2009 (ISMAC2009)h was held in Bangkok on January 22-23, 2009 (Fig.1), and co-organized by Hokkaido University, ASEAN Foundation, IEICE, IEEE Thailand Section, NTC, CHE, AUN/Seed-Net (JICA Project) and Chulalongkorn University. The Special Session provided an IEICE Special Lecture gAdvanced Telecommunications Technologies for Next Generation Networkh by Prof. Kenzo Takahashi, University of Fukui and Dr.Tatsuro Murakami, NTT Information Sharing Laboratory Group, Japan. About 120 people participated in the Session.
Bangkok Section planed and executed the activities in Fiscal Year 2009 as following:
- 2009 Thailand-Japan Microwave (TJMW 2009) at King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB) in Bangkok on August 19-21, 2009, organized and sponsored by IEICE Bangkok Section and IEICE Microwave Technical Group, co-sponsored by KMUTNB, ECTI, IEEE MTT/AP/ED Thailand Chapter, IEEE MTT-S Japan Chapter / Kansai Chapter.
- 2009 Power and Communication Conference in celebration of the 125th anniversary, in November 2009, co-organized by NTC.
- 2009 Conference on Power and Energy in December 2009, co-organized by AUN/Seed-Net and IEICE Bangkok Section.

Fig.1 Speakers and participants in ISMAC2009 where Dr.Supavadee chaired and Prof.Takahashi provided an IEICE sponsored lecture on NGN issues with the support of IEICE Bangkok Section.

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Activities of Beijing Section
Prof. Jian Yang Tsinghua University
The activities of Beijing Section in Fiscal Year 2008 are summarized as following:
Two special lectures were given in Beijing in the year, they were supported by IEICE. At first, Prof. Mark A. Yoder of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, USA, gave a Special Lecture entitled gHow MP3 Compression Works - More music, Fewer Bitsh at a meeting room of the East-Main Building, Tsinghua University. The number of participants was about 30. Then, Prof. Michael T. Johnson of Marquette University, USA gave a Special Lecture entitled gGeneralized phase space projection for nonlinear noise reductionh, at the meeting room. The number of participants was about 25. Before both lectures, Prof. Jian Yang first spent a few minutes introducing the organization and activities of IEICE to the audience. He encouraged the attendants to apply for the membership of IEICE.
In 2008 Chinese Radar Conference on October 31, 2008, Prof. Yang introduced the overall scheme and academic activities of IEICE to the Conference participants. In addition, Prof. Yang nominated several persons to join IEICE overseas membership.
In March 2009, Prof. Yang reported the activities in Beijing Area in the annual IEICE Overseas Section Representative Meeting held at Ehime University and also gave his invited speech in an English Session of the IEICE General Conference.

Furthermore, Beijing Section planned to invite two researchers to give their special lectures and introduce IEICE activities in the Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Synthetic Aperture Rader (APSAR 2009) bi-annually held in Xian on October 26-30, 2009.

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Activities of Singapore Section
Prof. Lei Zhu Nanyang Technological University

The activities of Singapore Section in Fiscal Year 2008/2009 are summarized as following: In the year 2008/2009, the IEICE Singapore Section organized one IEICE Distinguished Lecture given by Prof. Makoto Tsutsumi, IEEE Fellow, Fukui University, Fukui, Japan. The lecture with the title of gNonreciprocal Left Handed Characteristics on Ferrite Transmission Lines and their Microwave Applicationsh was held on February 20 in 2009, in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
During the lecture, Prof.Zhu introduced the IEICE organization to all of the audiences welcoming them, especially young scholars and PhD students, to join the IEICE as regular or student members. Prof. Tsutsumi then spent about one hour to present his pioneered works in the development of advanced meta-materials for applications in microwave engineering. Finally, a discussion session over about thirty minutes was held since many participants expressed their interests in the hot scope of this talk. The number of participants was 35 including more than 10 PhD students.

Fig.2 Prof.Tsutsumi presented an IEICE Distinguished Lecture in Nanyang Technological University

As the other activities in the past and future, two administrative meetings were held to plan and discuss section activities. It is currently in discussion to invite three IEICE Distinguished Lecturers (two from Japan and one from Europe) for delivering their lectures in Singapore.

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Activities of Taipei Section
Prof. Tzong-Lin Wu National Taiwan University

The activities of Taipei Section in Fiscal Year 2008 are summarized as following:
During 2008, IEICE Taipei Section co-sponsored three events. The first one is the g2008 International Workshop on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)h, which was held on October 10th, 2008 at Nangang Exhibition Hall of Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Taipei, Taiwan. The workshop was aimed to accelerate the momentum of researching in EMC issues and provide the knowledge to share an EMC platform for researchers from Asia-Pacific region as well as other areas of the world. Most of the participants joined it both from academia and industries in Taiwan. The number of attendees reached 108 with 59% from academia and 41% from industries, which marked a great success in bridging the academia and industries together.
Three international scholars and seven experts from Taiwan were invited to give their speeches. Here, the three scholars were Prof. Todd Hubing, Clemson University, USA, Prof. Hiroshi Inoue, Akita University, Japan and Dr. Er-Ping Li, Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore. The topics of their talks were gModeling the Maximum Radiated Emission from Printed Circuit Boardsh, gBasic Study on Undesired EM Radiation and Suppressionh and gModeling of Electrical Package Signal Integrity and Power Integrityh, respectively. Dr. Er-Ping Lifs talk was also given as a Distinguished Lecture activity on behalf of IEE EMC society.
The seven experts in Taiwan rendered topics about gSignal Integrity Issues on PCBh by Dr. Shou-Kuo Hsu, Foxconn Corporation and Prof. Chi-Wen Kuo, gESD Issues and Protection Circuith by Prof. Ming-Dou Ker, National Chiao Tung University, briefly NCTU, gEMI Issues at Power Frequenciesh by Prof. Chang-Fa Yang, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, gElectromagnetic Bandgap Structure Designh by Prof. Ray-Beam Huang, NCTU, gEMI/RFI Issues in Wireless Communication productsh by Prof. Han-Nian Lin, Feng-China University and Dr. Daniel Lee, Sporten Incorporated.
The workshop was kept in highly interactive with many questions and comments among the participants and speakers. The participants appreciated this one-day workshop dedicated on EMC because it was an inspiring and insightful experience with both technical depth and breadth.
The second event is the gInternational Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP 2008)h, which was held at Taipei International Conventional Center (TICC) during October 27 to 30 in 2008. This important event was chaired by Prof. Dau-Chyrh Chang, Oriental Institute of Technology. In this four-days event, 415 papers were presented and 444 attendees joined it from 31 countries. Four keynote speeches were invited in this symposium, which were gOverview of Microwaves: Taiwan Perspectivesh by Prof. Song-Tsuen Peng, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan, gA Review of Radio Frequency Identification Systems-Present Status, Design Challenges and Future Outlookh by Prof. Raj Mitra, Pennsylvania State University, USA, gAntenna Challenges in Cognitive Radioh by Prof. Peter Hal, School of Engineering, University of Bermingham, UK and gRecent Antenna Technology for Medical Applicationsh by Prof. Koichi Ito, Chiba University, Japan. ISAP 2009 was successfully ended in a warm banquet.
The last event is a distinguished lecture entitled as gSustainable Humanosphere with Space Environments Useh. This lecture was given by Prof. Hiroshi Matsumoto, President of Kyoto University on November 17th in 2008 at the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University(NTU). Prof. Matsumoto was invited by the Prof. Si-Chen Lee, President of NTU, for celebrating the 80th Anniversary of NTU. The welcome banquet for Prof. Matsumoto and his wife was arranged by Prof. Hung-Chun Chang, EE Department (NTUEE), NTU, in the evening on the day. Several Professors from NTUEE, including Prof. Soo-Chen Pei, Dean of EECS of NTU and Prof. Huei Wang, Head of Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering of NTU, attended this banquet.

Fig.3 2008 International Workshop on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) held at TWTC, Taiwan.

Fig.4 2008 International Symposium on Antenna and Propagation (ISAP 2008) held at TICC, Taiwan.

Fig.5 With Prof. Hiroshi Matsumoto, President of Kyoto University who gave a IEICE Distinguished Lecture.

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Useful Remarks

Evolving Human Communication Group with common advanced research topics to the four IEICE Societies
IEICE Human Communication Group

Have you ever joined the IEICE Human Communication Group (HCG) This Group was set up to promote academic activities integrating research topics of the four IEICE Societies toward enhanced human communications, in collaboration with the other relevant academic institutions as well. HCG is organized with the following Technical Committees which hold Technical Conference/Symposium/Workshop.
(1) Technical Committees publishing each periodical Technical Report of papers presented in Conference/Symposium/Workshop
-Technical Committee on Human Communication Science (HCS)
-Technical Committee on Human Information Processing (HIP)
-Technical Committee on Multimedia and Virtual Environment (MVE)
-Technical Committee on Well-being Information Technology (WIT)
(2) Technical Committees with specified terms and based on authorsf copyright
-Technical Committee on Web Intelligence and Interaction (WI2)
-Technical Committee on Brain-based Information and Communications Technologies (BICT)
-Technical Committee on Informatics on Embodiment (IEB)-Technical Committee on Aid of Developmental Disorder (ADD)
-Technical Committee on Human Probe (HPB)
(3) Technical Committees focused on special issues by closed groups who share their interested topics
-Technical Committee on Verbal and Nonverbal Communications (VNV)
-Technical Committee on Cooking Media (CM)
-Technical Committee on Ethics for Human-being and ICT (EHI)
The primary role of HCG is to promote research activities beyond the current information and communications society, which are focused on human-being based, easily handled information systems harmonized with human capabilities. HCG covers quite broad fields through the above mentioned Technical Committees so that it is concerned with psychology and sociology in collaboration with the other organizations studying social science.
As a new scheme of HCG activities, Academic Meeting Accessibility Initiative (AMAI) was established by members of four Technical Committees under HCG in 2004, toward an open academic society where everyone can participate, for example handicapped people also can communicate with the participants as effectively as the other people so that they would have opportunities of R&D enhancing the activities of daily living and the quality of life related to electronics, information and communication technologies. AMAI proceeded the feasibility study of academic meeting accessibility and made up the guideline for accessibility and manual showing required procedures. WIT continues the activities taking over the role of AMAI.
HCG also holds an annual joint conference in December every year where all the Committees are involved. Letfs join the open academic activities of HCG.

Engineering Sciences Society promotes
positive activities bringing
the member service quality improvement
through the effective use of Society fund
Hisahsi Kawai, Dr. Secretary for Administration and Planning of Projects
IEICE Engineering Sciences Society

The general scheme of the Society and positive academic activities of some Technical Committees under the Society focused on IEICE globalization have been introduced in prior IEICE Global Plaza issues (Please see no.2 at contribution refers to how effectively the Society can manage the academic activities covering electronics, information and communications with sophisticated planning and resource allocation.
The Secretary is in charge of administrative works of meeting in Board of ESS Secretaries, like drafting every meeting agenda, chair of meetings, making up record of discussion, and also the management of the Society fund to proposals of Society activation programs from committees and Sub-Societies with Technical Committees.
The fund for Society activation programs is based on the Societyfs financial scheme to support novel proposals for enhancement of membership services by Editorial Committee of IEICE Transaction, Technical Committees and others. The fund covers the activities of international conference, symposium, workshop, lecture, training course and publications, while the fund covers only the first international conference if it is periodical, due to the novelty of the event. For examples, current activities supported with the fund are:
-The first publication of a new transaction gNOLTAh in 2009
-CD(DVD) version production of the quarterly publication gFundamentals Reviewh
-Arrangement of 2009 APSIPA Annual Summit and Conference
-Reform of Society home page
-Arrangement of International Workshop on Smart Info-Media Systems in Bangkok (
-Improvement of Transactions in Japanese edition through enhancement of invited / commentary papers.
Applications for the fund are reviewed by Screening Committee of Society activation programs held three times a year, where the members of Board of ESS Secretaries concurrently serve the Committee. When the application should be accelerated before coming Committee, it can be reviewed via e-mail. Any application is reviewed on FCFS basis within the capacity of the fund every fiscal year. The representatives of Editorial Committees and Technical Committees are qualified to be applicants for the fund. If you have any idea of member service quality improvement, promotion of institutional activities and are interested in effective use of the fund, do not hesitate to contact any member of those Committees. Please see more details including Committee members at

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Hot topics

NOLTA 2009 comes up!
Subsociety of Nonlinear Theory and its Applications,
IEICE Engineering Sciences Society

As IEICE Global Plaza informed earlier, the 2009 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications (NOLTA 2009) will be held in Sapporo, Japan, on October 18-21. The scope will be focused on the latest results in nonlinear theory and its applications. If you are interested in the Symposium, please see the details at

APSITT 2010 fixed to be held
at Kuching, East Malaysia, in June 2010
IEICE Communications Society

To put forward mutual encouragement and collaborative R&D of Information and Communication Technologies in Asia Pacific region, the 8th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Information and Telecommunication Technologies, APSITT 2010 was fixed to be held at Kuching in Sarawak State, East Malaysia, on June 15-18 in 2010. It will be sponsored by IEICE Communications Society and technically co-sponsored by IEEE Communications Society. The interested topics cover wide special fields of both Technical Committees on Information Network and Network Systems. Invited Keynote Speeches will be provided with technical papers. Please see details at:

Question/Answer Corner

This corner introduces questions or constructive opinions from IEICE members or general readers, and the corresponding answers of IEICE.

Q. Can we overseas members pay for our total membership fees to some multiple fiscal years at once so that we do not need pay the expensive bank commission fee required every wire transfer?
(from an overseas member)
A. Absolutely, you can, in advance, except Supporting Members according to Article 9 of IEICE Regulations. This rule is already available.

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This issue is also delivered by a mail magazine gIEICE Global Plaza on Lineh with more information covering the updated IEICE conference calendar and news of scholarships for students. It is free of charge and can be easily unsubscribed on demand basis. We wish this mail magazine will help you and simultaneously provide a community where you can participate and communicate each other. Your constructive opinions are most welcome. For any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Kenzo Takahashi, IEICE-TFIPP (Task Force for International Policy and Planning), at Back numbers of this issue are available at the Homepage

Introduction of IEICE-TFIPP

IEICE-TFIPP was set up in 2008, to discuss the globalization of IEICE and establish the expected scheme and roadmap of globalization through linkage with overseas members and general readers. The current members in Fiscal Year 2009 are listed in alphabetical order as following:
Makoto Ando (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Katsumi Emura (NEC Corporation)
Yuji INOUE (Telecommunication Technology Committee)
Yukou MOCHIDA (France Telecom Japan)
Iwao SASASE (Keio University)
Kenzo TAKAHASHI (Cyber Creative Institute) : Chair
Masahiko TOMINAGA (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
Toshitaka TSUDA (Fujitsu Laboratories)
Keiji YAMADA (NEC C&C Innovation Laboratories)

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