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Prologue On the occasion of opening IEICE Global Plaza
By Kenzo Takahashi Dir., International Relations, IEICE

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TFIPP starts with 8 members

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Joint International Conference APCC2008 / COIN2008 successfully held in Tokyo
IEICE Communications Society

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You know "ELEX"? IEICE Editorial Committee of ELEX

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On the occasion of opening
IEICE Global Plaza

By Kenzo Takahashi
Dir., International Relations, IEICE

To All of You,

It is my great honor to deliver the first issue of IEICE Global Plaza to you as the chair of "Task Force for International Policy and Planning of IEICE", or TFIPP for short here. IEICE has set up TFIPP with the approval of the council in June this year. It is under the coordination of IEICE International Affairs Committee in collaboration with IEICE Strategic Planning Office.

The final goal of TFIPP is to establish the expected scheme and roadmap of globalization and enhance the current global academic activities of IEICE through bi-lateral closer linkage between general readers, maybe mostly IEICE members and TFIPP so that you would be happy to be a member of IEICE for your academic activities. For examples, some of the members might encounter the requirement of urgent paper publication in dissertation or decision of an international conference to participate in, and other some of readers might have to find a chance of new job placement on the occasion of graduation in Japan. TFIPP wishes that you would be able to find a solution in compliance with your needs, and helps you with the appropriate information, as well.

Both publications are provided to inform you of the most updated topics of IEICEfs world or regional level academic activities and the other special news covering employment or proficiency tests and so on. However, since the e-mail based newsletter has a shortage that it would be delivered to only registered people with their preceding agreement to using their addresses, the users are restricted while it can transfer to the readers the information in real time and provide a circular Q/A corner to encourage communications between you and TFIPP officers to assist your academic activities. On the other hand, generally speaking, this magazine is delivered to the members who know Japanese language. Most of them would be Japanese. Therefore, we would like to request Japanese readers to inform you of these publications to foreign students, faculties and engineers staying in Japan or studying / working in the other countries.

We are looking forward to your questions leading to fostering your academic activities through this corner and communications on e-mail.

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TFIPP starts with 8 members

The eight members listed in alphabetical order below gathered and set up TFIPP (IEICE Task Force for International Policy and Planning) to discuss the expected scheme of IEICE globalization.

Makoto Ando (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Katsumi Emura (NEC Corporation)
Yuji INOUE (Telecommunication Technology Committee)
Yukou MOCHIDA (France Telecom Japan)
Iwao SASASE (Keio University)
Kenzo TAKAHASHI (Cyber Creative Institute) : Chair
Masahiko TOMINAGA (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
Toshitaka TSUDA (Fujitsu Laboratories)

Every member has the long year experience of international R&D or higher education in the field of electronics, information and communication technologies. TFIPP will try to find the best solutions of globalization so that you would be able to easily and efficiently promote your academic activities through IEICE.

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Hot Topics (2)

Joint International Conference
APCC2008 / COIN2008
successfully held in Tokyo
IEICE Communications Society

The joint international conference of the 14th Asia Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC 2008) and the 7th Conference on Optical Internet (COIN2008) was held with the sponsorship of IEICE, at the site of the Akihabara Convention Hall, Tokyo during 14-16 in October 2008. Three executive leaders, Dr. Hideo Miyahara (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan), Prof. Byeong Gi Lee (Seoul National University, Korea) and Prof. Keping Long (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China) presented keynote speeches and impressed the participants with their long term visions for evolving ICT, in the common Opening Plenary session. The excellent technical programs have been assembled with the leadership of Technical Program Chairs, Prof. Iwao Sasase (Keio University) for APCC2008 and Prof. Ken-ichi Sato (Nagoya University) for COIN2008. As special programs, APCC2008 organized a special panel session addressed to R&D activities toward new generation networks, COIN2008 organized a poster session where 12 topics were presented in the field of WDM optical path, optical switching, 3G cellular networks and fiber optics.

APCC2008 was organized by IEICE Communications Society and technically co-sponsored by IEEE Communications Society, Korea Information and Communications Society (KICS), and China Institute of Communications (CIC). The APCC has provided a forum for ICT researchers and engineers over the world, especially in Asia Pacific region since the first APCC was set up in Osaka, Japan in 1995, in collaborations of academic institutions of regional countries. The topics of consecutive APCC s have encouraged researchers and engineers facing the drastically changing era of ICT world due to the evolving Internet and mobile communications.

On the other hand COIN2008 was organized by IEICE Communications Society as well, and technically co-sponsored by IEEE Laser and Electro-Optics Society, The Australian Optical Society, Engineers of Australia, Optical Society of Korea, China Institute of Communications and Photonic Internet Forum (Japan). The COIN was set up to bring together them, especially from the viewpoint of encouraging the research activities in both fields of networking and traffic engineering as well as physical layer photonic hardware technologies, in 2002.

In APCC2008, 203 papers in total except the panel session were presented for 42 sessions and 224 people participated in the conference, while in COIN2008, 86 papers in total except the poster session were presented for 16 sessions and 114 people participated in the conference. Both conferences are based on the common ICT, the participants registered at one of the two conferences were allowed to waive the fee for another conference, so that they could efficiently participate in more sessions where they were interested, and they were encouraged to discuss the evolving ICT for broadband applications with many other participants and presenters.

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Useful Remarks

You know "ELEX"?
IEICE Editorial Committee of ELEX

Graduate course students often face the problem of international journal paper publication before their dissertation. Most of academic institutions over the world require a long time to examine a potential paper after it was submitted, so that some of them might not satisfy the paper qualification. However, IEICE reserves the world class complete referee system based on eminent and leading people picked out of industry, academia and government and promptly return the decision to each of authors. Above all, IEICE Electronics Express, briefly "ELEX" electronically achieves the short time paper examination.

The ELEX is a world class all-electronic journal published twice a month by IEICE and edited by itself. ELEX covers the entire field of advanced electronics. They can submit potential papers over Internet, quite in a short time. ELEX is published on J-STAGE web pages maintained by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), and is supported by SPARC/JAPAN program promoted by The National Institute of Informatics (NII), both under Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan (MEXT). It can publish not only normal papers but also papers with multimedia files covering motion pictures. Especially, in case of short paper submission, the time required from paper submission to paper publication is about 50 days on average. In 2007, over 400 papers were submitted from all over the world and 60,000 published papers were downloaded from the ELEX website.

The scope of ELEX paper publication covers the fields of modern electronics including:
*Optoelectronics, lasers and quantum electronics, ultrafast optics, silicon photonics, planar lightwave circuits
*Fiber optics, microwave photonics, optical interconnection, photonic signal processing, photonic integration and systems
*Electromagnetic theory
*Microwave and millimeter wave devices, circuits, and systems; Electron devices, circuits, and systems; Integrated circuits
*Micro- or nano-electromechanical systems
*Storage technology
*Superconducting electronics
*Electronic materials, semiconductor materials
*Electronic displays
*Organic molecular electronics, polymer optical circuits
*Ultrasonic electronics
*Electron tubes, vacuum and beam technology
*Electronic instrumentation and control
*Wireless circuits and devices
*Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
*Fiber-optic communication
*Optical fiber
*All other science and engineering for electronics.
  Please visit for more details.

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Invitation to Global Plaza on Line

How to receive "Global Plaza on Line"?

The mail "IEICE Global Plaza on Line" is delivered by TFIPP only to addresses registered in advance, on monthly basis a few months earlier than this publication with more information.

Additionally, you can submit your requirements, questions, comments or proposals on IEICEfs academic activities, membership system, events, paper submission to journals, special issues of publications, fees, choice or registration and application procedures of IEICE sponsored conferences / symposiums / seminars / training programs, to TFIPP. Useful Q& A issues which would be common and essential to most of general readers will be introduced in coming issues.

The contact address and person for this purpose is:
Prof.Kenzo Takahashi
When you send any mail to the above address, please fill up the headline with the words "TFIPP-your full name". All received mails will be filtered by this headline. Simultaneously, please start the text box with your (a) full name, (b)IEICE member number, (c)affiliation and (d)e-mail address where TFIPP may deliver the Global Plaza on Line or send the reply to your questions, and write your Questions/Proposals related to IEICE.

TFIPP will start the delivery of the IEICE Global Plaza on Line to you only when you agreed to receiving it with the e-mail address allowed by yourself in your mail. Subsequently, it will be delivered to you, unless you request for TFIPP to stop the delivery or TFIPP states any unexpected situation with one month notice.

When you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail to the address at any time.

Edited by Kenzo Takahashi,

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