Distinguished Educational Practitioners Award

Practical engineering education by utilizing lectures to promote graduate students' research activities

Noriharu MIYAHO

Noriharu MIYAHO  Professor Noriharu Miyaho graduated from the Department of Applied Electronics of the University of Electro-Communications in 1974, and then joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (current NTT) and belonged to the Electrical Communication Laboratory. Since then, he was engaged in the research and development of digital data switching systems, B-ISDN system (ATM node) etc, and became Professor of the School of Information Environment at Tokyo Denki University in 2003. His research themes at the university range from next generation IP networks, disaster recovery systems, cloud computing, cyber-attack detection, sensor networks, visible light communication, and healing communication etc.
  He has published several textbooks on "Information communication and network technology". He presents lecture materials based on these textbooks in advance and promotes so-called active learning in the class to revitalize education. Also, based on his experience at NTT Laboratory, he has published textbooks on patent writing and service planning. In graduate school lectures, he has strengthened education on intellectual property rights using his textbooks. He teaches the importance of awareness of patent acquisition from the early stage of research and increases incentives for acquiring patents. In addition, making use of his practical experience in the corporate laboratory, he instructs the group work activities of 4-5 students to let them experience virtual service planning and teaches project development methods. In his laboratory, using his management policy, students are involved from the early stages in studying themes supported by so-called competitive funding, leading to winning many student encouragement prizes and poster excellence awards as a result. This is proof that his educational style is very effective. In addition, he himself has won best teacher prizes several times and educational awards from his university and has received Achievement Award from the Kanto Society for Engineering Education.
  Professor Miyaho's educational methods and achievements are truly excellent and I am convinced that it is appropriate for him to win the Distinguished Educational Practitioners Award.