Achievement Award

Pioneering education activities on the design and analysis of antennas and propagation

Tasuku Teshirogi

  Dr. Tasuku Teshirogi is an excellent researcher in the field of antennas and propagation engineering. He received the Achievement Award from IEICE in 1997 for the research and development of "a satellite-borne multibeam antenna".
  Improvements in the level of research and development in individual technology fields is important in order to maintain Japanfs global position. Along with this idea, Dr. Tasuku Teshirogi has thought that it is essential to expand the number of researchers to improving R&D levels. This is equivalent to the fact that Mt. Fuji has very high peak based on its very wide skirt. The IEICE has a large number of technical groups, and they provide opportunities for presentation and discussion to IEICE members. Almost every month, they hold technical meetings relating to electronics, information, communication, and so forth. This makes a great contribution to keeping and improving the technical level of our country. Although the technical group is a unique and excellent system, Dr. Tasuku Teshirogi thought that its activities were limited to few active members, and thus a wider range of researchers and engineers should attend and play a more active role. In 1994, Dr. Tasuku Teshirogi was appointed chairman of the technical group on Antenna and Propagation (AEP). Since then, he has planned and founded a workshop named "Workshop on Design and Analysis Techniques in Antennas and Propagationh (AP-WS). The purpose of the workshop is improving the professional abilities of students and young researchers. One feature of the AP-WS is that the WS committee constituted by experts commits to the workshop through the review of the textbook and discussions with lecturers. The other feature is to distribute the textbook to participants in advance to allow them to have sufficient preparation. The first AP-WS was held at Kuramae Hall in 1994 and achieved great success. Since then the AP-WS has been continuously held in a series on various subjects from fundamentals to applications on antennas and propagation. Dr. Tasuku Teshirogi himself also contributed as a lecturer in 1998. As a result, a total of 78 AP-WSs have been held (1) as of October 2017, and over 5,000 people have participated. The AP-WS produced some additional effects. More than ten publications have been newly issued (2) - (12) by lecturers based on the textbook used in the workshop. In addition, some AP-WSs have also been presented in English in Asian countries, especially among emerging countries. This will contribute greatly to improving the technical level on antennas and propagation and related fields in Asian countries. Thus, the AP-WS initiated by Dr. Tasuku Teshirogi have been taken over by young researchers in the field of antennas and propagation, and has become the foundation of this field in Japan. As mentioned above, Dr. Tasuku Teshirogifs activities in expanding the number of researchers in the field have surely been extraordinary, and his foresight and dedicated contributions are considered to be extremely suitable for the IEICE Achievement Award for Education.


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