Fellow in 2019
New Fellows (Engineering Sciences Society/NOLTA Society)
Awarded on March 19
name contribution contents
Kimiyoshi USAMI Pioneering Research on Low-Power Technologies for LSIs using Multi Supply Voltages and Fine-grain Power Gating
Mineo KANEKO Study on Design Optimization for High Performance and Highly Reliable Integrated Circuits
Kenya JIN'NO Pioneering Research of Artificial Neural Circuits and Optimization Methods Based on Nonlinear Circuit Technology
Mitsunori MAKINO Quality Enhancement and Assurance of Outcomes-based Education in Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering, and Related Field

New Fellows (Communications Society)
Awarded on March 19
name contribution contents
Masaki AIDA Innovative Research on Hierarchical Distributed Control and Online Social Networks
Ryoichi SHINKUMA Cross-disciplinary Research on Cooperation in Heterogeneous Networks
Sachio SEMMOTO Realization of Digital Society by Serial Entrepreneurship Applying New Access Technologies
Makoto TAROMARU Editing Activities of IEICE Transactions and Founding Letter Journal ComEX
Hiroyuki TSUJI Research and Development of Wireless Communication Systems and Array Signal Processing for Aircraft
Hideki TODE Research on Advanced Infrastructure Technologies for Content Retrieval, Acquisition and Distribution
Kazuhiko FUKAWA Study on Adaptive Equalization and Adaptive Interference Suppression Techniques for Digital Mobile Communications
Itsuro MORITA Research on Transoceanic-class Ultra-long-haul Transmission Technologies for High-speed Optical Signals
Tetsuya YOKOTANI Traffic Control Technologies in High Speed Communication Systems and Their Promotion by International Standardization

New Fellows (Electronics Society)
Awarded on March 19
name contribution contents
Hiroyuki UENOHARA Advanced Research on Photonic Devices and Their System Application of Optical Signal Processing
Shiro SUYAMA Development of DFD Display Based on Discovery of A New 3D Perception

New Fellows (Information and Systems Society)
Awarded on March 19
name contribution contents
Keiichi IWAMURA Research on Multimedia Security and Secret Computation
Yutaka KIDAWARA Promotion of Reseach, Development, and Social Implementation of Universal Communication Technology
Yasushi KIYOKI Contributions to Scientific Research on Functional Database Systems and Semantic Computing Systems
Ko SAKAI Study on Visual Information Processing Mechanism with Computational Neuroscience Approach
Yoshiaki SHISHIKUI Study on Video Coding and Transmission Technologies for HDTV/UHDTV Broadcasting
Satoshi NAOI Research and Development of Document Image Recognition and Global Implementation
Akira NAKAGAWA Performance Improvement and Practical Realization for Digital Video Coding
Yuji NAGASHIMA Multidisciplinary Research and Support Technology Development in The Field of Communication Disability
Shuichiro YAMAMOTO Pioneering Research and Implementation on Software Requirements Engineering
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