Fellow in 2018
New Fellows (Engineering Sciences Society/NOLTA Society)
Conferment ceremony held on March 21
name contribution contents
Hiroshi SAWADA Research on blind source separation of speech and audio signals
Hiroshi TAMURA Study on information communication technology based on graph network theory
Tohru IKEGUCHI Pioneering research on analysis methods for complex systems based on nonlinear dynamical systems theory
Mitsuji MUNEYASU Leading research on multi-dimensional/nonlinear adaptive signal processing and its applications to images
Masakatu MORII Research on finite fields, algebraic coding theory, and analysis of symmetric-key cryptography

New Fellows (Communications Society)
Conferment ceremony held on March 21
name contribution contents
Shoji KASAHARA Applied Probability Based Study on Performance Modeling of Information Systems
Yoshiaki KIRIHA Research and Institute Activities on Networking Architecture and Its Operations
Fujio KUROKAWA A Study on Switching Power Supply Control for Electronics, Information and Communications System
Kouichi GENDA Research of High-speed Packet Switching Systems and Network Resource Optimization Technologies
Kei SAKAGUCHI Research on Millimeter-wave Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
Toshinori SUZUKI Research and Development of Interference Suppression Technologies to Enhance Spectrum Efficiency for Mobile Communication Systems
Akira HIRANO Research and Development of High-speed Optical Transmission Link Design
Atsushi HIRAMATSU Research and Development of Neural-Network-based Adaptive Traffic Control and Broadband Optical Switching System
Takeo FUJII For Contributions to Research on Cognitive Radio for Recognition of Wireless Environment and Spectrum Sharing
Hiroyoshi YAMADA Application of Array Signal Processing to Antenna and Remote Sensing

New Fellows (Electronics Society)
Conferment ceremony held on March 21
name contribution contents
Akimasa HIRATA Integrated Simulation Techniques for Multiphysics and Physiological Response in Human and Their Application
Yasuyuki SUZUKI Research and development on high-speed heterojunction compound semiconductor device and high-speed integrated circuits
Kensuke OGAWA Research and development of high-speed low-voltage silicon optical modulators for high-capacity optical transmission
Motoyuki SATO Promotion of Applied Electromagnetics for Disaster Mitigation and Humanitarian Activities
Keizo KATO Study on Evaluation of Organic Thin Film for Electronic Materials and Application to Devices and Sensors

New Fellows (Information and Systems Society)
Conferment ceremony held on March 21
name contribution contents
Takako AKAKURA Pioneering Research on Advanced e-Learning and e-Testing
Michiko INOUE Research on LSI dependability and distributed algorithms
Seiichi UCHIDA Studies on image and temporal pattern recognition and analysis and their inter−disciplinary applications
Kunio KASHINO Contributions to fast and robust search technologies for audio signals, images and moving pictures
Naoki KATOH Deepening theoretical research of practical combinatorial optimization algorithms and computational geometry
Mineichi KUDO Fundamental Study on Classifier Design and Feature Selection in Pattern Recognition
Yoshinori KUNO Research on Human-Machine Interaction Using Computer Vision
Yasuhiko JIMBO Pioneering Achievement in Novel Ensemble Recording Techniques and Neural Information Processing
Akira HIROSE Study on neural networks that deal with complex amplitude
Toshiaki FUJII Pioneering research on 3D image processing and 3D image system
Hayato YAMANA For Contributions to the Analysis of Web pages and the Editorial Activities of lEICE Transactions
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