Fellow in 2017
New Fellows (Engineering Sciences Society)
Conferment ceremony held on March 22
name contribution contents
Kazuo OHTA Study on Cryptographic Primitives based on Provable Security Theory
Atsushi TAKAHASHI Studies on Optimization Technologies for VLSI Physical Design
Hiroyuki HACHIYA Research and development of quantitative diagnostic techniques in gastrointestinal disease using ultrasound
Yoshihiko HORIO Study on brain-inspired information processing and its hardware implementation

New Fellows (Communications Society)
Conferment ceremony held on March 22
name contribution contents
Tadashi ITOH Research of Network Systems and Leadership in Technology Development for Services Transformation
Hisato IWAI Study on Radio Propagation and Its Application Techniques in Wireless Communication
Atsushi IWATA Research and Development, Field Trial and Commercialization of SDN/NFV Technologies and Solutions
Takatoshi SUGIYAMA Research and Development of Superposed Signals Transmission Technologies in Satellite and Mobile Communication Systems
Qiang CHEN For Contribution to Fast and Accurate Methods of Computational Electromagnetics for Antennas and Dielectric Material
Hidenori NAKAZATO For Contributions to the Development of QoS Control Technologies and the Editorial Activities of IEICE Transactions
Hiroshi NAKAMURA Promotion of Research and Development and Standardization on 3rd and 4th Generation Mobile Communications Systems and VoLTE Systems
Hiroshi NARUSE Research and Development of Fiber Optic Strain Sensing Technologies and Their Applications
Teruya FUJII Leading Role for Establishing Novel Radio Propagation Model for Wideband Mobile Communications and its International Standardization

New Fellows (Electronics Society)
Conferment ceremony held on March 22
name contribution contents
Nobuo SASAKI Research for device physics and laser-crystallization technology for SOI-FETs
Senichi SUZUKI Research and development on high-density integrated silica-based planar lightwave circuits
Minoru FUJISHIMA Pioneering research on ultrahigu-frequency CMOS integrated circuits
Masaaki FUTAMOTO Magnetic thin film and high-density magnetic recording technologics
Hiroaki MURAOKA Research on recording physics for high density perpendicular magnetic

New Fellows (Information and Systems Society)
Conferment ceremony held on March 22
name contribution contents
Akinori ITO Research on speech−related multimedia information Piocessing
Shinichiro OMACHI Fast and precise pattern recognition technologies and their applications
Koh KAKUSYO Research on Human Interaction Recognition Based on Nonverbal Information
Nobuyasu KANEKAWA Research & development and practical realization of the dependable computing systemes
Yutaka SAKAGUCHI Computational study on human sensori−motor mechanism
Takeshi SHAKUNAGA Face Image Processing by Using Engenspaces
Masashi SUGIYAMA Theories, Algorithms, and Applications of Machine Learning
Hiromi TANAKA Pioneering research and education on Visuo-haptic Information Media and Interface
Koji NAKAO Development of a new research field of cyber security and its international standardization
Yasuhiko NAKASHIMA Education and research on high performance computer architectures utilizing characteristics of instruction regions
Koji NAKANO Research on algorithmic techniques for parallel and distributed systems
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