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Miki Haseyama

The fusion of different knowledge and technologies is known to be a strong motivational force for creating new services. This conference supports the expansion of a wide range of technology fields that are related to electronics, information and communication, and since it potentially provides access to systems utilizing the fusion of different fields, societal expectations are also high.

By leveraging the co-operation between the different research fields that I have established and my experience with overseas technology transfers, I would like to distribute the research knowledge created by this conference to different fields and implement its shared functionality. Specifically, I would like to investigate and implement the information base for supporting the creation of new research areas through the cooperation of different research areas, as well as information retrieval services that support technology transfers to the professional world. Through the execution of this specific plan, I will contribute to the revitalization of the conference and the expansion of our research area.

[Brief Personal History]
Miki Haseyama completed the Master course of the Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University in 1988. She was a research assistant at the Research Institute of Applied Electricity and an Associate Professor at the School of Engineering, Hokkaido University, before becoming a Professor at the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University, in 2006.Her research interests include multimedia signal processing, covering image, audio, music, and video. She received the IEICE gBest Paper Awardh in 2008. She has been an Expert Member of the Information and Communication Council, MIC, Japan; a Member of the Research Council for Broadcast Technology, NHK; a Member of the Science Council of Japan; a Vice-President of ITE, Japan.


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