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Takashi Hikihara

The ESS has cherished the fundamental research out of the included fields in society and the research towards the future possibility arisen from boundaries. I have so far contributed to the ESS through the management of NOLTA subsociety, the organization of NOLTA symposium, and the publication of the new on-line journal NOLTA, IEICE. As for a society, it is indispensable that we build the research circumstances directly linked to the international research activity to society members. I would like to contribute to expand these activity and support the development of research fields in ESS. I am willing to work for ESS, IEICE, and engineering science based on the experiences in NOLTA sub-society.

He received PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Kyoto University in 1990. Now he is with Kyoto University as a Professor. His research field includes nonlinear dynamics, power electronics, MEMS, and system control. He has worked in board member of many institutes and editorial board. Now he is a vice-president of ESS (NOLTA). He received both a Fellow of IEICE in 2011 and the contribution award from ESS in 2011.


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