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Tokumichi Murakami

Tokumichi Murakami received the B.E. degree from Tohoku University in1971 and Ph.D. degree from Tohoku University in 2002. He jointed Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in 1971, where he has been engaged in the research and development on high-efficiency coding, signal processing and transmission for visual communication, digital broadcasting and storage. He also has been contributed to many kinds of international standardization such as ITU-T and ISO. He is now a Fellow of Corporate Research and Development in Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. He received the Paper Award of the IEEE and ITEJ, the Development Award of ITEJ and the Achievement Award of IEICEJ. He also received the Japan Patent Office Commissioner Award of National Commendation for Invention, the Research and Development 100 Award in U.S.A and the Niwa-Takayanagi Achievement Awards of ITEJ in 2006. He is a Fellow of IEEE, IEICEJ, ITEJ and IPSJ. He was a vice-president of IPSJ in 2010-11.


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