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Koichi Sakaniwa

We believe that an important role of the IEICE is to provide a space in which the members can present and discuss their new research results and exchange information.

Several years ago, with the Society's shift to an independent accounting system and the electronic publishing of Transactions, there were major changes in editing. With electronic publishing, it became easier to publish journals. In tandem with the new accounting system, we published new Society Magazines and (English) Transactions.

The greatest impact of electronic publishing shall be the advent of a large-scale (journal) database with search and analysis tools. Several elements that require careful use have also come about, such as impact factors and a researcher performance evaluation system, but ultimately we hope that it will serve as a resource for humanity.

As the IEICE, we believe it is important to steadily maintain and support an environment which fosters the contribution of quality articles. We should continue striving to polish the IEICE's publication brand.

yShort Biographyz
Kohichi SAKANIWA received Ph.D. degree in electronic engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology, in 1977. Since 1991 he has been a professor in the Department of Communication and Integrated Systems, Tokyo Institute of Technology. His research area includes Communication Theory, Error Correcting Coding, Signal Theory and so on.

Dr. Sakaniwa served as the TPC Chair of ISITA-1998, the General Chair of SITA-2002, the Vice President and the President of SITA (Society of Information Theory and its Applications). In IEICE, he served as the Chairman of the Technical Committee on Information Theory, the Chair of Tokyo Chapter, the President and the Chief Editor of Engineering Science Society, and the Director, General Affairs.


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