SmartCom Virtual Workshop

電子情報通信学会 スマート無線研究会では、国際ワークショップ(SmartCom Virtual Workshop)を企画しております。


Summary of Tutorial
Unknown vector reconstruction from its linear measurements is one of typical signal processing problems in wireless communications systems including channel equalization, channel estimation, MIMO (multi-input multi-output) signal detection, and IoT (internet-of-things) signal detection. In conventional approaches, the number of observations in linear measurements is generally greater than or equal to that of the elements of unknown vector. For example, in MIMO signal detection problem, the number of receiving antennas should be greater than or equal to that of transmit streams. However, it is preferable if we can cope with the cases of underdetermined linear measurements from a viewpoint of spectral efficiency, which is of great importance in wireless communications systems. In this lecture, we call such signal processing as overloaded signal detection, and explain fundamental ideas to recover an unknown discrete and/or sparse vector from underdetermined linear measurements via compressed sensing technique assuming the application of the typical IoT signal detection problem.



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