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Technical Conference in July 2011: Call For Papers & Exhibition

Software & Cognitive Radio Technical Expo. 2011
Technical Conference, Exhibition in Yokosuka, Japan
28-29 July 2011

IEICE Technical Committee on Software Radio (SR)

Important Data

  • 18 May 2011: Title and Abstract Submission Dead Line
  • Around 3 weeks before Expo. : Paper Submission Dead Line
  • 28- 29 July 2011: Technical Expo.


From Technical Expo. of SR, engineers and researchers have a great opportunity to show the latest demonstration of cognitive radio or software defined radio. In Technical Expo. of SR, the display session will be held, so a lot of participants will concentrate on it to see demonstration and have a discussion. This session will offer an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate and exhibition and interact with technical researchers in field of cognitive radio and software defined radio. The technical topics of demonstration are shown as follows but are not limited to. Any demonstrations of cognitive radio and software defined radio are welcome.


  • Wireless Equipment of Software or Cognitive Radio
  • Trial Product of Software or Cognitive Radio
  • Prototype of Wireless System
  • Implementation of Signal Processing for Wireless Communication
  • Wireless Network of Software or Cognitive Radio
  • Handover of Software or Cognitive Radio
  • Dynamic Spectrum Technology
  • Regulation, Security
  • Wireless Channel for Cognitive Radio and System Model
  • Spectrum Sensing, Cooperative Decision
  • Spectrum Sharing, Interference Suppression Technique
  • Wireless Distributed Network
  • Reconfigurable Logic and Device
  • Reconstruction Firmware and Software
  • Real Time OS and Middleware
  • Cross layer compiler and Simulator
  • Multi-band and Reconfigurable Antenna
  • Multi-band and Adaptive RF Device
  • Reconfigurable Band Pass Filter, Sampler, Mixer
  • Digital RF System
  • Super Conductive Device for Software Defined Radio.

Submission Guide Line

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit the following information
to the Assistant of SR Committee (Osamu TAKYU) by e-mail (

Name (including Co-Authors):
Technical Key Words (you can choose from the above lists):
Abstract (above 500 words):

Total Required Power for Working your Equipments (Ex 20W):
(Note that in the location of technical Expo., the voltage and cycle
frequency of power supplying are 100V and 50Hz, respectively. Socket
type is ``A’’)
Do you want to show your paper in Proceedings?:
Corresponding Person’s name:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:

All the exhibitions will be shown in the conference but if the capacity of meeting location is over, we stop calling, immediately. If you are interested in our exhibition’s meeting, please contact us ASAP. You can choose showing camera ready paper in the Proceedings of Expo or not. At most 8-pages full paper will appears in the proceedings of meeting. If you want to do that, please let me know it when you submit the submission form to assistant


Osamu Takyu, Assistant of SR committee, IEICE
Tel: +81-26-269-5255
Fax: +81-26-269-5220

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