Welcome to Technical Committee on Smart Radio (SR)


Schedule of 2019 Year

DateTopicsPlaceJoint GroupsDeadlineDetails
1stMay 30-31, 2019Machine Learning, Technical Exhibition, Product Exhibition, etc.Tokyo Big SightProgram
2ndJuly 10-12, 2019Wireless Distributed Networks, M2M, etc.I-SiteASN, NS, RCC, RCS
3rdNovember, 2019SmartCom2019USA
4thDecember, 2019T.B.D.
January 23-24, 2020(T.B.D.)T.B.D.
5thMarch 4-6, 2020Mobile Communication WorkshopWaseda UniversityRCS, SRW


International Workshop SmartCom2018 is held in Bangkok, Thailand.
CFP is here.
More detail:http://ieice-smartcom.info

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