The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

Technical Committee on Photonic Network

The PN Technical Committee aims to realize photonic networks through discussions by researchers in all fields related optical components, optical switching system, and optical internetworking in a variety of perspectives ranging from blueprints of the future of photonic network, to technical potential of optical components.

Our activities are summarized here. [in Japanese]

Research Area

A wide range of technical fields from the basics to applications in photonic networks
― Devices, systems, networks, and applications―

Main research area Topics
Optical network devices Fundamental device technology, New materials and phenomena, Packaging technology, Optical switches, Optical signal processing, Optical label processing, Wavelength conversion, Optical memory
Optical network systems Optical packet switching, Optical path and optical burst switching, Optical multiplexing, Optical interconnection, Optical label modulation and demodulation, Optical access technology, Ethernet technology, Free-space optical communication
Optical network control/management Optical network operation and management, Optical network design, Traffic engineering, SDN (including OpenFlow) and NFV, Routing, Signaling, Inter-domain routing, Network monitoring
Optical network applications Transmission protocols for low-latency and high-speed applications, Large-volume content transfer, High-definition video transfer, Grid computing, Overlay networks, Transmission protocol for high-speed communication applications
Optical network architecture Beyond IP networks, Inter-layer interworking, Optical network testbed, Interconnection testing, Optical and electrical integrated technology, Low power technology, High-speed high-capacity data center networks, Flexible (grid) networks
Japan Photonic Network Model Series We designed several Japan Photonic network models (JPNM etc.).


Chair Kohei ShiomotoTokyo City University
Vice Chair Ryuichi SugizakiFurukawa Electric Co, Ltd.
Noboru YoshikaneKDDI Research, Inc.
Motoharu MatsuuraUniversity of Electro-Communications
Secretary Masahiro NakagawaNTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation)
Yojiro MoriNagoya University
Assistant Secretary Takafumi TanalaNTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation)
Kenji IshiiMitsubishi Electric Corporation