1. Aim of Technical Committee on Optical Fiber Technologies (OFT)

One of the most important aims of our committee is to contribute to technological innovation of optical fiber technologies for development of industrial applications by focusing on the technologies from cross-sector viewpoints on the communication engineering, measurement technologies, optical devices, and materials.

2. Activities

OFT holds six technical meetings a year including four in regional cities. Topics of these meeting are application technologies and systems of optical fibers and in the meetings, around 120 papers are presented and total attendee is around 500 every year. We are affirmatively co-hosting technical meetings not only with other related technical committees in Communications and Electronics Societies of IEICE and also with technical groups in other societies such as The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.

3. Covered research fields

Optical fiber sensing Optical fiber probe, Optical fiber gyroscope,
Optical fiber sensor device, Distributed optical sensing,
Remote optical sensing, Optical fiber measurement,
Optical reflectometry
Optical fiber devices Optical signal/information processing, Optical fiber interferometer,
Optical fiber amplifier, Optical fiber laser,
Optical fiber coupler/splitter, Optical filter
Optical fiber device for various division multiplexing
Optical fiber systems Image/Illumination/Display, Material processing system,
Medical system, Biological system, High-power system,
Environmental system, Communication system
Optical fiber wiring/ installing,
maintenances/ operations
Testing system for optical line, Management for optical line,
Reliability of optical line, Design of optical line,
Construction technique for optical line, Optical connector/interconnection,
Optical line components
Optical line/Optical connection for various division multiplexing
Design of optical fiber/ cable Characterization of optical fiber, Reliability of optical fiber,
Optical propagation analysis, Analysis of optical fiber character,
Optical fiber cable/Optical fiber cord, Optical fiber for various use
Optical fiber/cable for various division multiplexing

4. Schedule of technical meetings in FY2020

  Date Place
1 2020/5/14-15 Aomori
2 2020/8/27-28 Sapporo
3 2020/10/8-9 Tokyo
4 2020/11/12-13 Matsue
5 2021/1/14-15 Kyoto
6 2021/2/18-19 Okinawa