POSITION PAPER, a New Category in IEICE Trans. Commun.

Expansion of the field of communications has unlimited boundaries, and research and development (R&D) has been continuously pursued to support this expansion. A lot of new key ideas are emerging and open up novel research areas, which become driving force of further development of communications technologies. Aiming at the world's best performance has been also one of the major driving forces of R&D, and its resulting outputs lead to the stimulation of the R&D itself in turn. The IEICE Transactions on Communications starts the new category, POSITION PAPER, which exhibits novel ideas and/or significant achievements leading to such innovative technologies, on October 1, 2015.

ambience_arrow01_GR.png Features

POSITION PAPER is defined as an article with at least one of the following features, potentially having a significant influence to the theory and practice of communication technology:

  • Introduction of novel viewpoints, frameworks, and/or paradigms
  • Proposal of technologies or methods based on innovative ideas (not just extension of existing technologies)
  • Novel ideas with the potential to bring about innovative technologies
  • Prototyping or experimental results with noteworthy features, such as achievement of the world's best performance or the world's first realization
Only papers having the significant feature(s) above will be accepted, while comprehensive evaluations of the performance or the effectiveness will not be required. In view of this criterion, POSITION PAPERs are assumed to be shorter (around four pages) than PAPERs (standard number of pages is eight), although there is no restriction on the number of pages.

ambience_arrow01_GR.png Scope

Whole research areas covered by the IEICE Transactions on Communications (Editorial Subject Indexes).

ambience_arrow01_GR.png Information for Authors

ambience_arrow01_GR.png Special Sections

The Special Sections for POSITION PAPER have appeared. The published POSITION PAPERs are available at the following web pages.

* POSITION PAPERs are available by open access through the website of the IEICE Transactions on Communications.
* POSITION PAPERs submitted by September 30, 2017 will be exempted from the page charges up to the fee required for 50 reprints of four pages with electronic source data using the IEICE LaTeX style file.
* We encourage submission of the extended version of a POSITION PAPER based on the same approach but with the associated thorough evaluations to the IEICE Transactions on Communications as a PAPER. In that case, note that the original POSITION PAPER should be referred to in the PAPER appropriately.