Online Presentation Guidelines

Deadline of File Upload: September 16.   September 18 (Extended).

For poster authors, APNOMS 2022 will use for interactive poster presentation. Poster authors should follow the guideline announced by the Poster Session Co-Chairs to prepare their posters.

Other authors and invited speakers (except Keynote, Tutorial and DEP speakers) must upload a pre-recorded video for their presentations. We request you to prepare and upload a video of your presentation, comprising of a brief introduction with webcam (if desired.) The recording should contain a prominent view of the presentation slides along with audio of the presenter.

The following is a guideline for preparing the pre-recorded video.

Presentation guideline

Type Presentation Duration Video Duration Q&A Duration
Technical Session 25 min 20 min 5 min
Special Session 25 min 20 min 5 Min
Innovation Session 20 min 15 Min 5 min
DEP 100 min 15 min/panelist 40 min(Discussion)

All videos should be in MPEG-4 (.mp4) format. The minimum height of the video is 720 pixels. The aspect ratio of the video should be 16:9. The size of the video should not exceed 300 MB.

Naming Convention for Presentation Materials

The name of the file to be uploaded should be your Presentation-ID. A Presentation-ID consists of a prefix (which differentiates a session type from the others) followed by a series number (which is unique in that session type). Refer to the following table.

Naming Convention

Type Prefix Series number Example
Technical Session TS SessionNo-PresentationNumber TS1-1, TS5-3
Special Session SS PresentationNumber SS1, SS2
Innovation Session IS SessionNo-PresentationNumber IS1-1, IS2-2
DEP DEP PresentationNumber DEP1, DEP2

How to Upload Your File (Video or Image)

Before upload your file, please make sure that you have named your file as your Presentation-ID. If you have two files to upload (e.g., a main image file plus a preview image file for a poster presentation), please compress it into a single ZIP file before uploading.

For those who has a Google account, you may use the following Google Form to upload your file:

For those who does not have a Google account or could not access the Google Form, please upload your file through Weiyun-WeChat.

We recommend that you login into the Weiyun using your WeChat official account, which will make accessing all your cloud stored files much easier. After login, from the home screen simply upload the file using the 添加 button. After that, please follow the following steps to inform our staff (WeChat ID: wolf77).

Step 1:
Send a single-line message via WeChat with the following content APNOMS2022_Presentation-ID where Presentation-ID is your Presentation-ID (e.g., APNOMS2022_TS1-1).
Step 2:
Then send the following message via WeChat to the same staff.

QR-Code of the WeChat account of our staff:

Deadline of File Upload: September 16.   September 18 (Extended).