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 Basic Concept

Our technical interests include wide topics in wireless/wired communication systems. Especially, in recent years, we try to support discussions about the next generation networks (NGN) which aim to guarantee high security requirements and end-to-end delays even when through the best effort networks, the fixed mobile convergence (FMC) technologies and technical trends in standardization activities in ITU-T, etc.

 Topics of interest

Topics of our interest include (but are not limited to) the followings :

Major Topic Areas Topics
Network control Broadband access, Multiplexing/Synchronization, Routing/Traffic control, Resilience control, and Co-operation between optical and wireless
Transport Power line communication, Optical transport, Wireless transport, Under water communication, and Wireless power transfer
Modulation, coding and signal processing Modulation/demodulation, Error detection/correction coding, Signal coding, Digital signal processing, Digital signal processor, and Network coding
Network architecture and implementation Access network, Wide area Ethernet, Home network, Network security, SDN (Software Defined Network), IoT/M2M, Ad hoc network, Cognitive wireless
Network applications Broadband services, Video delivery services, Control network applications, Medical applications, Educational applications, Energy applications, Transport applications

 Workshop at Isolated Islands

The committee decided that at least one conference a year should be held on beautiful Japanese islands in 2006. After that, January workshops were held on Yonaguni Island in 2007, Amami-Oshima Island in 2008, Iriomote Island, Fukue Island in 2009, Yoron Island in 2010, and so on.

Jan. 2007 Yonaguni Island Okinawa The first IEICE workshop venue    Advance Program
Jan. 2008 Amami-Oshima Island Kagoshima The technical visit to Amami TV Corp. was also held after the workshop.    Advance Program
Jan. 2009 Iriomote Island Okinawa The first IEICE workshop venue    Advance Program
July 2009 Fukue Island Nagasaki The first IEICE workshop venue    Advance Program
July 2010 Yoron Island Kagoshima The first IEICE workshop venue    Advance Program
July 2011 Kumejima Island Okinawa The IEICE's second    Advance Program
July 2012 Okinoerabu Island Kagoshima ICM have been held in the past    Advance Program
July 2013 Yonaguni Island Okinawa The westmost inhabited island in Japan!    Advance Program
July 2014 Tanegashima Island Kagoshima Advance Program
July 2015 Kumejima Island Okinawa Advance Program
July 2016 Miyako Island Okinawa Advance Program
July 2017 Hukue Island Nagasaki Advance Program
July 2018 Kumejima Island Okinawa Advance Program
July 2019 Amami-Oshima Island Kagoshima Advance Program
July 2020 TBD TBD  
Note: We checked whether each workshop place is the first or not by reviewing recent 20 years records of the IEICE workshops.

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