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- 2023-09-08
Tohoku Univ. NS, IN, CS, NV "Problems and Measures for Acoustic Detection and Underwater Communications in Extremely Shallow Waters"
  Kazuhiko Ohta (KIT)
"Co-evolution of Beyond5G/6G and Digital-Twin"
  Hideyuki Shimonishi (Osaka University)
- 2023-07-28
Hachijo-machi Chamber of Commerce and Industry CS "Making Hachijo-jima More Sustainable with Digital Technology"
  Yasuhiro Sato (Mizuho/Hachijo Town)
"Research and Development of LPWA Applications in Akita"
  Kazuya Suzuki (Akita Prefectural Univ.)
"Research and Development Trends in Congestion Control for QUIC"
  Takeshi Ikenaga (KIT)
May 18-19,
Rexxam Hall (Kagawa Kenmin Hall) + Online Meeting CS, CQ "Research and development of SiPhON
(Si-Photonics-Based In-Vehicle Optical Network)"
Prof. Shin'ichi Arakawa (Osaka Univ.), Prof. Hiroyuki Tsuda (Keio Univ.)

"Recent research and development of wireless techniques for realizing 6G/IOWN concept"
Dr. Takeshi Onizawa, Dr. Naoki Kita, Dr. Toshifumi Miyagi, Dr. Fumihiro Yamashita (NTT)

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 Photos of the Special Invited Talks

Special Invited Talks at Rexxam Hall (Kagawa Pref.)
Prof. Shin'ichi Arakawa (Osaka Univ.)
Dr. Takeshi Onizawa (NTT)

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