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 The Special Invited Talks in 2010-2023

Referring to major contributions in recent studies, the committee promoted the special invited talks summarized below.

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Date Place Workshop Special Invited Talks
Nov. 25,
Online IPSJ-AVM, CS, IE, ITE-BCT "Beyond 5G/6G Architecture and Key Technologies to realize Future Life in 2035 -- Overview of NICT Beyond 5G/6G White Paper and its Background --"
Dr. Kentaro Ishizu (NICT)
Oct. 14-15,
Online Jointly held with CSWS There were seven invited talks and one fellow invited talk. For details, click the [Japanese] link at the top of this web page.
Sept. 9-10,
Online IN, NS, CS, NV "Human Positive Contribution to Safety of Socio-Technical Systems"
Prof. Makoto Takahashi (Tohoku Univ.)
July 15-16,
Online CS "V2V/V2X with Millimeter-wave for Cooperative Perception"
Prof. Kei Sakaguchi, Prof. Kazuki Maruta, Prof. Eisuke Fukuda (Tokyo Tech)
May 13-14,
Online CS, CQ "Ericsson vision and technology development towards 6G"
Dr. Masanobu Fujioka (Ericsson)
Past Schedule: [Technical Committee 50th Anniversary Specials in 2010]

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The 2021 workshops on CS were held online.

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