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 The Special Invited Talks in 2010-2021

Referring to major contributions in recent studies, the committee promoted the special invited talks summarized below.

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Date Place Workshop Special Invited Talks
March. 2-3,
Online CAS, CS "R&D on Satellite Communications for IoT/6G Communications"
Dr. Fumihiro Yamashita (NTT)

"What The Asteroid Exploration Mission Hayabusa2 Has Accomplished"
Dr. Makoto Yoshikawa (JAXA)
Jan. 14-15,
Online OCS, CS "Nanophotonic Neural Network Accelerator -- Computer Architecture Perspective --"
Prof. Satoshi Kawakami (Kyushu Univ.)

"PSK Signal Reception Without a Local Oscillator Based on Fractional Fourier Transform"
Prof. Tsuyoshi Konishi, Dr. Ryohei Kanikawa, Dr. Yu Yamasaki (Osaka Univ.)
Nov. 26-27,
Online CS, IE, IPSJ-AVM, ITE-BCT "Trend on Video Coding Technology in Surveillance Network Camera and Our Approach"
Dr. Manabu Higuchi, Dr. Mari Yasuda, Dr. Yohei Aoki (PIPS)

""GenieMo" Volumetric Imaging - An Application to Improve Hospital & Patient Communications"
Prof. David Crawford (Ravensbourne Univ. London, PlayLa.bZ CIC)

"Report on a Case Study of Live Online Lectures Using VR Technologies"
Prof. Tomohiro Amemiya, Prof. Kenichiro Ito, Prof. Kazuma Aoyama (Univ. Tokyo)
Nov. 5-6,
Central Community Center, Nonoichi Community Center + Online CS "Introduction to Fed4IoT architecture and its related technologies for Smart city"
Prof. Andrea Detti (Univ. of Rome)

A. Prof. Shunsuke Saruwatari, Dr. Takuya Fujihashi, Prof. Takashi Watanabe (Osaka Univ)
Sept. 10-11,
Online CS, IN, NS, NV "Photonics-Eectronics Convergence Technology for Next Generation Computing System"
Dr. Takeshi Sakamoto (NTT)
July 16-17,
Rishiri Island Workshop w/ Online CS "Construction of a Private Mobile Network with Open Source Software"
Dr. Yohei Motomura, Dr. Jun-ya Kato (NTT)
June 25-26,
Online CS, CQ "Society5.0 and Smart Cities"
Prof. Takuro Yonezawa (Nagoya Univ.)

"LPWA and Security Techniques for IoT Era"
Prof. Yasuyuki Nogami (Okayama Univ.)
Past Schedule: [Technical Committee 50th Anniversary Specials in 2010]

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