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 The Special Invited Talks in 2010-2023

Referring to major contributions in recent studies, the committee promoted the special invited talks summarized below.

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Date Place Workshop Special Invited Talks
February 27-28,
Sojo Univ. CS, CAS "Recent Trend of oneM2M -- International Standard of Horizontally Integrated IoT Platform --"
Dr. Hiroyuki Maeomichi, Dr. Ikuo Yamasaki (NTT)

"Social Community Brand for Emerging Local Innovation"
Prof. Takashige Hoshiai (Sojo Univ.)
January 16-17,
Beppu Housensou Hotel (Oita Pref.) CS, OCS "Applications of Machine Learning to Nonlinear Compensation and Nonlinear Transmission Technologies in Optical Fiber Communication"
Prof. Ken Mishina, Prof. Daisuke Hisano, Prof. Akihiro Maruta (Osaka Univ.)

"Recent Research Trend of Photonic Components as a Key to Optical Network Evolution"
Prof. Toshio Watanabe (Kagoshima Univ.)
December 5-6,
Aiina Center IE, CS, IPSJ-AVM, ITE-BCT "Toward FTV for Aerial 3D Images"
Prof. Masayuki Tanimoto (NISRI), Prof. Hirokuni Kurokawa (Aizu Univ.)

"OFDM from the Digital Signal Processing Point of View -- Upsampling Required Cases --"
Prof. Hiromi Ueda (Tokyo Univ. of Technology)

"Current and Future technologies for Visual Entertainment"
Dr. Keiichiro Miyasato (Plala)
Oct. 30-31,
Kirishima Hotel (Kirishima Hot Spring) Jointly held with CSWS There will be nine invited talks and one fellow invited talk, each with Japanese title. For details, click the [Japanese] link at the top of this web page.
Septeber 5-6,
Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku Univ. NS, IN, CS, NV "Quantum communication experiments"
Dr. Hiroki Takesue (NTT)
July 4-5,
Amami City Social Welfare Center CS "Work-style Reform of Agriculture by using AI/IoT -- Toward Digitization of the Agriculture --"
Dr. Hiroki ikeda (TrexEdge)

"Challenge to Smart Agriculture with IoT and ICT"
Prof. Takefumi Hiraguri, Prof. Takuya Shindo, Prof. Hiroyuki Shimizu, Prof. Masanori Kimoto, Prof. Kenko Ota (NIT)
April 18-19,
Osaka Univ. Library CS, CQ "Towards the Realization of Cyber Physical Systems -- From the Viewpoint of Social Infrastructure Management --"
Dr. Hideaki Kimura (NTT)

"Mobile Sensing and Mobility Analysis in Society 5.0 Era"
Prof. Teruo Higashino (Osaka Univ.)
Past Schedule: [Technical Committee 50th Anniversary Specials in 2010]

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 Photos of the Special Invited Talks

Special Invited Talks at Sojo Univ.
Prof. Takashige Hoshiai (Sojo Univ.)

Special Invited Talks at Beppu Housensou Hotel (Oita Pref.)
Prof. Ken Mishina (Osaka Univ.)
Prof. Toshio Watanabe (Kagoshima Univ.)

Special Invited Talks at Aiina Center
Prof. Masayuki Tanimoto (NISRI)
Prof. Hiromi Ueda (Tokyo Univ. of Technology)
Dr. Keiichiro Miyasato (Plala)

Special Invited Talks at Kirishima Hotel (Kirishima Hot Spring)
Prof. Masato Masuya (Kagoshima Univ.)
Prof. Satoshi Ono (Kagoshima Univ.)
Prof. Shigeru Fujieda (Kagoshima Univ.)
Dr. Eiichi Ishihara (NTT)
Prof. Toshinori Hirai (Miyazaki Univ.)
Prof. Masayuki Mukunoki (Miyazaki Univ.)
Prof. Masayuki Maki (Kagoshima Univ.)
Dr. Satoshi Suyama (NTT)
Prof. Kazuya Takeda (Nagoya Univ./TierIV)
Prof. Tomoaki Ohtsuki (Keio Univ.)

The 32th CSWS Chair:
Dr. Jun Terada (NTT)

Special Invited Talks at Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku Univ.
Dr. Hiroki Takesue (NTT)

Special Invited Talks at Amami City Social Welfare Center
Dr. Hiroki ikeda (TrexEdge)
Prof. Takefumi Hiraguri(NIT)

Special Invited Talks at Osaka University Library
Dr. Hideaki Kimura (NTT)
Prof. Teruo Higashino (Osaka Univ.)

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